It’s Not What You Know, but Who You Know!


It’s not what you know, but who you know, that carries a lot of weight when it comes to launching a business, writing a book, starting a community, landing a speaking gig, and more.

What you know is important; who you know is even better.

Think back to every networking event, every conference, every meet up, etc that you have been a part of and collected 100,000 business cards from and stuffed away somewhere.  By this time, unless you were memorable in some respect, you have been forgotten.  Even if you reach out and talk about how you met, you have been forgotten.

All is not lost, you can start over, but this time you have to be memorable.  Collecting business cards and then trying to connect immediately with people by asking to do business, or asking them to buy something, or being some kind of jerk is not going to work.

You have to be memorable.  You have to make an impression and then you need to reach out while that impression is fresh in everyone’s mind.

I call it Memorable Magic and you have to have it.  If you think you don’t have it, think again, because you do.

Look around your house I guarantee you have some.

Here are some of my Memorable Magic things:

  • Butterflies, you don’t have to have a tattoo like I do but if there is a possibility that you can wear what you represent wear it loud and proud.  I wear Butterfly jewelry, shirts, scarves, hats, even my little Bichon Frise, Willie, has a pink social butterfly t-shirt.  When someone says something there is your segue into your business.
  • Stickers – I use them on mailings, on the back of a business card, on my eyeglass rim – hey whatever grabs attention, it is all fair game.
  • I make people laugh. I have done things in life that would embarrass most people, hell it embarrassed me too, but I laugh at myself and blow it all off.  People will remember you from the story you told.
  • When I was selling an antibiotic for sinus infections I actually wrote lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas and would sing them to doctors. Let me tell you my sales numbers went through the roof that winter.
  • One of the things I do best is connect people. Not everyone you meet is going to do business with you because quite frankly what they may need is not what you offer, so connect them to the person you know who can help.  It will come back to you, I promise.
  • In reality I know when I can kid around as I have in this list, and when it is time to be serious. By serious I mean, sincere.  Be sincere.  People will remember you for that – you cannot bullshit your way through life, the pile will come down on you, so be sincere.  If you make a promise, keep it.  If you say that you will do something, do it.  Give, give, give and then give more and you will be memorable.  I am not saying that you should have one-sided relationships, and I am also not saying it is OK to be creepy.  Find that sweet spot right in the middle and be your true self.

This week I watched people put things up on social media that lacked sincerity and actually tipped over into the seas of #HumbleBragging.  We all brag, some just do it a helluva lot more than others and it becomes a nauseating ride of displeasure. Again it goes to being sincere.  Overdoing anything can come back and slap you upside the head.

Posting selfies over and over do not make you memorable in a positive manner; they make you look like the Greek God Narcissus was a relative of yours and his genetic matter has a direct line from your phone to your finger to your face.  If you want to be memorable try posting scenes from nature, from your daily life, the street corner, the ice cream parlor, children playing somewhere in the distance, animals, and butterflies too.

Now let’s take a different view at all those business cards you have collected for years.  You can go through them to see who you remember and then what?  Throw them away, if you haven’t done something with them the minute you got home they are a waste of printed card stock.

I interviewed a very smart young woman last year on my podcast show and we talked about following up to networking.  She has incredible advice and I highly recommend that you listen to the interview.  You can find it at The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show and it is titled “The Money is in the Follow-Up – TCMLS:  Episode 00076”.

Great advice in this show and what to do with those business cards and how to act on them because BAM that is the road to being more memorable.

This brings me back to my opening sentence.

“It’s not what you know but who you know that carries a lot of weight when it comes to launching a business, writing a book, starting a community, landing a speaking gig, and more.”

If you have created a memorable impression and if you are sincere in your communication over time, you have started building a relationship where you will feel comfortable asking for advice, asking for a favor, asking for an introduction, whatever it is you need, and you will receive.

Be sincere, be memorable, be real, be kind, be there —it does work.

See you all next week and I am always looking for new subscribers so I am asking you if you know someone who might enjoy/learn/laugh at my newsletters ask them to subscribe.






Oh No 4 People Unsubscribed


Oh no, 4 people unsubscribed to my newsletter after my last post.  I expected that (giggle).  I truly did.  I am tired of being “politically correct” although I wasn’t even talking politics.  I leave that argument for Facebook so I can piss people off there. (Just kidding I don’t flame anyone).

I have a podcast show – many of you know that.  It is called “The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show.”  Right now I am the only lady (sometimes) and it’s all good.  There will be more ladies eventually.  However I have been bad.  I haven’t recorded a show in a month, and I need to change my tune.  It is time to get behind the microphone again.  My show is under 20 minutes long, it is a drive time, work out time, nurse the baby time, show.

