Being Original


Being original is not always easy.  In fact in many cases it is much easier to seize someone else’s ideas, tweak the idea, change the wording around, add images, use a different font and call it your own.

I remember sitting at a conference in 2015 listening to Chris Ducker give a presentation on being original and he showed examples of people who look at a very successful person, copy their website right down to the color and graphic design, change some wording around and BAM they publish it.  Chris showed several great examples and while we laughed, it really isn’t funny at all.

There are always going to be people looking for the easy way out.   What happens when you borrow from a winner?  You look like a loser because you will get caught.

This is a small world.  How do you think Chris Ducker found the losers?  The Internet is public surprise, surprise.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking at websites similar to your website.  I do this all the time.  This is how I catch the losers too.  Today I wanted to design a post that will always have a familiar look to it, yet change a little every time I use it.  I admit I got the idea from someone else and I thought it was clever.  Did I totally copy from this person? No.  I found an image that reflects the fact that I am The Social Butterfly Media Marketing (a domain I will own forever) and I put my thoughts onto this image and fitted it on to a glittery background because I believe in sparkle.

My example of originality.

I caught a loser today.  I found a copycat to the influencer and to be totally honest, her copycat image looks awful.  My bad I know, but it does.

The beauty in choosing a good name for your business is so important.  When I first started and I called my business The Social Butterfly Media Marketing I knew I had chosen a winner because of all the butterfly images that exist in this world.  When I shortened my name to add producing to what I do I sure as heck kept the butterfly.  Boy do I have a collection of butterfly images.

I wrote this with 2 thoughts in mind today.

  1. Be original, don’t copy. You will get caught, so being original is vital.
  2. Choose a name for your business that you can gain traction from forever.

Thanks and I will be back in a couple of weeks.