Early Holiday Gift Just for You


Doesn’t everyone love an early holiday gift?  This one is just for you.

Peeking Allowed

Peeking Allowed

Do you have a website?  When did you look at it last?  Let me ask that again, when did you really look at it as in dissect it, rework the wording, change out some old pictures, or ask someone to review it and give you their honest opinion?

We are coming to the close of this year and this is the perfect time to give your website an infusion of trendiness because chances are pretty darn good that there is some old stuff there.  Get rid of the old, pretty it up.  This is why you want to take the time to do this; while everyone else is thinking holidays, parties, gifts, cards, food, and more they are not improving their websites are they?  While they are decking the hall and covered in glitter you can make your website sparkle because you are going to get noticed.

I have a marketing podcast and I recently interviewed a nationally known recruiter and public speaker. While talking he shared with me that the best time of the year to do a lot of things is November and December.  First of all there is less competition because holiday focus has become the tune many people are dancing to during this time.

Add to this fact that new corporate budgets are in place for the next year so maybe, just maybe this might be a jingle bell moment to go after those new accounts.  Less people doing the same thing you know could make your season a little greener.

Your confidence will soar when you update your site and go calling on a potential customer.  You still have time.  Also announce it in your emails, your newsletter, and your blog and all over social media.  Ask people to look your website over – be proud of your work and reward yourself for getting your new year going before it is even here.

Carole Sanek





7 Reasons to Rebrand Your Business


One day I woke up and knew it was time to rebrand my business.  It was time as you will see in my 7 reasons.  There are always more – but these reasons are sufficient enough to get you started and maybe put a bee in your bonnet about making some changes.

Ideas should be buzzing right now.

Ideas should be buzzing right now.

  1. You are tired of doing what you do or it actually is getting more difficult to do what you do for clients.  In my case I was managing social media accounts for people and that takes a lot of work and a lot of time.  I wasn’t feeling the excitement any more.
  2. You realize one day what you do isn’t that popular any longer. I just used the word “manage” and I had been using it for 4 years in telling people what I do.  I realized that word could have a definite negative connotation.  I thought about that and decided to stop being a social media manager.  People are very savvy about doing social media, not so savvy about the right ways to do it though so I took a step back and realized that consulting with people was a better way to go.  I have years of experience under my belt.  I learned from many of the biggest thought leaders in social media, I knew I was qualified to consult and stop managing.
  3. You realize one day you have expanded beyond your original scope.  I had.  I was offering too much to people in hopes that something I offered would get me hired.
  4. You realize you have to explain what you do over and over because no one really has a clue.  This was a tough one to swallow because I thought I had clearly defined what I do.  Then someone I really respect in business told me she did not have a clue – time to rebrand.
  5. You realize that there are aspects of your business you like doing but have stopped doing.  This was a real light bulb moment for me because I like to write, and I had stopped doing that.  I was doing things that really did not shine a light on my talent.  Time to rebrand.
  6. You start to get asked to do other things or you start to do other things.  In my case I started a podcast business and in doing that I knew I had to rebrand.
  7. You realize your business name is just not good, or it sounds too much like something people wouldn’t like to identify with, or it is too much like a big name and you get a cease and desist letter.  None of this happened to me, but these are also great reasons to rebrand.

I rebranded but I did not change my website because a very clever person had me brand myself as my name many years ago.  All I had to do was add a tab under carolesanek.com and the name of my corporation was there.  My business cards, my print advertising, and more all falls under Butterfly Boom Productions and my anthem is that I am the Chief Expressive Creator.

My 9 seconds description of what I do is this:

“I develop visually-oriented content for clients using my insightful emotions and expressive energy.”

This all came from taking the Fascinate program that was developed by Sally Hogshead and it rocks.  I highly recommend taking the quiz (it is very reasonably priced) and figuring out what your anthem is and how to describe yourself.  When I tell people what I do they know that I paint pictures in the minds of their potential customers because I have years of insight behind me and everyone who knows me knows I am filled (sometimes over-flowing) with energy.


