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Facebook Pages Now Have Groups


Yes, you read that correctly, Facebook pages now have groups.  Isn’t this what we have been waiting for?  It is a way to truly build your business out and I would highly recommend getting on the bandwagon ASAP.

You can link existing groups or you can create a brand new group right there on the spot.  I have been toying with the idea and testing it and have decided to create a brand new group on my Butterfly Boom Productions page that will be centered around the brand new social media membership club I am offering starting in September.

You can take a peek at my new “budget friendly” membership club and all the different programs I will be offering by going to and choosing the “Grow Your Business Membership Club” tab.

I don’t believe any small businesses or startup companies should be paying a huge monthly sum to have social media marketing.  The #1 reason I scaled back on pricing was because I know that small businesses and startups do not have huge marketing budgets.

However this is not an infomercial about my company, it is a news blast about this golden idea Facebook has developed for us – so ready?  Set?  Start using it.

We love the glitter of golden ideas.


Does Your Facebook Reach Suck?


Well, does your Facebook reach suck?  Are you trying and trying and getting nowhere fast?  Have you paid for advertising on Facebook and nothing happened?  Are your friends avoiding you because you keep begging them to like or comment on everything you do?  Maybe, just maybe, you have not been doing things that will work.  It’s possible you have not tried the right things, so let’s get going and talk about some things that really do work.

  1. Stop paying for advertising and pay someone to design a landing page for you.  Vet their work, and only hire someone with spirit, talent, and writing skills.  It needs to be spectacular. Studies show you have 15 seconds to impress people.  15 seconds people.
  2. ZOOM IN on your target audience.  Get the darn microscope out and focus it to clearly show you who that is.  Do you know the term “lookalike audience”?  Here is how Facebook defines it: and if you are still not sure ask Google.  Are you repurposing content?  Are you retargeting?  Did you know that over 70% of people will convert if you retarget to people you have targeted in the past?
  3. Bad news friends, people do NOT click on banner ads.  Maybe you have, maybe you do, but most people do not.  Got that?  You have to write compelling content.  I have said this 1000 times before.  Here is 1001.  You have to write compelling content.

Facebook success takes work.  It doesn’t happen without hard work.  You may even need a hardhat to get it done or you may have to ask for help.

Sometimes it is wise to wear a hardhat.

Sometimes it is wise to wear a hardhat.



**** Or Get Off the Pot over Facebook People


**** or get off the pot over Facebook people. Over the past several months I have gotten private emails and public comments from people who do not want to pay for ads to increase their business on Facebook.  As I write this post I know that some people will agree with what I have to say here, and other people will not – that’s fine.  This is a free country.

What’s not free is advertising, not any longer.  We had it good for a long time.  We designed our pages, we tagged our pages, we shared our pages and we had great engagement.  Then Big Bad Facebook actually had the nerve to change things and suddenly our pages went into that pot.

Come on people – we had it good. What do we have now?  We still have it good but it is no longer free.

You “rent” space on one of the most important places on the Internet – Facebook.  Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  You do not own that space, no you are “renting” it and believe me you can be evicted too.

Every time you whine about the Facebook changes, every time you complain about them all you are doing is beating a dead horse because if you are not willing to pay for advertising on Facebook you may as well list your page as a not for profit because you ain’t making one are you?

Sorry but it’s true.

This is a blog (I am not being facetious) and on this blog I own this space.  No one can evict me, I don’t have rules (at least none that I know of) and this is also an important place on the Internet.  I own it.  People choose to subscribe.  People read it through links I put every damn place I can think of, and that makes Carole a happy  Butterfly.

This is why I like blogging on a self-hosted blog site.

Time to **** or get off the pot people.  Make a budget, write down your goals and then spend time and or a little cash working with someone who knows the right way to run ads on Facebook.  Don’t just push buttons and think you have done the right thing, you probably won’t.

Here at The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC we use Power Editor – a Chrome extension AND our ads go after page likes.

Yes we do – and then we provide awesomely great content to keep our fans interested, to keep them salivating,  to make them want more and leave hungry for the next one.  OK maybe we exaggerated a little there, but we feel getting likes and posting great content puts us and our clients on the road to success.

You went into business to make money.  You should have set up a budget and that budget should have marketing costs in it, and this is the time and place to spend it.

If you don’t agree either you were one of the lucky ones who succeeded before Facebook tweaked everything, or you don’t care if you own a not-for-profit.  I care, I have bills to pay, dogs to feed, places to go.Why is Money Green?







Please stop over-posting on Facebook, its extremely annoying. unfollow

A couple of years ago a mortgage lender posted at least 10 YouTube videos of his partner’s listings all in a row to Facebook.  I was at an event and relying on my iPhone to check my Facebook news-feed and BAM 10 YouTube videos of listings appeared.

This is one big example of how over-posting is a pain in the ass to people.  We use our mobile devices A LOT and when anyone jams up our news-feeds with post after post after post it is very annoying.

Fortunately we have the option on Facebook to unfollow people who do this, and in a discussion with a friend yesterday we both agreed that we are unfollowing people more than ever these days.

I liken over-posting to ads on Facebook and I know other people do too.  Facebook is starting to look at a certain styles of over-posting and these people are walking a fine line.  They are looking at people who hit the share button as if it were a slot machine.