I don’t like long shows (sorry Dan Gilbert).  Dan has really long shows but then again he isn’t doing them weekly.

Me, I need to hop back on the podcast train and talk about being crazy, marketing, life, and whatever floats my boat that day.

This is my current FB timeline cover – I designed it.

Your life is a business.  My life is a business.  This is why I decided to go out on a limb and discuss how marketing is everything about you.  It isn’t just your mom and pop store, or your entrepreneurial start up, or your online eCommerce gig.  You are your business.  Your life is a business.  Your business is your life.  Get it?

Now you are saying to yourself, “what the hell is she talking about?”

I will tell you – here comes my secret theory.  Someone asked me if I ever take time off.  Of course I do, but my brain doesn’t.  Does yours?  When you are a creative person your brain is bombarded by all your senses all the time.  A certain scent can give you an idea.  A song can tickle your creative piano keys.  Something spicy can get your taste buds moving to another time you had spicy food in another city, 1/2 way around the world with a lover you no longer speak to any longer.  Then there is touch, I will leave that one to your imagination.

Brains don’t take vacations and ideas can come to you at the most interesting times.  Example; when I decided to change the name of my business from Social Butterfly Media Marketing to Butterfly Boom Productions I was sitting on the tram in Las Vegas riding over to the National Association of Broadcasting conference and it just hit me.

I bought that domain so fast my iPhone almost blew up.

Let me tell you something about ideas.  If you have what you think is a great idea, act on it now.  Chances are pretty darn good your idea has also landed in someone else’s brain and they might run with it as soon as it does and your idea now belongs to them.

(Darn this blog is good enough to be this week’s podcast show!)

I know you still are not sure what I am talking about.  Let me try again.

I have had my podcast for 3 seasons.  It has gone every which way but loose and I wanted to tighten it down.  I didn’t just want to talk about marketing ideas for your business because then I am one more marketing thought leader (yes I can call myself that) in a sea of thought leaders and I wanted to differentiate myself.

It took me a while but then I realized marketing isn’t just about your business.  It is about you, your life and your business (as I said above) is in your life.

I plan to be crazy enough to talk about marketing everything.  I believe this will heighten your awareness and open your mind to many over-the-top ideas that you will be encouraged to run with not sit on forever.

Got that?  I am hoping someone listening this week or reading this will be brave enough to share how a successful idea came to them.  I am willing to bet it wasn’t while they were sitting at a computer doing research, the research comes after the idea.

Thanks All and have a crazy week of ideas and creativity.

All my best,


I created a podcast show for marketing tips – it is now changing to include marketing your life.



Screw It I am Taking a Risk


You read that right, screw it, I am taking a risk.  I bought a domain that I am going to use in podcasting.  It will be an interview segment with women and it will lean towards tough women, feminist women, women who are not afraid to speak their minds.

It’s a risk  Why?  The name I chose, the domain I purchased will conjure up creeps, and take people down a different path and yes I will be filtering a lot but I am willing to take the risk.  I am at an age where screw it, what difference does it make comes to mind often.

During the presidential campaign some publications had problems with the word “pussy”, others grabbed it (couldn’t resist writing that) and they ran with it.

I am going to take the risk of running with it, but I classed it up a tad.  These interviews will fall under the topic “If My Vagina Could Talk”.  No it will NOT be about sex, my podcast show is a show about marketing.  I differ because I take it from marketing your business to marketing everything including your life.  If it can be marketed, I help people market it, whatever “it” is.

I am taking the risk because marketing works well when we dare to be different.  I am taking that dare.

I also am including it as a segment in because quite frankly starting a new podcast is a lot of work and since I already have my segment called “Power Women Speak” adding a new segment of interviews with women works there.

Once upon a time I had more ladies on board with this show, now it is me, and Willie the one-eyed wonder dog, and she only barks and whines.

I dare you to try something different and I dare you to be brave enough to take a risk and do something totally outside your norm. If it scares you, start small.  If it doesn’t scare you go big.  I choose big because screw it I am taking a risk and it doesn’t scare me at all.

This is a great article about taking risks:

To take a risk you must open the door and push through.



Getting My Butterfly Back


Getting my butterfly back has not been easy.  My wings are tired, my energy levels are low, and I would like to go back into my cocoon.



