Bad Public Relations is a Bad Romance


Bad public elations is a bad romance and is evidenced by how quickly one bad move turns into your customers filing for a divorce.

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Bad PR can quickly become a Bad Romance








Today the men’s Swastika ring offered on line by a 3rd party vendor on amazon also showed up in a Sears ad.  Amazon reacted quickly.  Sears is taking a beating.

SeaWorld’s public image was tarnished by CNN’s “Blackfish” documentary.  Even with all the “fixes” SeaWorld has planned, people remain unimpressed.

Target took it on the nose with it’s data breach but now we have so many more and it’s almost a daily occurence.

GM, Lulu (and their see-through yoga pants) and so many more.

Bad public relations affects the bottom line and how a company reacts to it (or doesn’t react well to it) will keep hurting it.

Thinking that bad publicity won’t happen to you isn’t an option. Planning and preparing for a crisis will give you or your company a much better chance of limiting the damage and being and staying in control of the situation. Simply being prepared for adverse publicity can help you stop a bad story becoming a terrible one.

What should you do if the bad romance happens?

When customers complain if the complaint is strong enough it can make it to the news.  You have to reply fast with honesty.  If you are wrong for goodness sakes apologize and sound sincere.  This is not the time for a “no comment”.   That’s an example of bad PR.

If you have employees call a meeting immediately and let them know they are not to talk to the press without your permission.

Prepare a written statement and explain what went wrong.

Here at The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC when a complaint/comment/negative whatever shows up in a client’s social media we do not take it down.  We address it with the client and the person that complained and we post how we resolved the issue.  When you take a negative post down 1000 people may have already seen it and that will make them say “hmmmmm” while scratching their collective heads.  We only remove posts with curse words in them and we clearly state we moved an offensive post and invite the person to message us privately.

Remember bad public relations can offer a chance for your business to grow and your bottom line to increase by showing your decent side.  The public can be very forgiving.


The public can be very forgiving.







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