To Thrive or Not to Thrive, That is the Question

Today I watched Jenna Bush do a tandem sky dive, and I had happy tears for her. I do not want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, although if Larry had wanted to do it, I might have done it.
No, I am thrilled for her here on the ground because that had to take a tremendous amount of courage (wonder if she wore a Depends).
Many things in life take a tremendous amount of courage. Earlier this week I asked in the super-secret group why they think some people cannot move off of just surviving to thriving in life.
Today I did a FB Live in the group talking about the answers and sharing my thoughts on it.
I do believe many people thrive and don’t realize it and if they would just say they thrive, say they are thriving, say they are thrivers, everything might open up for them.
There is the flip side of the coin on this too. I believe some people are stuck in surviving because it is safer there for them.
It is safer to maintain a routine, SSDD type stuff, than it is to put yourself out there where you might find something or somethings that make you feel infinitely better.
It’s summer and recently someone told me they have to stay in because it’s hot. While it is boiling hot right now, there are still times when it is perfectly fine to get into your air-conditioned car and go somewhere where you can have an iced drink and just sit and think for a while or people watch.
Museums are air-conditioned as are other places you can be inside away from the heat.
It’s hot, so go sit in the shade, put some music on, and write your thoughts about life in a journal. Put a blanket on the grass, have a cold drink close by, lay back to watch the clouds.
People who make excuses are not thriving.
I have non-thriving days but my thriving days far outnumber the ones where I don’t. I learned a long time ago that I have to make myself happy, then I can make others happy. No one is doing happiness checks on me, it is up to me.
When I am happy, I am thriving.
Life is too short friends to allow so much time to go by without trying to be in a better place emotionally. I take classes; I joined a book club; I am looking at what classes I can take in July.
Several of the members in the group think fear of thriving keeps people from doing it, goodness I hope not.
Here is a thought – set your intentions for the day when you wake up, as you sip your coffee or as you brush your teeth. Decide how you want your day to unfold and see yourself doing it, then do it.
You don’t have to sky dive.
I grounded myself today and I told myself I was going to write three note cards to special people, and those cards went into the mailbox. It felt so good to thank 3 people for their commitment to our friendship.
When I took Rosie out for her morning walk, the black Pittie was standing in the yard (I named him Rocky). I put Rosie back in the house and got a fresh bowl of water and placed it in the shade.
It is so simple to thrive when you practice an act of kindness or you mentally list all the things you are grateful for in your life.
Flowers turn toward the sun to thrive – be a flower today.