It has been 5 weeks since my husband had open heart surgery to bypass two arteries that had given him problems in the past.  As soon as we knew he needed the surgery my inspiration in my work withered.  My motivation took a detour away from me and I found myself on a highway to Hell paved with the ups and downs of exhaustion, fear, stress, and yes throw in terror when he almost bled out and needed a second exploratory surgery.


Bringing him home 11 days later meant I became his caregiver, chauffeur, and all those other things he used to do but couldn’t (and still can’t in some cases for 3 more weeks.)


Now it has been 8+ weeks and I am in search of getting the butterfly back.  I had put two podcasts on hiatus.  In January I had started a new community project and that went on hold.  I also had a big light bulb moment to help grow my husband’s business and that also went on hold.  You know how that excitement feels when you have a brand new idea that you know is just fabulous and then you suddenly find yourself having to take a detour?  That is me.  I was treading water in a sea of disappointment.


I am on a mission to regain my excitement and I know it will happen but dammit I am not a patient person and I want it back now.


Yesterday while we were putting the finishing touches on our Federal Income tax filing Larry told me how this year it is imperative that we set aside money every time we earn it.  For the past 12 years we have attended conference after conference together and we had big travel expenses and good deductions to take.  Right now we have no business conferences scheduled because we have conference sized medical bills to pay for first.


This got me thinking about conferences in general and why it is important to be very selective in what you choose to attend and of course the cost involved which includes the potential for return on investment.


Without meaning to sound egotistical I do know many major thought leaders in the world of online marketing, podcasting, creating, because I have attended some of the biggest and best conferences in the country.


I selected conferences that gave me the opportunity to meet and talk with people I would never meet locally.  This is why I do not attend local conferences.  My business is national, make that international and in making this choice I have become actual friends with some super terrific people, I have had them as guests on my podcast show, and when I ask them a question, I get an answer.


I am not saying attending local conferences is a bad thing but you should be attending conferences where the person heading it is well-respected in the industry, and truly cares about helping the attendees succeed and not just the money.


Do your homework, vet the people speaking.  Vet the person holding the conference.  This is your money and you need to spend it wisely.


Choose a conference where you can meet people that can make a difference in your business.  We all go to learn so make sure that you are leaving with new ideas that you will use.


Conferences are an investment and while this year may not be a conference year for me, I do have my eyes on NAB next year (National Association of Broadcasting) and possibly a conference in podcasting as long as I can learn something new as well as meet exciting people I can build relationships with because I can have lunch with my local peers year round, but a stellar conference opportunity may come only once a year.




Are People Leaving Social Media?


We all need some stress relief.

Are people leaving social media?  That question has been dancing around in my brain because I am pretty sure I am not seeing as many friends engage with me as I had in the past.

I decided to ask Google.

I found nothing.  Google did not help me.

Last week two big thought leaders in social media announced on Facebook that they are going to stop following anyone who constantly brings up politics, argues politics, is ugly mean and hateful and I thought well that would remove half of my friends I am sure.

I understand why people make these decisions.  I have had a stomach ache myself for weeks.  I am fatigued.  I am stressed.

Yesterday I stood in the book aisle of my local Sam’s Club Store and I leafed through a great book that is an adult coloring book combined with beautiful peaceful quotes.  I did not buy it.  Damn.  Now I am heading back over there to buy it because I will carve out the time to color and focus on the quotes.  The title of the book is “365 Ways to Live in Harmony”.  It is filled with pages to color and brought me peace yesterday so I went back.

I spoke about adult coloring books on my latest podcast show episode today on   Besides adult coloring books, reading a great book is a terrific escape.  Watching PBS shows like Masterpiece Theater and not a station that will blip in with the latest horrible thing that has happened also works.  Gardening, cooking, baking, walking, running, spinning, anything that takes you away from social media.  We all need to take breaks.

So are people leaving social media?  According to a thread I read today many are not necessarily leaving, they just are not using it. They are leaving temporarily.  What if you need it for business?  Well then you have a decision to make.

I created a list of people I do want to engage with and I labeled it the Kindness List.  I open Facebook and then I go right to that list, it is a mini-feed of kind people.

I also stopped following some people and I made sure I went into notifications and shut them down there.

There are things we can do, steps we can take.  We cannot control most of what is happening outside the boundaries of our own yards but we can control what happens inside the boundaries, right?


Happy Second Week of January 2017


Cheers, and happy second week of January, 2017!  On one of my to-do lists is a memo to blog more frequently and send it out through my newsletter.  Working on that now.

There are a lot more things on my to-do lists and yes I have more than one to-do list.  Sounds crazy right, but it works for me.  I have 2 legal pads, one is on my main desk, the second one goes with me everywhere I go, and then to top it all off I have a written schedule and a white board hanging in my podcast studio.  I write everything down, I don’t use my device, I write it all down.