I am an expressive creator.

This is what I do:

  • Social Media PR (I consult with people to make their social media glow)
  • Content Creation (of course I create content, I have 3 awards for writing – brag moment)
  • Blog Set Up (I enjoy working with people to set up a blog and if they can’t write I do the next thing):
  • Ghost Write
  • Podcast Lessons (if you want a podcast)
  • Podcast Production and Editing (if you want a podcast but don’t want to do the production and editing part)

I think it is pretty clear what I do.

What happened when I took the word “manage” out?  I got 3 new clients almost immediately.

I got hired to set up a blog.

I am producing and editing a podcast for someone else.

I have shared with you reasons to rebrand – if any reason has hit home, sleep on it, think on it, write it down, and if it all makes sense, go for it.


My Brand New Baby and it is ALL About Branding

Where we express YOU with pizazz.

Where we express YOU with pizazz.

This is the new baby.  The brand new baby and it is ALL about branding.

We are so excited to announce that we have brought everything we do under one roof so to speak.  Butterfly Boom Productions because we produce.  That makes sense right?

That makes us a production company.

Hey I am the Chief Expressive Creator so if I put it in writing it must be so.

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

Carole Sanek – Chief Expressive Creator

• Social Media PR/Branding – we get eyeballs on you
• Social Media Consultations – we tweak your presence
• Content Creation – we create great content
• Blog Set-up – we get you started in blogging
• Ghost Writing – we write for you
• Podcast Lessons – we teach you
• Podcast Production – we edit and submit to your host
• My Website: carolesanek.com
• My Email: carole@carolesanek.com
• By Phone: 352-540-0177

• The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show http://thecrazymarketingladiesshow.com
• The Nearness of You (Coming Soon)
I develop visually-oriented content for clients using my insightful emotions and expressive energies.

BUTTERFLY BOOM PRODUCTIONS – come fly with me I think outside the net!!


Things I Learned From Dr. Wayne Dyer


Things I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer go back years to when he first appeared on the self-help scene.  His book, Your Erroneous Zones, was on my bookshelf and many more of his books followed next to it.

I read through some of my favorite Dyer quotes today and decided to dig a little deeper and be a little more transparent about what his words meant to me.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

Well this is a no brainer when you think about it.  We all react but we can control that reaction and bring it back down to earth and stomp it into the ground.  It took me a while to really understand that I can control my karma in reacting to people.

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.

This quote is such a favorite of mine because dancing my way through the beautiful life I have had this far has never been about getting to that certain place.  In my travels in this life I hold dear, I have held many things that are over-the-moon dear to me.  I have enjoyed every step. Please someone let Dyer know I am not ready for my next journey (yet).

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

This is a brutally honest quote to talk about because we all do this.  I am guilty of it, you are too.  When I look at it here I am embarrassed to think how others judged me for judging another.  This really defines who we are doesn’t it?

You’ll see it when you believe it.

This is an absolute – when I shook off my doubts about my capabilities I knew what direction my career needed to go.  I have this quote where I can see it all the time.

Dyer has said so many outstanding deep reaching emotional things over the span of his lifetime.  His words will resonate beyond my lifetime, beyond yours.  The here and now would be a good time to read through his quotes.  Try a site like brainyquotes.com and pick some that touch your heart and your brain. 

Footprints to follow

Dr. Wayne Dyer you are gone way too soon but your left us great footprints to fill in our lives.


I Write an Award-Winning Blog


I write an award-winning blog. I am a writer first and foremost.

What else am I?  Well the description I am using these days is “Expressive Creator”.

My 9 second introductory speech sounds like this:

“Hi I’m Carole.  I develop visually-oriented content for clients using my insightful emotions and expressive energy.”

Translation I paint pictures in people’s heads about life, about you, about your business, about my business, about almost anything.

