My Answers to 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Agency


My answers to 5 questions to ask before hiring a social media agency follow the link to the original article which is a “must read”.

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5 Social Media Questions

When I saw the subject of the email I just about jumped for joy. The timing of having it show up in my inbox was perfect.

Over the weekend I had posted a photo of a price list from a social media agency with my thoughts that either I was seriously underpricing my services or this social media agency had seriously overpriced their services.  The point of view I was coming from was that people need to really understand what they are paying for and that viewing a price list like the one I posted fell short of the 5 questions for sure.

Here is the link to the article then I will answer the questions:

1.  What Distinguishes You from Your Competitors?

First of all we don’t have competition, as egotistical as that sounds, we don’t.  We are different and we realize there are similar businesses to us but we can stand alone as a unique agency.

What sets us apart?  Let’s begin with the number of posts we do on the social media platforms our clients hire us to use for them.

Recently a real estate agent in South Florida asked for a proposal and shared with us the websites of the social media agencies that were “preferred vendors”.  We don’t bash, we just smile when we see these low ball prices because as in most cases you get what you pay for, don’t you?

While they are posting 1 or maybe 2 posts per day on certain platforms, we base our proposal packages on the platform itself and the type of business the client has.  We give our clients a minimum of 4 posts/day on Facebook and G+.  We give our clients a minimum of 6 posts/day on LinkedIn, and we Tweet about 20 times a day.

We also answer any question we can, and if the question is outside the scope of our knowledge about your business we reach out to you immediately.

We also do not use software programs that create their posts – all our work is original.

Then there is customer service. We answer the phone, we answer a text, we answer an email as quickly as we can and most of the time immediately.  7 days a week, 16 hours a day (we do sleep).

These are just several things that make us different.  Ask us we will share!

2. Do I Need to Be on Every Site?

Oh my goodness no.  When we begin the process of preparing a proposal for any client we look at your website.  We look at any and all social media platforms you are using.  We look at your blog if you have one and then we call you and discuss the areas that we feel need focus.  We do make suggestions of adding additional platforms down the road but we help all clients choose the best place to be for their business.

We understand the demographics of the users of social media sites.

We attend 2-3 big social media conferences each year where we rub elbows with some of the biggest thought leaders in content marketing.  Last year at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego we chose which presenters we wanted to learn from, and we made sure we got one-to-one time, if possible, with these people.

3.  What is Your Process for Content Development?

First of all we spend a set amount of time doing research every day, sometimes 7 days a week, for clients.

We check your target market, and our research is based on reaching them.  We look for your target markets pain point and that is what we address in posting.

We do create content calendars.  We believe it is important to “train” your fans, followers, connections etc., to look for your posts.

We do share links from other thought leaders related to a client and we read every link before we share it.

All photos we use that clients do not provide, are royalty free so there is never an infringement on anyone at all.

Yes, we use humor at times, if it is appropriate and with permission from the client.

This is what we do not do:


Social Media Humor

Humor, maybe, but we don’t joke around.






4.  What is Your Process for Reporting?

All clients get a report monthly – the first week of the former month.  This report is pages – as in plural – of statistics including Google Analytics.  Clients let us know when they are available to discuss the report, and we speak on the phone, or face-to-face if local.

5.  How Do You Measure Success?

We know that in most cases it takes time to see that huge leap in sales and/or leads.  Your followers need to learn to trust you.  We watch for all of these: engagement, click-through-rate, web traffic, organic reach, paid reach, and conversions.

Wrapping it All Up from the Perspective of Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC:

We have no problem answering your questions at all.  We are in business to get your business the results you want and we welcome questions.

Our staff includes the following:

  • 2 virtual assistants
  • an SEO consultant
  • an IT dude
  • an offline marketing thought leader with a graduate degree
  • a firefly of a networking/connection-making woman who never stops going
  • a photographer
  • and moi, The Butterfly, and CEO of our amazing company, published author
Social Butterfly Media Marketing

Come Fly With Us, We Think Outside the Net







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