Are You Passwords Away from Being Hacked?


Are Your Passwords Away from Bing Hacked?I teach Facebook classes twice a month in my community.  I love my job.  I start every class by calling out a list of passwords you should never use, and invariably I know by the looks on people’s faces that I have hit the jackpot – I have a person in class inviting hackers into their FB world.

AOL (are people still using this?) – AOL published their top ten passwords and yes Bob T from Richfield, Ohio you should not be using “password”:

1. Your user name
2. Your user name followed by 123
3. 123456
4. password
5. 1234
6. 12345
7. passwd
8. 123
9. test
10. 1

Here is a link to some more stupid passwords:

Then we talk about safer choices and I watch most of them change their passwords immediately.

The reason I decided to write this simple post today is due to that silly cartoon.  It is amazingly easy for hackers to figure out your passwords.  Recently a customer called me to say his company Twitter account had been set up by someone who had actually moved on in life to live in heaven taking the Twitter password with him.

Knowing there was no direct way to contact this person in heaven, and prayer wasn’t going to work in this case, I sat down and looked at the account, and two tries later I was in and I re-set the password to something safe.

What do the experts recommend?  A mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols work really well.

Last piece of advice, do not use the same password for your banking as you do to sign into a social media platform.  That is a real no-no.

I wonder how many people are changing their passwords now. 🙂





2 thoughts on “Are You Passwords Away from Being Hacked?

  1. Danabee

    I like this post on passwords. I had to do my own research at one point (spam attack on Facebook, of course) and found out a ream of stuff. On my really important accounts I go to special trouble with a really long and complex password – and use 12-16 characters – upper and lower case letters, numbers inserted at unlikely spots, symbols. And I change those every 3-4 months, too. Oh, I record my logins in a special place so that I can find my latest versions.

    Excellent reminders to people, Carole!

    And your website is clean, simple and simply works. Very nice.


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