Podcasts Recap Week Ending 8/28/16


TCMLSThis week was so crowded with work and travel I actually have to go look at what I talked about.  WOW it was a busy week!

#LessThan5 (Minutes Marketing Moments) Segment

Monday – is always about content creation

Tuesday – Growing Your Email List

Wednesday – Making Your Small Business Look Bigger

Thursday – Marketing Day Off

Friday – is always chatter and recapping and taking a #FocusRecess

Successful Entrepreneur Interviews was a stellar opportunity to take my interview with an incredible social media thought leader live.

Sharp Thoughts in Marketing with Ian Cleary of Razor Social.


I had no time to talk on my podcast about WWII but I did book some new guests and I am so excited.

I have to give a big shout out to Johnny Gwin who loves my #LessThan5 shows and listens every day.

I love all my listeners!




Why I Love the Deep South Way of Doing Things

complete with Southern hospitality.

complete with Southern hospitality.

Why I love the deep South way of doing things starts with their manners.  That is not to say that they all have perfect manners, but I am willing to bet my cheese grits that most do.

I just spent about 48 hours in Mobile, Alabama where one of my co-hosts on http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com and I spoke about a program she is a certified advisor in, Fascinate.   Yes, Robyn Sayles is a certified fascinate advisor, and I am the guinea pig who used the program and my business first doubled, than tripled.

Prior to speaking and being on Facebook Live though we had an adventure.  There was the “OMG why is there no interstate up the west coast of Florida” moment.  This was followed by the “OMG the car made a funny thunk noise and wouldn’t start after we stopped at a rest stop” moment.  Next came the “Holy (insert every curse word you know) when the car carrier truck hit his brakes and started swerving all over I-10 in the rainstorm” moment.  After that came the “We don’t do that at WalMart automotive” moment.  There were more moments but we finally arrived unharmed at our destination.

From the moment of arrival on we were in the capable hands of Johnny Gwin and his lovely wife Stacy Wellborn who took care of us with kindness.  They gave us beds to sleep in, fed us, chauffeured us, helped get my car fixed, introduced us, put me on the radio, showed us Mobile, opened doors, opened car doors, and we ended it all with speaking at their program Yard Talk in their co-working space.

Damn polite Southerners, and it was a wonderful visit.

I can’t say that there was a slower way of doing business, like people sometimes assume.  We were all tired to the point of exhaustion but then again part of that is due to two crAzy red heads turning their world upside down too.

Mobile, Alabama is a wonderful city filled with great hospitality and fantastic cheese grits – ask Robyn, that gal likes her grits.

Now you all go out and practice some of that Southern way of doing things – be nice and be polite.

Till next time when I come back in September, remember this “Come Fly With Me, I Think Outside the Net,”





Podcasts Recap Week Ending 8/21/16


Podcasts recap came to me out of the blue when giving a presentation on re-purposing content.  There is almost always something for everyone who is an entrepreneur or a small business owner.  That is why I thought recaps would be a great idea.


#LessThan5 (minute marketing moments) is a segment where you will find these shows (and more):

  • Monday is always content marketing and tips to be better at it.
  • Tuesday I talked about getting rid of the entrepreneur blues
  • Wednesday was how paying for a press release and then using it for FREE on social media can be better than running an ad.
  • Thursday I was inspired by the Olympics to talk about winning and losing
  • Friday is all about recaps and taking a #FocusRecess

We went live with two more #PowerWomenSpeak episodes too:

  • Episode 92 is an interview I did last March and I held it on purpose until the Olympic summer games because Faye Kitariev has coached skater to medals and the connection would be there.  She is phenomenal.  She and her family came to NYC from the Soviet Union with $360 – look at her now.
  • Episode 93 is with Jackie Campbell a local successful female CPA and entrepreneur and we go in and out of the rabbit hole of her life in a male dominated career.

Coming up this Wednesday in the segment called Interviews with Entrepreneurs is my interview with Ian Cleary of razorsocial.com

Ian is a world-wide thought leader in social media and I have known him for years.  He also break dances (not on the show though).

Our future shows following in that segment are with the two Canadian actresses of the show “HappyHer”, and Tiare Smith Woods, artist and inspiring woman.

