Thawing out and Getting Unstuck

One of the most frustrating things in my world of thriving is when I get stuck. I know that being stuck is minimal thriving. I do what is expected of me, and barely anything else. I talk about being stuck on my #thrivelive talks on Tuesday evenings. I write about being stuck all over social media and I even podcast about it. None of these things helps me get unstuck – nope. The only thing that works for me is just forcing myself to get unstuck.


This is NOT easy. It is like telling a depressed person to be happy, although in reality getting unstuck is a heck of a lot easier than flipping the depression lever off in your brain.


I know I am stuck. I know I can get unstuck in fact, I am doing that right now by writing this blog article. Not writing is what has kept me stuck. I did not have writer’s block; I just was not inspired to write. I thought about it every day and did not do it. I wrote it down in 10 different places and still I did not do it.


I am tired of being stuck and moved forward from it. My intention is to lift myself from the muck and mire and sit here today and write.


Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we could just fix things this easily? While that is not always possible, there are always things we can fix if we want to fix them. I want to write. I want to finish my book on forgiveness and move on to the other books I want to write.


I have been a lazy bum about writing.


This morning when I posted my morning thoughts on my Facebook page, I wrote that whenever I gave Larry something to read, I had written he always said “Carole, I wish I could write as good as you can write.”


I never said to Larry “I wish I could build high rise office building like you can build them.” No, if I could do anything as well as Larry could, I would have chosen the ability to take no prisoners when I find myself in the middle of a confrontation or disagreement.


This week my inability to deal with disagreements was deeply tested. In fact, I was struck dumb by something a young girl said to me that shocked me to my core. I sat here at my desk, unable to even think about what I should do next. It took me several minutes to gather my thoughts and bring my brain back to the here and now and use the knowledge I have to come back to normal.

Have you been there? It is a very scary place to be. I was frozen in time and place. When I thawed out, I knew exactly what to do and everything fell into place again.


Yes, last week I had a spell of being frozen and I was existing on a level of being stuck.


Today I am determined to continue to write most of the day because of being frozen. I had not thought about it till being frozen pissed me off enough to get unstuck. The chick on the other end of the phone chose the hill she wanted to die on when she made an ignorant comment. I remembered her name, and I filed a complaint with the health care community I belong to, as well as my insurance company.


Sadly, there is a lack of customer service training everywhere we turn these days and people do not stop to think the person on the other end of the phone might just be someone who handled patient complaints at one of the biggest hospitals in Florida and knows what to do once she thaws out.


Back to thriving better.

Thawing out and becoming unstuck.







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  1. Joanne says:

    There is no doubt customer service is not considered to be important in any industry today. It should be part of all training. No one knows what the person on either end of the line is going thru. It is always best to be kind.

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