Over the past three years I have been molding my idea of thriving and helping people thrive more in their daily lives. Hence, #thrivelive was created.
I have been all over the place with my live streaming and touched on many topics. Everything I have ever recorded is somewhere. I find my videos on YouTube, archived here, and anywhere else I shared them.
After doing this for 3 years, I was actually ready to stop. I seriously considered it until I walked one morning and listened to my daily inspirational meditation and realized I just needed to clear my head and clear the air by asking pointed questions of some people, even though I already knew the answer.
You know what I really discovered by asking? There are people who do not want to thrive. There are people who do the same thing day in and day out robotically. They don’t want to step outside of the confinement they put themselves in, and they won’t color outside the lines either.
The reason I wanted to chuck it all was because I felt as if I were a failure because they wouldn’t let me in, they wouldn’t let me help, they gave up on me.
That is a bitter pill to swallow.
There I was, asking myself why I care.
The simple answer is I care on a personal level. Some who dropped out are friends, and rather than be honest with me and tell me they were moving on, they just ghosted me.
They didn’t totally ghost me, but they did so in a manner that eventually clued me in and I was surprised and disappointed.
Having been in marketing for years, I have a few tricks up my sleeve I use from time to time. I posted using “market research”. I write a post I know will resonate with many people and I look at who liked/loved/laughed or made comments. From these posts I can usually tell who sees me in other posts and I smile. I can also see on this type of post who still doesn’t like/love/laugh – these are the ones who are probably ghosting me.
I really wish they would be honest because the truth is I am going to figure it out. I figured it out. It changed how I feel about some people. That was what they wanted me to figure out, or they really thought I would never know.
The truth is, I always know.
Why do I care?
Well, for me it was/is personal. I can compare it to having a new baby in your family and all the photos and all the new things baby is doing and all that excitement that I genuinely ooh and aah over because I am happy for the family. We all have new babies it’s just that some are a book, a podcast, a group, a magazine article, a new invention, a new idea, a new exciting purchase – lots of “babies”.
I care because I believe excitement should go both ways.
I care because I truly know there is so much more people can do if they just try. I care because when I get the phone call thanking me for inspiring someone, I know I did what I set out to do.
I have a friend who is retiring, and she called me to apologize for not being more active on my posts and she also thanked me because things I have written or said changed her life.
Hello- that is why I care.
I am a mess myself at times. I am not perfect, nor do I thrive perfectly, but dammit I try.
I care because I know it works if you work it.
Thank you – thanks to all who care too.
I call it preening each other.