I have already lined up some super big thought leaders for the shows that kick off Season 3 and 2017 – have I mentioned I love podcasting?

We have so much fun here.

We have so much fun here.




Why I Don’t Do Everything in Social Media

Your nose will grow your reputation will suck, and your business will not grow.

Your nose will grow your reputation will suck, and your business will not grow.

There are many reasons why I don’t do everything in social media.  I could start by saying the #1 reason is I do not have the time to do it all.  Furthermore that leads me to say I do not have the time to learn it all.  Let me keep going, I am not interested in knowing it all.  Now how is that for being honest?

It’s true.  All of it.

This week I was working with a brand new client and she asked me if I could work on her Pinterest account.  My answer? No.  She looked at me and I explained my reasoning.  I feel Pinterest is a very personal social media platform (and a time suck) and I would be posting things I like not things she likes.  She told me that is the reason she hired me.  My admitting I don’t say I do it all.  She had been burned and sadly by two other social media people in my geographical area of Tampa.  People who belong to a big female networking group who should know better had taken money from her and not performed.  I know both of these people, I will leave it there.

Now that ticks me off, because it trickles down.  In fact I am going to start asking all potential new clients if they have had a bad experience because it appears there are some snake oil selling people out there.

What I do for people on social media I do brag about because I do it well.  I do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and I do work with people on hooking things up to Pinterest, and I consult on Instagram too.

I handle the basics but the basics are where the biggest action happens.  I learned it well, I use it well, and clients grow.

Lesson here – don’t tell people you can do it all. You can’t, or maybe you can, but you can’t do it well.

I am writing an eBook right now and it will include every thing I do every day for myself and my clients to get them to the top.  My plan is to have it done by the end of October so people can buy it ($4.99) and implement it for their 2017 marketing.  Yes, for $4.99 I will tell everyone who buys the book my step by step for getting you to the top.  Why not?  I am a kind and giving person.  I started in business to help people and I enjoy doing that.

Why isn’t it free?  Well people don’t perceive value in free things so my coach told me to charge for it.

You will all be the first to know when it launches.  I may even make it free for one day.

I have even been working on a tagline for it – something like “You can do what I do, just do what I do.”

Just never tell anyone that you can do it all, it will bite you in the butt if you do say that.








Podcasts. What did I talk about?  Who was on the show?  What you missed is always available.  Podcasts don’t die and blow away.  No, you can always go back and listen to what you might have missed.

I have wanted to put out a weekly recap for a while now and I finally carved out the time to do it.

On http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com last week under the segment of #LessThan 5 where I talk marketing in less than 5 minutes (duh) I gave tips, ideas and advice as follows:

Monday #LessThan5 #126 is about content marketing

Tuesday #LessThan5 #127 is about digital marketing in your small business

Wednesday #LessThan5 #128 is about #GoVirtual

Thursday #LessThan5 #129 is about the importance of friends in business

Friday #LessThan5 #130 is always #FocusRecess time

On Interviews with Entrepreneurs, Episode #90 I spoke with Sarah and Ben Guest of Cyberlicious about analytics.  While the audio was a little rough, the topic is something most of us under-appreciate or just plain do not understand.

Power Women Speak Episode #91 I went live with my interview with Jayne Arrington who is a walking, talking bundle of energy and we discuss her career in Tribal Belly Dance.  She is so inspiring.

What’s coming next week?

In honor of the Olympic games coming to a close I held my interview with Coach Faye Kitariev who choreographed Johnny Weir to a medal and coached Sasha Cohen too in the winter games.  My editor was blown away by Coach Faye’s interview.

I also plan to go live with my interview with a female CPA and we did go down the rabbit hole a couple of times in this interview.

Then there is my podcast about WWII called “The Nearness of You”.  It is housed on http://blogtalkradio.com/thenearnessofyou

I am so busy lining up interviews, talking to people about their memories, reading my dad’s love letters home and more.  I am always looking for stories and guests to be on this show.  It is growing in popularity and is near and dear to my heart.  New episode will go live this week.

My parents are in the upper right hand corner of my logo/album cover here:

Keeping the romance and memories alive.

Keeping the romance and memories alive.

