BREAKING NEWS: All Facebook Pages Are Going Away

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Hello there – bet I got your attention with that headline. Breaking News:  All Facebook pages are going away.  First of all it is not fact, it is a heart murmur of chatter on the web.


Why would FB take all pages down?  Well I don’t have a clue as to how many FB pages are in existence but I can imagine that it is a problem especially after reading this comment I found on a popular social media site:


I’m hearing murmurs that ‘pages’ might go away and instead, Facebook might have us link directly to internal sources (websites) for businesses – they referred to ‘Pages’ as a bottleneck… Are you hearing anything similar? Could this be a first step?


My husband told me this morning that he has heard people say that their FB page is their website – are you freaking kidding me?  You own your website.  FB owns your page why would anyone ever consider using a FB page as a website?


We all know nothing is forever so this might be a really good time to do the following:


  • Get a website if you do not have one.  If the cost is holding you back, there are $500 website design people or you can be brave and use a WordPress theme and do it yourself.
  • Update and improve your website if you do have one – keeping it current helps your page ranking.  You are concerned about page ranking right?
  • Get on other social media platforms.  Everywhere I go, every social media conference I attend I ask the well-known speakers where they are on social media.  The answer is Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn first and foremost.  You have presence there right?
  • Speaking of Google+ it’s Google hello!  Great SEO and you will connect there with people who are not on FB.
  • Email – it isn’t dead.  You do have an email marketing program right?
  • YouTube – it’s Google again – second largest search engine – you have a channel right?

You have to be out there.  You cannot put all your eggs in one basket.  I will leave you with this thought.  You blog, right?  Well this blog you are reading is self-hosted, I own it.  WordPress can’t mess with it, it’s mine.  Please tell me if you blog that you do it through .org and not .com ok?  Right?

My disclaimer is that this is all just my opinion, my advice and totally a rumor but where there is smoke often there is what?


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2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: All Facebook Pages Are Going Away

  1. Rick Noel

    Hi Carole, edgy headline, maybe even a bit risky but worked for me. I agree with you, especially on not relying on Facebook for your “business website.” What I have noticed a lot more is suggested posts in the timeline which feels like newsfeed spam. Investors are driving the need for additional revenue from Facebook, but in the end, clogging up users newsfeeds with suggested posts it is hurting user experience and will by extension, hurt Facebook IMHO. There are lots of reasons to not put all your eggs in the Facebook basket, though we strongly suggest them as part of a holistic Internet marketing strategy. I agree that Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn (in that order) are first and foremost, then YouTube. I love that you pointed out that YouTube is the #2 search engine beyond Google, a fact that is lost on many. As a bonus, videos on YouTube show up in Google blended search results. Google+, Authorship, Search Plus Your World. Nuff said, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kellye

    You certainly grabbed my attention.

    This post is perfectly timed b/c I actually met with someone last week who does NOT have a website but instead he’s using his Facebook to promote his product – a product! He’s actually selling (or attempting) to promote and sell from Facebook alone . After taking a deep breath, I calmly reminded him that what he is doing is counterproductive and backwards (in a nice way). I was going to actually send out a FB post about it because I was so blown away! On the bright side, people like that exist and therefore it’s one of the many reasons why your services exist… there is a huge NEED! 🙂

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