Last year I had 8 speaking engagements.  4 were really good-sized events, the other 4 were local meetings and just as important to me.  I like doing them, but to be totally honest I have so many wonderful things I am working on that prepping a speaking engagement falls to the bottom of my list this year.  However the cool thing that happened a year ago  is that I stated and put into writing that I would have no less than 5 speaking engagements last January for 2016 and I got 8.  Putting things out into the universe is magical.  Things happen when you do this.

Could I have 10 million dollars please?

OK the chances of that happening are slim but my husband does play the lottery when the pot gets big, so you never know, right?

This year I am putting out to the universe that I intend to be planning a huge event in 2018 and that the plans will start by the end of 2017.

I don’t make resolutions – instead I write a monthly plan and I put it on social media. Take February, 2017 for example; I said I would have 2 new clients that month (they are already on board and no I did not know this in advance of posting.)

I have something for every month from launching my new website to starting to invite guest bloggers, start webinars, launch an audio podcast there, launch a video podcast there, and more.  Then I threw in planning a Christmas trip to the old world starting in Prague and ending in Interlaken.  I also told the universe I will be in California in August to do some interviewing and meet with some very interesting thought leaders.

There are other things on my monthly goal list but you get the idea.

In the middle of all this on New Years Day we were coming home from a fabulous fun brunch with friends.  As we drove past a new housing development I was suddenly taken back to my beginnings in real estate here in Florida when I was a buyer’s agent selling only new construction.  Just because I do not have enough on my plate I looked at Larry and said “I want to be VP of the New Homes Division of Castle Dream Real Estate, LLC.”  He did not have a new homes division but he liked the idea and now I am just that.

People ask me how I do everything that I do and I am going to share my secret right here, right now.  I work in batches.  On Mondays I prep all my client work for the week.  Tuesdays are my research days.  I have a list of things I need to learn and that is my day for that (including French lessons).  Wednesday is podcasting – all day everything is all about podcasting.  Thursdays I am VP of the New Homes Division and Fridays is Working Women World all day.

Have you read “The One Thing: the Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller and Jay Pappasan?  I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept as I read the book, so I asked a friend who works with Keller Williams and knows both men how to do one thing and only one thing.  When we were done talking I created my own version.  I do one thing a day, I batch work on one thing every work day and believe me it works.

While it may not be what Gary and Jay had in mind, it works for me.

The only day my phone is off is podcast day.  No interruptions that day.  The rest of the week I glance at it and decide if I need to take the interruption.

Weekends are mine.  Saturday I batch cook.  I make big meals and freeze them.  I work around the house, in the yard, or we shop.  Sundays I read books and catch up on some of my favorite television shows which usually are PBS shows.  Yes, I occasionally do some work on weekends but only if/when necessary.

Personal appointments are made at 4PM Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Do things get screwed up?  Sure they do, and I just figure out what I can skip or do on the weekend and lose no sleep over it all.

Wine helps.

I highly recommend batching your work, I swear by it and sometimes I swear at it.

There you have it, my secret, my goals, my joy in what I do.

Happy 2017 and please feel free to share with me what you do and how you do it.

I am easy to reach

Thank you so much.




The “Why” Behind my Decision to Change my Podcast



The Why Behind My Decision to Change my Podcast

Here it is almost the end of the year and I am “this close” to making the big reveal on the direction I am moving towards in 2017.  I need to finish my website design so I can submit it with my trademark application and then the big reveal will happen.

Part of this big reveal includes sharing some shows from 2 segment categories on The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show, ”Power Women Speak” and “Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs”.  I realized a week ago that these shows were not working there for several reasons.

First and foremost was that Less Than 5 was more successful in downloads and truer to what I wanted a marketing show to be about.  I like having a Monday through Friday show and most of the time it is less than 5 minutes, until Johnny and I start talking and then it’s never more than 10 and soon to be never more than 15 or 20 – who knows?  We get to talking and we keep going.  Less Than 5 (or More) is not going away.  In fact I added another guest host on Mondays in content marketing.  Barbara Grassey aka The Book Boss is joining the show to give ideas on content marketing.

When I started TCMLS it was with 4 other women and all about marketing ideas.  Paths changed, people took new jobs, or moved.  It was a lot of work for me because editing and post production fell on my shoulders.  I tried adding several other people and I even discussed my feelings with Jared Easley, one of the biggest thought leaders in podcasting.  He told me to go solo, but I still wanted more than just me.  He said it would fly, I wasn’t sure.  It crashed.  It wasn’t anything anyone did or did not do.