Yes, I have many podcasts.  I thoroughly enjoy doing them and bringing info to you

Thank you.


Why #GoVirtual is My New Theme Song

You might virtually surprise yourself.

You might virtually surprise yourself.

Go ahead, ask me why #GoVirtual is my new theme song.  My answer is that for me #GoVirtual works.  I even registered the hashtag on twubs.com I felt that good about it, and believe me most hashtags with the word virtual in them are gone.  The word virtual is a popular word.

Why did I #GoVirtual?

It evolved.  I had been going to many different networking events for years.  I have been planting butterfly seeds everywhere.  I am well-branded.  Then there is that one “little” fact and it is one of my taglines.  “Where I live is just an address, where I work is the world.”

I travel to many conferences.  I have connections all over the world.  My friends/fans/connections/followers in many cases are people I could call up and have a conversation with, ask for help, interview for my podcast shows and more.  I am international and I wanted to grow bigger in this arena.

I made the decision to stop local networking.  It wasn’t a snap decision.  I talked it over with a coach.  In fact I talked it over with several coaches.  Once the decision was made to spend more time in my office or in my studio I actually felt relieved.  I do miss my friends, many of them are reading this post.  I miss you.  On the flip side I live an hour one-way from most events.  A trip into the city for a luncheon is about $50 a pop when I add in tolls and gas, and then it’s 1/2 of my business day.

Earlier this year when I re-designed my website and used my new Fascinate Advantage anthem my business doubled, then tripled.  I am thrilled about that and of course that means I do need to be in my office more to answer calls, texts and emails promptly.

I am not suggesting anyone should stop local networking at all.  I am saying that doing some virtual networking though can help and also save you time and money.  Maybe you are thinking to yourself that national or international contacts would not help your business.  Maybe you are right, and then again what is wrong with being mentioned nationally or internationally where local people who have never heard of you suddenly want to talk to you?

There are so many ways to handle virtual networking.  If you are interested in knowing more about how I did it and how it has worked for me, I am an email away at carole@carolesanek.com

I also talk about this and more on http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com where I give daily #LessThan5 minute marketing moment tips.



Why I Go to Conferences


A week ago I was still recovering from spending 5 magnificent days in Chicago at Podcast Movement 16 and I never even got to the magnificent mile.  I was on Michigan Avenue though for dinner several times with some of my tribe members as well as family.

I am a Cleveland hometown gal, and I married a Chicago hometown guy, and I have lived in Chicago 3 times in my life and miss it madly until it snows.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would move back and live there from from July 1 – December 31.  I could take a little cold weather and a little snow before heading back to the sunshine state.

The last night we were there we spent 90 minutes on the lawn at Grant Park listening to the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra play Cole Porter.  It was a walk down memory lane to be back.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency and our room overlooked the beauty of Michigan Ave and the river.


So many memories here.

So many memories here.

our room

Backing up to the real reason we were there was the conference.  Podcast Movement 16 was overflowing with podcasters and soon-to-be podcasters.  Over 1500 people had registered for the event and the event delivered.

I have to give myself a pat on the back now because I was fortunate and honored to be a presenter and I talked about some great hacks people can use to get more eyeballs on them and their shows on social media.  I heard I did great.

My Name

My presentation in a drawing.

My presentation in a drawing.

This conference was sold out.

I am constantly reminding people to get out there are get in other’s faces.  Meet people, shake hands, listen to them, connect them when they need a connection.  Have fun! This is me having fun:

I am the Muppet in the middle.

I am the Muppet in the middle.

However the real reason I go to conferences is to go on vacations and stay with friends.  JUST KIDDING. However we did get invited to Israel (we are going in May, 2017).  We got invited to come up to Franklin, TN., to stay with friends in Valencia, Spain, and just last week an invite came to visit another podcaster and see his set up in Mobile, AL. I am going.  I did get two possible trips out of this conference, and I am thrilled to have made great connections like these.

Now I have an invitation for you.

I have a Mon-Fri show segment called in http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com called Less Than 5 where I share marketing tips in less than 5 minutes – perfect for drive time listening.

In this same site you can listen to our longer interviews with entrepreneurs.  Robyn Sayles just interviewed a gal who books heavy metal bands into concerts.  I just went live with Meg Le Vu and her best selling book on video marketing.  Check out our list of great interviews.

