18 Social Media Management Tools for Smart Social Media Users

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Are you interested in methods that can boost your social media marketing?

Do you want to know about tools that can make your job lot easier?

If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Please find below details of top social media management tools that are tailor made for smart social media users.


 Unlock to Share Plugin

For majority of social media users, this is one of the most popular social media management tools. You may ask at this juncture: What so good abou it? Let me tell you, it is a straightforward plugin that has an ability to “unlock” additional content when people share your website content on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

The advantage of this plugin lies in the fact that at this point of time, every website has a Like button. But if your main objective is to ensure that your audience share your content, you need to offer them an incentive. This plugin does exactly that.


This does not come under the category of a new tool but it is very surprising to know that lots of marketers still do not use SlideShare.

When it comes to social media distribution, SlideShare can be quite an effective tool. For the purpose of lead generation, it is exceptional to say the least.


What makes Commun.it such a good option as social media management tools is that it plays a pivotal role in building relationships with potential clients and supporters on Twitter.

The best part is that basic service is not going to cost you anything. With basic service, you will be able to keep track of your followers in a much better way.

One look at the dashboard and you will get an idea of whom to follow and when you need to react.

Another good thing is that you get a chance to identify your most active followers.

YouTube’s Audience Retention Report

You must have known by now that there is an optimization of YouTube search for the time watched. For right kind of YouTube marketing, it is quite important that you know what sort of feedback you are getting for your videos,taking into consideration factors like your target audience, duration and subjects.

And that is where the role of this tool comes in. With this tool, you will get a clear idea of what sort of retention you are getting from your content in addition to your competitors detail.


While there are plenty of enterprise-level monitoring and listening tools in the fray to help companies, beauty of Cyfe is that it offers much needed visibility into search metrics and social media that generally only admins have access to.

With Cyfe, you will be able to create a visual real-time dashboard for Go To Meeting that offers company centric data, Twitter, Google Trends and YouTube Analytics.

Another good thing about Cyfe is that it assists you in bringing things such as blog data and email marketing.


Cloze is one of the newest social media management tools that provides you with curation and aggregration system for your social media.

You will get a chance to take a look into the routine of individuals by date in your network. In addition, you can also message to them, retweet or like them directly through the interface of Cloze.

As you can pretty much imagine, this is going to save plenty of your time and in the meantime also going to enhance your interactions with people that can be important for your network.


At present, there is no dearth of social media management tools.

But challenge for you is to find a tool that not only delivers positive results but also not too costly in nature. AgoraPulse is going to provide you exactly that when it comes to Facebook page management.


One of the most important things about GaggleAmp is that it gives a chance to your business development and sales team to share your social media postings. In other words, you are going to reach to lot more people.

GaggleAMP has an ability to send notifications as soon as something new is posted. With the presence of a point system, you can gamify the whole procedure of social sharing and give away prizes to those that are good sharers.


If you are interested in a tool dedicated to statistics, you would love SproutSocial. This can come in real handy when it comes to getting overviews of your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

For individuals managing multiple accounts, it will offer a neat looking reports that are easy to analyze and understand.


Reachli is basically the new Pinterest analytics tool. Identical to Twitter and Facebook apps like Hootsuite and Buffer, Reachli gives users an opportunity to view feedback data and pre-schedule pins.

Developing social campaigns is relatively straightforward on Reachli thanks to its simplified design.


With Instagram, you are going to get an access to the wide array of creative content. Even better, community is quite supportive, so sharing is not going to be much of a factor.


If you happen to be a social media marketer, you are incomplete without Buffer.

As you may be aware, in order to get the advantage out of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you need to be active in terms of posting things. If that is not the case, it is not going to create a buzz on the mind of your followers.

The main benefit of using Buffer is that you can schedule your posts and tweets well in advance and develop a good social media presence.


SocialToaster is the way to go if you are interested in increasing brand advocacy.


Not so long ago, pop-ups were hated by lots of marketers, and they were right because of their  unprofessional look.

But in the current scenario, some of the best websites are using pop-ups when it comes to lead capture. The main reason behind this change is the acceptance from the audience.

LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise Page

The beauty of this social media management tool is that it gives you a proper understanding of the keywords that are going to be beneficial for your social profile.


Scoop.it comes under the category of a curation tool that gives users an opportunity to collect excellent content that they have found online.


Pocket is also one of the best social media marketing tool that is quite exceptional when it comes to private online bookmarking.


With Crowdbooster, you will get a clear idea of the time, which is tailor made for your tweet. When this is the case, you will be able to reach your target audience in a much more effective manner.


When it comes to the selection of social media management tool, you need to have a proper understanding of your requirements. It is advisable that you opt for a tool that is easy to use. You also need to take into consideration the cost aspect.



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