2022 is looking good, I will be jumping rope.

It is coming up on that time of the year again. This may be my 4th year of putting together #My3Words for 2022.

Here I am tossing around a BIG idea and I know to move forward with it means choosing 3 words with deep inspiration and deep meaning. Now what?

If I go down the road of the big idea I need big words, maybe bigger than if I just keep writing, keep podcasting, keep doing a #thrivelive on Tuesdays, and I could finally start my next book. Or I can do these things and add film maker into the mix. Did I just say film maker? Yes, I did.

I bought the book today. $52 for a paperback book named “The Film Production Handbook”. Now I sit here and ask myself if I am crazy. Maybe one of my words should be “crazy”. Wait, I just took a timeline cover down off of my FB and it read “There is a fine line between genius and crazy. I like to use that line as a jumprope.”

Ideas are percolating. No, I won’t use the word “crazy” because my therapist friends would have a hissy fit and, of course, it would be wrong. Jumprope is a perfect word because I would know what it means every time I look at it.

BAM I have my first word. I won’t reveal the other 2 words as I do a big reveal on my #thrivelive on Tuesdays where I livestream from FB.

Quite frankly, I am a bit crazy to do this and, of course, I am a genius.

I need an attorney now. Seriously, I do. I also need my head examined and maybe an MRI to check my little grey cells.

If I told you all I truly need you would probably roll your eyes thinking I will never get to the finish line.

We will see about that. I have 2 years do bring it all to the finish line or the place where everything fades out into the film credits.

I have put it in writing here, so now it is time to begin to put things together starting with the book.