How is your 9 second introduction?  30 second elevator speeches are passe’.  People tune you out quickly these days so our team took the Fascinate course and came up with our own 9 second intros.

I was just informed that my blog http://isurviveddamnneareverything.com has been named and awarded for the second year in a row as being one of the 60 best cancer blogs by http://blog.delimmune.com/2014/05/top-cancer-blogs/


I am damn proud of it and proud of being here still today writing in humor and truth.

I am damn proud of it and proud of being here still today writing in humor and truth.

I get it that cancer is a topic most people have no excitement about but my blog is not just about cancer.  I write about many topics and I have a category about Surviving After Breast Cancer.  All my categories start with the word “surviving” and kudoes to the delimmune people because they like posts that are not cancer related.  In fact this is what they wrote about me:

Carole Sanek has survived more horrific things than most of us can even fathom. Some of her most life-altering struggles occurred before her breast cancer diagnosis, but she’s now put it all behind her – cancer included – and is thriving. A writer, published author and social media manager, Carole runs multiple blogs and has recently launched an After Breast Cancer project which will bring together the voices and incredible stories of many survivors and women living with breast cancer. Learn more about Carole on her Facebook page, After Breast Cancer Reviving Surviving Thriving, or on her personal Facebook page here.

Three posts we like from I Survived Damn Near Everything:

I am so excited to be in the top 60 again – color me in the pink.

I am very grateful and let me say this one more time.  I write an award-winning blog.  I am a writer first and foremost.



Are You On The Fence About Social Media?


Well, are you on the fence about social media?

My tagline is Come Fly with me I think Outside the Net.  Well come fly with me I get you off the fence works too.

My tagline is Come Fly with me I think Outside the Net. Well come fly with me I get you off the fence works too.

Do you know other people who are receiving good engagement and wish it was you?

Do you see people posting about new business, successful transactions, new deals and sigh?

Do you find yourself saying that you do not even know where to begin, or if you should begin?




I have created a list of 10 questions that can help you clarify your social media confusion.

  1. What is your pain point?
  2. When you think about social media, what comes to mind?
  3. Are you following a social media marketing strategy?
  4. Are you sharing content on a consistent basis?
  5. Are you tracking your social growth and impact?
  6. Are you following your target audiences members?
  7. Are you actively monitoring your social platforms?
  8. Is your profile content optimized for searches?
  9. Have you linked your social media to your website and vice versa?
  10. Did you know that more than 80% of the population is made up of potential influencers?

That last question alone spells out why we all need social media – now how did you score? Last question – would you like to talk about it?  Our consultations are completely free. Yes you read that right.  F.R.E.E.




Does Your Website Need CPR?


We are asking this question today, does your website need CPR?

Well here is a list of reasons it might:

  • Does it load slower than molasses in January?  If it does people are not sticking around (get it sticking around?) Groan…….sorry to say if it doesn’t load in under 3 seconds it’s sticky.
  • Now pick up your smart phone and go to your website and pretend you have never seen it before.  Be honest – can you navigate around and see what you want people to see?
  • Are you asking people to do something?  Like “click here”.  Like “sign up”.  If you are not doing that you need to start NOW.
  • You do have images there right because people love pictures – they don’t like to read a ton of text so if your website is missing images – get the paddles now and charge them up.
  • The about page is sadly terrible.  If you can’t write an about page, hire someone.  Not everyone is a writer, heck I can’t build a skyscraper so hire someone.
  • You have Google Analytics and you know how to use them right?  No?  Well now we need to push some epinephrine for sure. (Sorry former ER RN writer here.)
  • Last thing to consider – are you updating your website weekly.  I can hear the painful exclamations from here.  The easiest way is to add a blog post – that will at least put a bandaid on the gushing wound while you fix all the other suggestions here.

Your website is you, your business, what it is, you spent money to build it so don’t let it end up needing CPR.

If you can't pass the tips in the blog get the AED now.

