Be Very Careful What Images You Use when Blogging


Be very carefly what images you use when blogging. I wasn’t careful and I got busted.  Those of us who blog often go looking for images to use in our blogs and I managed to use the wrong image.  It cost me.  I used a cartoon image of a dog with complete credit going to the artist and company – guess what – that won’t cover your butt.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email while I was on flipping vacation to see a payment demand for copyright infringement.  How dare it arrive in the middle of my vacation is what I thought.

I immediately went in and took the blog post down.  That won’t get you off the hook either.  If you posted it and a law office or a company that does nothing but look for infractions contacts you, taking it down is NOT good enough.  You owe the fine.

In my case if wasn’t horrible.  $83.40 to be exact.  I also know it could have been a lot worse.  Several years ago a friend got into a demand for tens of thousands of dollars.  Yes you read that right.  Blogging is an easy place for us to make a faux pas.  I never realized that what I did was a copyright infringement.  It was – I paid.

In my case I always move my blogging forward to my Pinterest account and that’s where the copyright trolls found me.  Don’t get me wrong, I agree I should have purchased the license to use the cartoon.  I agree artists and photographers should be paid for their work.  I made an honest mistake and the troll company busted me.  Here is a link to a company that had to pay a lot more money than I did with their blogging.

I shared this link because it can happen to you.  I am very careful now with blogging and posting images.  Consider this my $83.40 gift to you so you do not use an image that could cost you your business.

FYI this is a copyright free image…….

Do Not Feed The Troll

Do Not Feed The Troll


2 thoughts on “Be Very Careful What Images You Use when Blogging

  1. CaroleSanek Post author

    I know – I verified that the trolling agency was legit by contacting the cartoon company, it was, and I paid it immediately. Then I went through my blog and my Pinterest accounts to see if I had any others out there. It’s so easy to just copy and paste without thinking of the ramifications. This is why I blogged about it today. I am never ashamed to admit my mistakes.

    Thanks for your comment Mike.

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