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How to Pick the Right Social Media Platform


It’s a dilemma for some, they don’t know how to pick the right social media platform.

While critical thinking is important in making your decision which platform to use and use best, we are not inventing artificial intelligence thank goodness.

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After years of doing social media, attending the biggest conferences in the world on social media, and winning writing awards for social media I believe I can guide you to the right places.

I am only concentrating on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest in this article.  I put all my clients on one, two, three or all four of these platforms.  I know these platforms best and I have my reasons for only using these four.

Everyone goes to Facebook.  All my clients want Facebook.  I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook on a personal basis because it has gotten way out of hand in some areas, and it is exhausting.  However for businesses it still outranks the rest.

The best thing you can do with Facebook is make certain your personal profile is up-to-date and that you leave controversial topics alone.  I know, hard to do, right?  I “sneak” a post from Butterfly Boom Productions onto my newsfeed 5 days a week.  There is nothing wrong with this.  I write my original thoughts, put them onto an image, post them first to my business page and then I share them from there to my wall.

Groups are another way to really get interest and gain business.  If you create one, don’t add people without permission. Yikes that is so awful.

I have to say that everyone should be on Facebook.

Where you go from there depends on your business.

  • LinkedIn is a business platform.  I don’t see or even receive a lot of conversational posts there, but the group platform there is pretty darned amazing.  Join groups where your customers are, not your peers.  Think of LinkedIn as a good place business-to-business and as a much larger scale professional platform than Facebook.
  • Twitter is a great platform if you use it the right way.  You should be tweeting a lot and there are many great programs to help you do this.  I like Twitter because I can put people on lists and then when I open a particular list I get all the tweets from only the people on the list.  Here is a really cool idea – you put your competition on a list and watch what they are tweeting.  You do have to go to Twitter daily and check things out, answer people, tweet, and please use photos with each tweet.  Certain businesses do better there than others so consider that.  Restaurants, authors, realtors, come to mind, scroll through Twitter and see for yourself which businesses are using it successfully.
  • Pinterest is crazy but I love it.  Advertising there is phenomenal and I think Pinterest ads are the best. I also really like that I can send my podcast and my blogs to PInterest by pushing a button.  If your think PInterest is just for chicks, think again.  Having a business page is a great idea too.

I have given you my thoughts here, if you want to know more, just email me at I answer all emails usually in less than 24 hours.

I also offer free consults on what platforms your business should be using because the bottom line is I want you to be in the best place you can be for your social media.

Thanks all.  Have a great week.


Posting The Nasty on Social Media


My disclaimer:  Yes I am writing from a personal viewpoint, yes I am pissed, if you want to know what I am pissed about read away.  If not, close this article down now.  At the end of the article I want to know if posting the nasty on social media in your opinion is right or wrong.

Here Goes:

We have probably ALL been guilty of putting a post on social media because we are pissed.  Heck I took on Samsung over 4 brand new appliances that all failed within one week of installation.  I posted my heart out and yes, I got positive results.

My husband took on Sam’s Club and got positive results.

I took on Carrabba’s and did not get much, but I don’t have to eat there again.  We do have a choice.

I think posting to a company about an issue that happened or may not be getting resolved is just fine.  They are a company, they don’t have to have big shoulders, their feelings won’t get hurt, they will usually take action.

A friend of mine took on a franchise car care company because they were over-charging college students for oil changes.

I take my corporate battles to Twitter – the @ symbol and the hashtag work so well there, better IMHO than on Facebook.

Now what happens when your complaint gets scaled down some and isn’t about a corporation but is about a person who doesn’t do what you expected them to do.  Do you think it’s appropriate to go online and call this person out by name?  Do you think it’s appropriate to go online and ask your friends if you should call this person out by name?  I don’t in either case.  Adults need to talk issues like this out with the person whom they feel wronged by, and if you have been wronged, or feel you have been wronged, you don’t need a consensus of opinion.  You don’t need people to egg you on, just put on your adult underwear and handle it privately, where it should be handled.

Recently someone in the public eye posted this.  They asked their friends if they should “…….call a so called marketing expert (especially FB) a fake and false advertiser. They pretend to know much, but then hide behind politics and financial gain. Should I call them out our not? Hard decision for me, but so far they are frauds.”

I read this post and said “Oh shit”, not because it was me the person was posting about, but because other people might/could think it was me.  I am not a conceited, egotistical person, and I am not an expert – I live in a smaller area, and my reputation for being a pretty darn good marketing person is known especially on Facebook.

I put several disclaimer posts on this thread in a humorous style and hoped the original posting person would give my disclaimer posts validation but that did not happen.  Instead a post appeared that read “nervous there Carole Sanek?? LOL!”

That was when I started to get private messages from mutual friends who did not think there was a lot to laugh about.  I didn’t think so either.

The problem with the original post is that it got people to excitedly speculate as to who this terrible person is that did these terrible things in the name of FB marketing to the poster.

This is a really good and timely example of why it is really important to think before you push the post option.  When I say “timely” it is because today I am being interviewed about the positives and negatives of social media and this little social media faux pas is front and center on my list of things to talk about.

I won’t use names, I just wouldn’t do that,  but I could mention that this person is running for a political office and IMHO opinion should know better, but wait, unfortunately isn’t this just the tactic many politicians take when running for office?  They hint at transgressors without giving names and get their supporters all excited.

Bringing this post back to not being about me LOL – what do you think?  Is it appropriate in your opinion to be posting the nasty on social media?

Funny how when I looked up images for mudslinging - political cartoons showed up.

Funny how when I looked up images for mudslinging – political cartoons showed up.







How Much Email is Too Much Email in Business?


How much email is too much?  It depends.  There is a business where I live that where everyone affiliated with it sends one with the same content – that is TOO much email.  I emailed them.  I asked to be removed from their mailing list and the answer was they basically did not know how to do that.

Bull-oney.  You are sending a mass email, go into the distribution list and remove my name.  Worse yet they have no unsubscribe.  Email jail, they need to go there because it’s spammy stuff I don’t want.

I dug my heels in and hit Google for a search.  I found this:

I don’t have a problem saying who is doing this – it is the local business where I live that is supposed to be in business to give community support for everyone in the county, residents and business alike.

I only unsubscribe from companies or people I actually know.  Why?  I just don’t want the spammers to know I have a live account.  It seems that every time I unsubscribe I get 10X more spammy emails that many time can be identified if I dig deep as former spammers.

Do you unsubscribe or do you delete email?Email Delete