If you can’t pass the tips in the blog get the AED now.


You Need Social Media – You Know You Do

and we can help you be so good.

and we can help you be so good.

You need social media – you know you do.  There is no way around it.  Either you have to do it , and boy you better be doing it the right way, OR you need to hire someone to do it, and they better be doing it the right way too.

Why do you need social media?  Obviously because everyone else is doing it and it is THE way to get leads and convert them into sales.

We get inquiries all the time, and we do not close every inquiry.  First of all there are people we would not work with for different reasons.  We are fussy and we only take clients we know we can help.  Anyone see anything wrong with that?

When we get an inquiry we do a FREE consultation.  We look at everything.  Social media platforms, websites, blogs, everything.  And, yes, we do this for FREE.  We share with you where you need improvement.  We give you guidance.  We even give you a score – oh yes we have a social media scoring system.

What Don’t We Do?

Do not ask us for a proposal, we don’t do them.  We already did a FREE consultation.  What we do give you is a price.  In fact we give you several prices.  We give you a package price, we give you menu prices.  We ask if our pricing is in your budget, if it is then a discussion takes place that sounds like a proposal – your job is to take notes.  If our pricing is not in your budget we all move on and there are no hard feelings.

We like to keep things easy.

You have a decision to make.  Should you do it yourself or should you hire someone?  Here are some things to think about:

Can I/Do I Have the Time to Keep My Social Media Current?

The good news is social media works.  The bad thing is it takes work.  Daily work.  Consistent work. You have to keep it current and trending.  You need to set time aside every day (yes weekend too) and you need to post something.  If you cannot make this commitment you probably need a social media manager.

Can I Afford to Hire a Social Media Manager?

One of the biggest deciding factors will likely be cost.  It is less costly to outsource.  Bringing an employee on means benefits and salaries.  You might not have a marketing budget.  If this is the case you could hire a college student, or an intern but you know that eventually they will move on so you start over.   Then there is the trust issue.  If you go the route of hiring or outsourcing a confidentiality agreement is a must.

Do I Know the Social Media Market?

An expert in any field puts the time and effort into learning everything possible about that field. A great social media manager attends classes, webinars, reads books on social media and possibly invests money in attending the best conferences where they learn from the best.  Social media is not about slapping up a post – any old post – in five minutes or less and thinking everything is fine.  There is so much work that is done behind the scene – guess what social media is a full time job.

Do I Have a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Social media managers are strategists.  They design a plan and they make sure it is being followed.  In the business we call it a content calendar and this is used to “train” your fans to look for your posts.  Planning an event?  A social media manager will help make that event a huge success because they know how to get eyeballs on it. Not only that, they post (write) original content.  There are low-cost companies out there that will do your social media for you and this is what they offer for $99/month.

  • A daily Facebook post
  • A daily Twitter post
  • A daily LinkedIn post

There may be a few more things they do, but you need to know something right now – this won’t work.  Sorry.  Worse yet there is a good chance what they post for you is the same thing they post for others.  $99 is a lot of money for 3 posts a day on 3 platforms that will get you a nothing-zero.  Donate the $99 to charity and start over.

Do I Have Objectivity?

You know your business.  You probably know it too well which is why when people do their own social media, many times they sound really spammy.  A social media manager can create a a voice for your business.  The owner of McDonald’s Corporation probably did not come up with the phrase “You deserve a break today.” Madison Avenue marketing experts did,

How To Find the Right Person?

The truth of the matter is nobody loves your business or knows your business like you do.  Get recommendations.  You don’t want automation in social media.  Google will spot it in a flash and you won’t get any good Google Juice.

The right person or company is going to cost some money – have a budget.  We were looking at companies that do social media for people – indepth social media for people.  There are companies that charge between $2000 and $8000 a month to do full service social media.  We don’t believe everyone needs full service social media.  In fact we recommend you hire a social media manager who will work on 2 platforms and then when those are going well train you how to do them.  It is a lot easier to do it right when you learn from good people.  Once you take over the social media manager can move on to working on several new platforms expanding your reach.

