25 Things About Me


I saw this on Facebook and thought who the heck is going to read all 25 things about me (that you may not know).  I decided to put it here because I was told recently there are people who do not know what I do.

Well that made me realize there are people who do not know who I am and some interesting pull-back-the-curtain tidbits.

  1. I have 4 children and none of them live in Florida.
  2. I have identical twin granddaughters, my children’s father’s mother was an identical twin.
  3. I was a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune”.
  4. I had breakfast with George Steinbrenner just the two of us.
  5. I met Larry through an online matchmaking site.
  6. I have lived in Costa Rica.
  7. I worked as a certified life guard while in college.
  8. I am a retired RN.
  9. I hold an active real estate license in Florida.
  10. I am Scottish and Hungarian and have been to both countries tracing my roots.
  11. I have written articles for magazines and been published.
  12. I snuck into the dressing room of the Rolling Stones.
  13. I won’t watch scary movies but I can read scary books.
  14. I am an Ohio State Buckeye fan through and through.
  15. I love to cook and I try new things at dinner parties.
  16. I am not afraid of snakes but don’t let a flying insect get close to me.
  17. Proudest moment finishing the 60 mile 3 Day Breast Cancer walk.
  18. I do not react to mosquito bites.
  19. I am a certified home stager and did that till the boom happened.
  20. I don’t care if I look silly or act silly in front of people.
  21. I have ADD and I embrace it.
  22. My dream is to live on the island of Bonaire.
  23. Masterpiece Theater – Classic/Mystery/Contemporary is my fav TV show.
  24. I do not really have a sweet tooth – take them or leave them.
  25. I was a winning drag race driver and owned a beautiful Camaro painted Porsche red.