25 Things I Do


Once I got started with 25 things about me I knew I was going to do 25 things I do in my business – and I might even do more things than that – so here goes:

  1. I consult on how to write great content to people for their social media.
  2. I am a published freelance writer.
  3. I have won three awards for blogging.
  4. I ghost write blogs for people.
  5. I do Facebook Live every Tuesday night at 7:30EST called #ThriveLive
  6. I help brand people and companies.
  7. I do create small easy websites for people.
  8. All my work is original with the exception of links/photos/videos that are shared.
  9. I am a public speaker with a variety of subjects I talk about.
  10. I teach social media classes.
  11. I teach a class in how to not ever have writer’s block.
  12. I teach a class in blogging.
  13. I design blog pages.
  14. I create royalty free photo timeline/header photos for client use.
  15. I do website audits.
  16. I do social media audits.
  17. I have consultation packages and teach people how to do social media.
  18. I am writing a non-fiction book on love, life and grief.
  19. I attend a minimum of 3 national/intl conferences a year to stay on top of my game.
  20. I give private lessons or group lessons in content creation/blogging/social media.
  21. I can and do work with clients outside my geographic area.
  22. I will on rare occasions assist with personal social media writing depending on client.
  23. I had two podcasts that I retired and am starting a brand new one.
  24. I write ebooks for myself and my clients.
  25. I am in the entertainment business – my job is to keep your fans/friends/followers entertained and eyeballs on your brand.