$1 a Minute – How Much Are Your Written Words Worth?


I love to write.  I freelance for fun and for money.  I ghost write for customers.  I know where to find good, make that great, content and I never have writer’s block.  Today I had to ask myself how much are my written words worth?

Today I saw an offer to write for a website and when I looked at their payment arrangement I immediately contacted several writers I know to run the what you get paid for what you write that gets published and we all said “No way.”

Now I know that many people believe they are good writers.  I know Fiverr.com is filled with people who will write articles for you for $5 but in the world of building trust in writing blog and website articles would you really trust your business to a $5 writer?

I decided to Google the going rate for writers and I found interesting information.

For example from about.com I found this list of guidelines for paying a writer:

  • If the blogger has to write posts of a certain minimum length
  • If the blogger has to research post topics or come up with topics on her own or if you plan to provide post topics and information
  • If the blogger has to find and include images in the post
  • If the blogger has to include a specific number or set of links in posts
  • If the blogger has to categorize and tag posts
  • If the blogger has to use any plugins that add time to creating a post
  • If the blogger has to promote posts and drive traffic to them
  • If the blogger has to moderate comments
  • If the blogger has to respond to comments

I actually do this for my customers, and myself.  I have been educated in SEO.  I am taking classes in designing Infographics, I “blogfeed” their blogs.  My per article price is not $5 and it is certainly more than $25.  I write no more than 250-300 maybe 400 words why?  People won’t read more than that.  They won’t scroll, so I keep my articles above the fold.  You know what the fold is right?

I won an award for blogging that gives me credence.

If you want to get paid for what you write see that list up there – that’s what you should be providing after all the reason anyone hires you is to grow their business.  Bad boring writing won’t do that for anyone.

My fee turns out to be $1 a minute and before you think “WOW that’s a lot of money to pay for an article” I am actually in the ballpark because I give some things away for free.  It takes me no more than 60 minutes to do most of that list and I answer comments for free. I know what my written words are worth to me, do you know what your written words are worth to you?

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