Then I lost 8 great interviews due to who knows what and although I felt bad, I realized I did not grieve over the loss.  That was a sign that I knew things needed to change.

The third thing that happened in the triad of change was I listened to a podcast show I follow and my husband listened too.  The show was incredibly inspiring and filled with ideas.  About 1/4th of the way through it I hit pause and told Larry I was done doing the longer interview shows on TCMLS.

Many Power Women Speak and Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs will be available on the new website and there will be a brand new podcast under the tab Power Stories.  I will be very selective in which shows make the cut because this new project has standards that must be met.

That was last Wednesday.  It all came together and fit perfectly into my new project to make these changes.  I read an article today that sums it all up.  The article was written in “O Magazine” by my mentor, Elizabeth Gilbert.  She wrote about a memory of her mother making the bed with fresh bedding before going away for a family vacation.  The essence of the story is that her mother wanted to come home to fresh bedding after all the work she would do on vacation.   Gilbert summed it all up by reminding us we need to be kinder to ourselves.  Making these changes in my podcast world is a way of being kinder to me and I have no regrets because awesome things are coming in 2017.


The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show Updates


The crAzy marketing ladies show has made some big changes.

  • First and foremost we added a male perspective.
  • Every Wednesday Johnny Gwin joins me in our #LessThan5 segment where we discuss marketing pros, cons, bad, good and more.  We also are pretty darn funny.
  • Are you writing a book?
  • Would you like to write a book?
  • We just had a 2 part series with Barbara Grassey-The Book Boss and we are in and out of the rabbit hole from time to time but Barbara’s advice is spot on and worth listening to both parts.
  • We are so excited to announce we have guests booked ALL THE WAY to March 2017 and a lot of our focus in 2017 will be on the arts as in authors, film, TV and video
  • The longer interview with successful entrepreneur shows go live on Wednesdays
  • Next interview is with the successful actors from the Canadian TV Show “Happy Her”.
  • Would you like to be a guest down the road?  We are always looking for successful entrepreneurs or power women to share good advice. Is this you or someone you know?
  • Remember our #LessThan5 segments are less than 5 minutes long (except when Johnny and I chat then we call it #NeverMorethan10
  • I will be in Ft. Lauderdale in 2 weeks to speak at NAGLREP and my topic is Podcasting-From Creation to Sensation I will also be posting great interviews I will record from there.
  • November brings DC Podfest and I will be there with one of my co-hosts, Robyn Sayles.  We will be talking about using the Fascination Advantage to improve your verbal and written message.

Thanks Everyone!  The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show thanks you also.

Ft Lauderdale Talking Podcasting.

Ft Lauderdale Talking Podcasting.



Is Facebook Organic Reach Driving you Crazy


Facebook, organic reach, driving you crazy, something I deal with every day.

I have not given up though – and you shouldn’t either.  There are ways to better your organic reach and once again it takes a little work, and some good imagination in creating your posts.

We all know content is king.  Content marketing will still rule in 2017 and probably forever.  Facebook just likes to make it difficult for us but wait, maybe we are making it more difficult for ourselves.  Here is a great article I just posted to my page on Facebook where you can learn some sizzling tips to help you increase your organic reach.

Where there is a will there is a way.  Just say ” I will” and the way can begin to happen.


Happy New Year

I am already in 2017 for business.

I am already in 2017 for business.

Happy New Year, yes you read that correctly.  My new year correlates with kids going back to school.  In fact, I am not the only one who views September as the new year.

If you want to get a jump on the competition this is an excellent time to do so – be 4 months ahead of them and revel in the wonder of it all.

I wrap up my podcasting at the end of October.  Anyone who wants to be my guest now goes on the 2017 calendar as I take November and December off from my longer shows.

Think about it – doesn’t it make sense to be ahead of the crowd, ahead of the holidays, ahead of almost everyone else?

I spent the last two weekends on client work for the new year starting right now.

I read an email today that clearly stated content marketing will be bigger than ever in 2017.  What do I do for a living?  I develop content.  I spin around 3 times, wave my magic wand and #POP I have content.  OK you know there is more to it than that.

By the way, do you like my new hashtag #POP?  I bought the domain name because there is something in the works and it is going to be big.

This is what I posted on Facebook today:

Something new is coming and this is exactly how it happened and how I felt: “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” – Patanjali Yoga (c. 200BC)

I told you from the start, this is my new year.  Happy New Year All.