The Birth of the Butterfly

Butterflies in Oasi of S. Alessio, Pavia, Italy
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This was a pretty rough labor of love that is for sure.  I have been repeatedly asked why I don’t teach people how to go directly past go and collect social media marketing expertise without the trials and tribulations of it all.

Well after several months of studying and improving my own knowledge here it is, here I am.  People made fun of me use of the word “endeavor”, it is an endeavor.  Those who make fun well need to try an endeavor.

In the meantime I am here to help others with the 4 top social media products.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and more) but do you know what the top social media product is for 2011?  None of the three named already – it is blogging.  I blog.  I blog a lot.  I love to write.  I will blog for you.  I will write up to 400 words for you and take that pressure off of you.

There are many things I can do for you, or help you do, or teach you to do.  This blog page itself is still a work in process but I needed to get it out there and get started.

The hard labor is over so follow me here – it will be a nice flight for sure.  No seat belts needed.

Carole Sanek,

The Social Butterfly

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