If You Bought Your Facebook Likes You Committed FB Suicide on Your Page


Yes, if you bought your FB likes you committed Facebook suicide on your page, and that is the absolute truth.

Suicide for your Business PageIt’s not hard to figure out what pages paid for their likes – like a big white beam of light when you go to the page you will spot that there are NO likes, NO comments, NO shares, it’s dead.

When you see one of those ads that scream at you that you can get 5000 likes “click here” – run, don’t walk from that ad.  Can you get 5000 likes, oh sure.  Will they build your popularity on Facebook?  Will they get you leads?  Will they build your business and your business reputation?  Hell to the no.

If you purchase likes chances are your fans are coming from click farms in India, the Phillippines, Mexico, Eastern European countries and more and from people who do not want your services/product AND they don’t get paid enough to purchase what you have to offer.  They do their job to feed their families NOT to engage with you and your fabulous content.

Purchasing likes negatively affect your page, and if you have done this you just committed FB suicide on your page.

Now what?

It’s a tedious fix.  You have to remove these fake likes one by one.  There is no bulk unlike.  You go to your admin panel and you choose “See Likes”.  One by one you go through them using the drop down and you carefully remove this like – I say carefully because there is an option to make that fan an admin.  The punishment fits the crime so to speak.  You threw good money away, you committed page suicide and your chances at bringing it back from the dead will take time.  This is time you could be spending in a positive way.

The way to spend money to get likes is by using an ad application and offering something that captures the email from the people who are asked to like your page.  There are many apps that can be used to do this because isn’t your bottom line all about getting a lead?




These are three examples of sites you can use to design an app that will help capture new fans and their email addresses.

Do it the right way from the beginning and your page will grow nicely.


One thought on “If You Bought Your Facebook Likes You Committed FB Suicide on Your Page

  1. Mike Janssens

    Thanks for the tip.
    Whe I just started out, some gave me the tip to buy fb fans to get started.
    Two months later (and a lot smarter) I now realize this was a bad move.
    I was wondering how to to fix this, so I will try yout tip.


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