By the way our pricing is no where near what others are charging, then again we aren’t $99 a month either – remember you get what you pay for so choose wisely.  You can see more about our pricing by clicking the tab that reads “Consultations/Set Up Pricing”.




Does Your Facebook Reach Suck?


Well, does your Facebook reach suck?  Are you trying and trying and getting nowhere fast?  Have you paid for advertising on Facebook and nothing happened?  Are your friends avoiding you because you keep begging them to like or comment on everything you do?  Maybe, just maybe, you have not been doing things that will work.  It’s possible you have not tried the right things, so let’s get going and talk about some things that really do work.

  1. Stop paying for advertising and pay someone to design a landing page for you.  Vet their work, and only hire someone with spirit, talent, and writing skills.  It needs to be spectacular. Studies show you have 15 seconds to impress people.  15 seconds people.
  2. ZOOM IN on your target audience.  Get the darn microscope out and focus it to clearly show you who that is.  Do you know the term “lookalike audience”?  Here is how Facebook defines it:  https://www.facebook.com/help/164749007013531/ and if you are still not sure ask Google.  Are you repurposing content?  Are you retargeting?  Did you know that over 70% of people will convert if you retarget to people you have targeted in the past?
  3. Bad news friends, people do NOT click on banner ads.  Maybe you have, maybe you do, but most people do not.  Got that?  You have to write compelling content.  I have said this 1000 times before.  Here is 1001.  You have to write compelling content.

Facebook success takes work.  It doesn’t happen without hard work.  You may even need a hardhat to get it done or you may have to ask for help.

Sometimes it is wise to wear a hardhat.

Sometimes it is wise to wear a hardhat.



My Podcast Interview with Bob Burg


My podcast interview with Bob Burg just went live.  I had some editing to do.  I had to put it all together and make it sound as perfect as possible.  Skype is crummy sometimes, we picked up some feedback but all in all it is a great interview.

If you are not sure who Bob is – he is a best-selling author and public speaker and he loves animals.  Right there is the reason I like Bob.  He supports his local shelter in Jupiter, Florida.

I had the great pleasure to interview Bob - it is a stellar informative interview.

I had the great pleasure to interview Bob – it is a stellar informative interview.

A very good friend of mine who has known Bob since kindergarten helped bring us together.  I have heard Bob speak.  I have read his books – maybe the titles will help you.  He wrote The Go-Giver, and he wrote Endless Referrals.  I hope these titles bring him into focus for you.

I will have the great pleasure of seeing Bob at Podcast Movement 15 in Ft. Worth the first weekend in August, and I will be getting my copies signed for sure.

In my interview we discuss The Go-Giver and the art of giving and receiving.  Yes, receiving.

This is a link to the interview and you will want to listen to it if you are looking for stratospheric success in your life, in your business, in anything.


I do have some other really cool, well-known people on my interview schedule and other than getting a little help from a friend with Bob, I just ask these people.  I simply ask.  It’s either going to be a yes or a no right?

Earlier this year someone with a large networking group asked me why I go outside our local area to be “in the know” in social media, blogging. podcasting and more.  The answer is simple – that is where I connect with people who can make my business a lot better.  Many of you have great business success in your local markets.  I happen to have a national/international business so I expand my horizons.

I am always looking for entrepreneurs with successful businesses that would like to be interviewed on my show.  Don’t be shy.  You need to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to share some marketing tips (especially an out of the box crazy one if you have one).  This is not a show to promote a new “whatever”.  If you have a new “whatever” you can contact me and we can discuss how to put you on a show.

Podcasting is the bomb and it’s here to stay.

I was thrilled to have Bob on my show and have no problem asking you to listen to it and to go to iTunes and give it a review.  Directions for doing that are on our page in our link above.

Want to be on the show?  Email me.