We also have the segment “Power Women Speak” and later today there will be a “noisy” fun interview with Edie Berg who lives in Israel (yes the very person I am going to go see) and I interviewed her in the hotel so there was some background noise.

Then if anyone is interested in WWII I have a podcast on Blog Talk Radio called The Nearness of You where I talk about the war, read my dad’s love letters home, and I will be bringing interviews on soon with people who served, memories of families and so much more.

The link to this show is:


The Nearness of You

The basis of this show is to keep my dad’s memory alive and share it with my family, it is growing though to others and I am so happy about this.

There you go I have shared my latest adventures and I hope when you have the chance to be out there more you will take that chance.  Opportunies are everywhere, you have to rise up at times to meet them.

Carole L. Sanek

Butterfly Boom Productions



Monday Morning Gratitude Post Focus Recess Time


It’s Monday morning gratitude moment for me. There is always something to be grateful for or so “they” say, whoever “they” are. We are just too busy to look for these things most of the time.

Focus Recess What’s That?

How I feel after a #FocusRecess break.

How I feel after a #FocusRecess break.

One of the segments of my podcast show is called Less Than 5.  The long name is actually Less Than 5 Minute Marketing Moments and it has been a very successful show.  It runs Monday through Friday an on Fridays I always talk about taking what I call a #FocusRecess.

I talk about the importance of unplugging from business/career thoughts and plugging into things that make you feel good, or help you relax, and when you do this it is no surprise that great new ideas happen.

We all have to step back and do this.  Our brains need that break.  Energy flows need to be rerouted now and then to allow the new and great to happen.  We all know when we think to hard it is exhausting and rarely brings us that light bulb moment.

Saturday a good friend of mine got the phone call she has been waiting for, the liver transplant team at Cleveland Clinic had a liver that looked like a good match.  She was picked up by private jet and brought from Denver to Cleveland in hopes that this would be the happy ending she has been waiting for all these years.  I know some of you are thinking of the prohibitive cost in all of this.  She was accepted into this program on Medicaid, there is no cost to her.

As I was taking my #FocusRecess day yesterday my thoughts and prayers were all about my friend.  I was constantly checking my phone.  I texted her hoping she would get the text, my heart soared when she responded and I could tell her that she has this and that I love her.

My grateful meter is very full today, and my #FocusRecess which was supposed to be a special day with my husband was still a success because I was reminded how fragile life really is.  I was reminded how good it is to have a grateful heart.  I was reminded that when I am grateful I do start to have wonderful thoughts about my business and I did have a light bulb moment of a new direction I want to take.

My friend is stable.  There is a long road ahead of her, but today I will take stable as the word of the day.

Try taking a #FocusRecess.  It doesn’t have to be on the weekends.  Just let it all go for a short time and see what happens to you.  Unplug and enjoy and you will have amazing things come down your energy pathways.  I guarantee it.

You can find Less Than 5 on my podcast website at http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com



Know Your Value, Know Your Worth

Keep this image in your head.

Keep this image in your head.

I talk about this in my segment Less Than 5 on my podcast from time to time because too many times we do not know our value, and we do not know our worth.


Over the past 2 weeks I was challenged because I fell into the trap of low-balling a proposal which in return of course, lessens my worth.

A business professional and friend referred me to someone who really needs social media assistance especially on Facebook.  He turned his account over to a clever young man who doesn’t know or even begin to understand marketing.

I did my research and I knew that while this would be a big undertaking, I also knew I could do it and like doing it.

Phone conversations went back and forth, things were progressing nicely.  I emailed ideas of work I would concentrate on accomplishing, more phone calls of explanations happened and I was asked for a pricing proposal.

This is where I undervalued myself and dammit I do know my worth.  It is important to NOT fall into the trap of a potential client showering you with compliments and more so that you allow your guard to slip when it comes to pricing out a project.

I have two pricing plans, one is a packaged price that works well when I am acting as a consultant and assisting people in learning how to do social media.  The other is by the hour, and that is reserved for people/companies who want and need more actual management and hands-on work.

