7 Reasons to Rebrand Your Business


One day I woke up and knew it was time to rebrand my business.  It was time as you will see in my 7 reasons.  There are always more – but these reasons are sufficient enough to get you started and maybe put a bee in your bonnet about making some changes.

Ideas should be buzzing right now.

Ideas should be buzzing right now.

  1. You are tired of doing what you do or it actually is getting more difficult to do what you do for clients.  In my case I was managing social media accounts for people and that takes a lot of work and a lot of time.  I wasn’t feeling the excitement any more.
  2. You realize one day what you do isn’t that popular any longer. I just used the word “manage” and I had been using it for 4 years in telling people what I do.  I realized that word could have a definite negative connotation.  I thought about that and decided to stop being a social media manager.  People are very savvy about doing social media, not so savvy about the right ways to do it though so I took a step back and realized that consulting with people was a better way to go.  I have years of experience under my belt.  I learned from many of the biggest thought leaders in social media, I knew I was qualified to consult and stop managing.
  3. You realize one day you have expanded beyond your original scope.  I had.  I was offering too much to people in hopes that something I offered would get me hired.
  4. You realize you have to explain what you do over and over because no one really has a clue.  This was a tough one to swallow because I thought I had clearly defined what I do.  Then someone I really respect in business told me she did not have a clue – time to rebrand.
  5. You realize that there are aspects of your business you like doing but have stopped doing.  This was a real light bulb moment for me because I like to write, and I had stopped doing that.  I was doing things that really did not shine a light on my talent.  Time to rebrand.
  6. You start to get asked to do other things or you start to do other things.  In my case I started a podcast business and in doing that I knew I had to rebrand.
  7. You realize your business name is just not good, or it sounds too much like something people wouldn’t like to identify with, or it is too much like a big name and you get a cease and desist letter.  None of this happened to me, but these are also great reasons to rebrand.

I rebranded but I did not change my website because a very clever person had me brand myself as my name many years ago.  All I had to do was add a tab under carolesanek.com and the name of my corporation was there.  My business cards, my print advertising, and more all falls under Butterfly Boom Productions and my anthem is that I am the Chief Expressive Creator.

My 9 seconds description of what I do is this:

“I develop visually-oriented content for clients using my insightful emotions and expressive energy.”

This all came from taking the Fascinate program that was developed by Sally Hogshead and it rocks.  I highly recommend taking the quiz (it is very reasonably priced) and figuring out what your anthem is and how to describe yourself.  When I tell people what I do they know that I paint pictures in the minds of their potential customers because I have years of insight behind me and everyone who knows me knows I am filled (sometimes over-flowing) with energy.


I am an expressive creator.

This is what I do:

  • Social Media PR (I consult with people to make their social media glow)
  • Content Creation (of course I create content, I have 3 awards for writing – brag moment)
  • Blog Set Up (I enjoy working with people to set up a blog and if they can’t write I do the next thing):
  • Ghost Write
  • Podcast Lessons (if you want a podcast)
  • Podcast Production and Editing (if you want a podcast but don’t want to do the production and editing part)

I think it is pretty clear what I do.

What happened when I took the word “manage” out?  I got 3 new clients almost immediately.

I got hired to set up a blog.

I am producing and editing a podcast for someone else.

I have shared with you reasons to rebrand – if any reason has hit home, sleep on it, think on it, write it down, and if it all makes sense, go for it.


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