The “Why” Behind my Decision to Change my Podcast



The Why Behind My Decision to Change my Podcast

Here it is almost the end of the year and I am “this close” to making the big reveal on the direction I am moving towards in 2017.  I need to finish my website design so I can submit it with my trademark application and then the big reveal will happen.

Part of this big reveal includes sharing some shows from 2 segment categories on The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show, ”Power Women Speak” and “Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs”.  I realized a week ago that these shows were not working there for several reasons.

First and foremost was that Less Than 5 was more successful in downloads and truer to what I wanted a marketing show to be about.  I like having a Monday through Friday show and most of the time it is less than 5 minutes, until Johnny and I start talking and then it’s never more than 10 and soon to be never more than 15 or 20 – who knows?  We get to talking and we keep going.  Less Than 5 (or More) is not going away.  In fact I added another guest host on Mondays in content marketing.  Barbara Grassey aka The Book Boss is joining the show to give ideas on content marketing.

When I started TCMLS it was with 4 other women and all about marketing ideas.  Paths changed, people took new jobs, or moved.  It was a lot of work for me because editing and post production fell on my shoulders.  I tried adding several other people and I even discussed my feelings with Jared Easley, one of the biggest thought leaders in podcasting.  He told me to go solo, but I still wanted more than just me.  He said it would fly, I wasn’t sure.  It crashed.  It wasn’t anything anyone did or did not do.

Then I lost 8 great interviews due to who knows what and although I felt bad, I realized I did not grieve over the loss.  That was a sign that I knew things needed to change.

The third thing that happened in the triad of change was I listened to a podcast show I follow and my husband listened too.  The show was incredibly inspiring and filled with ideas.  About 1/4th of the way through it I hit pause and told Larry I was done doing the longer interview shows on TCMLS.

Many Power Women Speak and Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs will be available on the new website and there will be a brand new podcast under the tab Power Stories.  I will be very selective in which shows make the cut because this new project has standards that must be met.

That was last Wednesday.  It all came together and fit perfectly into my new project to make these changes.  I read an article today that sums it all up.  The article was written in “O Magazine” by my mentor, Elizabeth Gilbert.  She wrote about a memory of her mother making the bed with fresh bedding before going away for a family vacation.  The essence of the story is that her mother wanted to come home to fresh bedding after all the work she would do on vacation.   Gilbert summed it all up by reminding us we need to be kinder to ourselves.  Making these changes in my podcast world is a way of being kinder to me and I have no regrets because awesome things are coming in 2017.