Things did not work out, and that’s not bad news either.  There is good news too.  I talked to my business coach and realized I am under-charging and I raised my hourly price.

If this person did come back and ask me to work with him the package pricing would be off the table and he would be an hourly client.

I learned a lot about my worth.

When people start to pull back on the reins of being excited after you give them a price that is a big red flag that they are going to be a pain in the ass client.  They need to be an hourly client.  They also need to give you a retainer up front (like an attorney does) and when that money is gone they need to replenish the amount to keep moving forward.

My business coach scolded me because I did doubt my own worth and that undermined my value.

Before I push this article out into my newsletter I have one more really great tip for you regarding what you should say when someone asks you for a discount.  One word, that is all you need to ask back.  Just ask why.  Why? Think about that, it is absolutely the perfect comeback.  Puts it ALL on them, and watch them fumble for answers.  If answers come, and they probably will, the fun is now all in your facial expressions.  You can have a lot of fun with this, so remember it, use it, and laugh afterwards, just do not discount your pricing, or your worth.

Know your value, know your Worth.


Listen Up! Your Lack of Listening Skills Is Showing

Are You Really Really Listening

Are You Really Really Listening

Seriously, listen up!  You probably lack listening skills and I would be willing to take this a step further and say other people would say that to your face.  You don’t listen to what is being said.

When Did It Become Okay to Tune People Out?

It never became okay to tune people out.  You have no problem listening to music.  You can even sing along, so why the heck are you going through your day not listening to what people are truly saying to you?

My Post on Facebook Stirred a Good Conversation

This is my post:

I have been thinking about this a lot, people do not listen. They talk, in fact, they talk over you, around you, behind you, interruptedly, and more. They do not listen. If they listened there would be less need for anyone to be repetitive, less need for anyone to roll their eyes, less need for me to drink alcohol, well wait – scratch that. Why don’t people truly listen, you know listen to understand?

It started a nice back and forth and I asked those who participated if I could quote them.

My friend Claire was the first to post a response: “It takes effort. It’s work to be present, to be engaged. People don’t even give movies their full attention even when they’re paying $15 a ticket at the theater. They’re still taking their phones out and face booking. We’re lazy and inconsiderate.”

Then my friend Jeff chimed in with this:  “Most people, and I am guilty of this also, are thinking about their reply or what they want to say as the other person is speaking. totally an impediment to listening.”

Emmy gave me permission so I copied and pasted what she said here and her A point is about duality we are forming a response.

Emmy wrote: “There was a lot of discussion about this at the AZ convention this past week. Why don’t we listen? Because A., like Jeff said, we’re too busy formulating our response B. We have a tendency to think that what we need/want to say is more important than what the other person is saying. We HAVE to get our point/opinion across.

It’s a true skill that less and less people are working on.”

Then someone I really have met face to face Lillian offered this:  “Communication, in general, can be difficult. Clarity is not easily attained. So, a person might think they are being clear and are expecting a clear, concise response but the person responding may not have clarity on the initial question,problem, statement etc. We all think we are being very clear when we speak but we’re often not clear at all. I give credit to people that continue the dialogue, ask more questions, clear up misconceptions and take time from their hectic, busy day to communicate, even if it takes a while to achieve clarity. Then, I’m mostly Italian and from New Jersey. LOL. We do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Crystal offered up her thoughts: “My grandfather taught me what divine wisdom really meant. The reason we have two ears & one mouth is because we should be listening to others twice as much as we talk to them.”

Theresa jumped in with a comment about alcohol referencing my need for it when I get exasperated with people who do not listen.

Sherri from Stuart, FL left this response: “Active Listening is an art lost to most people. They are so busy thinking about what they want to say that they don’t truly HEAR what is being said. While it is true that some people fail to articulate clearly what they are trying to get across, I believe failing to actively listen and pay attention is the problem in the majority of communication.”

All very good points and while I know I am just as guilty as the next person I really do work hard to listen well.  Many times rather than formulating a response, I will repeat what someone just said to me.  It clarifies the communication and also proves I was truly listening.

We need to slow down and show our listening skills more.  We have possibly buried them, but we can resurrect them and become a super-star listener.

How do you feel about this discussion?

Listen Up!  You could be missing something that is very important, listen up.


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