They see something they think is important to share and they share away.  Worse yet they don’t introduce the share, or give an opinion of it, they just keep pushing share.  We have options on Facebook and one of those options is that we can remove the post and we can tell Facebook why we removed it.  Facebook pays attention to these reasons.  I know several people who actually lost their entire accounts due to doing this – why risk it?

Why do it at all?

I have a really good suggestion that could save your account, save you from being unfollowed, save your friendships – ready?

Go through your friends and put them on specific lists – separate them out to those who are really good friends, so-so friends, friends who like games, friends who like fashion ideas, friends who like natural products, friends who like dogs – you get the idea.  Then you customize your posts to those people who should be seeing what you have to say and POOF over-posting is taken care of easily.  You still get to tell your stories and spread your thoughts  but to the people who want to see this stuff.

I have every friend on a list, and I know many other people who do this same thing.  Your friends will thank you for it, I will thank you for it if you are an over-posting friend of mine.





WTF Facebook?


WTF Facebook?  That’s what I hear and read all over social media.  Change happened and all of us with pages on Facebook saw our organic reach turn into something else that is considered to be organic – that would be bullshit.  There I said it.

Now what?

Our team just returned from Social Media Marketing World aka SMMW14 in San Diego.  You have to be living in a cave if you never saw an ad for this event.  It happens every March from Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner and his incredible staff.

Mike opened the first morning with a great keynote speech and he left no stone unturned when it came to Facebook, the changes and the drop in all of our organic reach stats.

He is not the only one speaking and writing about this and we all have to remember there are many other social media platforms to get us noticed – but we seem to cling to Facebook as if it is a god.

Again, now what?

First of all visuals are one of the most important things you should be using and as often as possible.

Then what?

You have to blog.  Come on people, this is the #1 thing to be doing in 2014.  When you blog and you self-host your blog you own your own real estate.  Blogging is the only thing in marketing that you own.  It cannot be taken away from you.  It is yours.


Google+ is a must.  A MUST!


Pod casting – you have listened to a pod cast right?  Well, then start one.  Only 6% of marketers pod cast.  Jump in now!

Of course it’s vital to be using Twitter and LinkedIn too because the organic reach on Facebook is (sorry) only going to get worse.

OK you love Facebook, you have to be there so now what?

The reason Facebook made the changes is to “encourage” everyone with pages to purchase advertising.  Come on stop making those faces.  You have been getting FREE advertising on Facebook for years.  It’s over.

What does this mean?

To begin with 90% of people with pages have run ads and it is extremely important that you run ads the right way.  Of course there is a wrong way and Facebook will take your money for good advertising choices as easily as bad advertising choices.

Brian Carter points out on The Moz Blog:  “If you just spend $1 per day on Facebook ads, you will get in front of 4,000 people that wouldn’t have seen you otherwise. If you are doing that and your competitors aren’t, you win the awareness game in your niche.”

I can’t speak for Brian, I am guessing he is talking boosted posts, which is what I use, and in using these that you choose to send your boosted post to people who like your page and their friends.  This is what works for me.

He also went on to say that if you cannot afford $1 a day to advertise on Facebook then you shouldn’t be in business.  I agree.  If you continue to do Facebook the way you have always done Facebook you are wasting your time.

WTF Facebook?

FB Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Facebook never promised us a rose garden.  We built our houses on rented land and the landlord is holding his hand out for the rent payment.



Tag You Are It – The Problem Is You May Not Want to Be Tagged


Tag you are it!  The problem is you may not want to be tagged.

When we were kids playing in the yard or on the playground we all played tag.  It was fun.  Freeze tag was my favorite and you couldn’t move until someone came along and “unfroze” you.

Tag You Are It

Well we are not kids any longer and there is a new game of tag.  It happens on Facebook and it has an entirely different meaning.

This is the Facebook definition of it:

When I tag someone in a photo, post or other content, who can see it?

When you tag someone, that content (ex: photo, post) may be shared with the person tagged and their friends. This means that if you haven’t already included their friends in the audience, their friends may now be able to see it. For example, if you tag Jane in a photo shared with your friends, the audience expands to Friends (+) to include your friends and Jane’s.

If you don’t want your photo, post or other content to be visible to the friends of the person tagged, you can turn this setting off for each post when you post it. To do this, click the audience selector next to the story, select Custom, and uncheck the Friends of those tagged and event guests box.

The audience also expands to Friends (+) when others tag your post or photo. Learn how to approve or dismiss tags that friends add to your posts before they appear on Facebook.

You’re reading the Desktop Help answer. Learn more in our other Help Centers.
Last edited about a week ago
Unless the person tagging you in their post actually does what the instructions say that post is visible to all the friends of the person who is posting and ALL your friends.I use tagging to put my friend’s names in lights.  I tag people when they have a birthday, when something good happens to them, and when I want to make sure they see a post.  Tagging, when used appropriately, is a great tool.

However there is the other side of the tagging coin,  Let’s think about what tagging does again.  It calls attention to you, your name, your wall, and it can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing.

Let’s say someone tags you in a post and it isn’t a flattering tag.  Maybe you were some where you were not supposed to be.  Maybe you were with someone you were not supposed to be with.  Maybe someone thought they were just being clever calling attention to your name, when in reality their cleverness was in poor taste.

Some of the biggest thought leaders in social media keep their posts neutral, they don’t tag their friends, and they walk the fine line of social media etiquette.

Unfortunately there are people who have not learned “the rules” on social media and they post and tag people without thinking of the ramifications of that post.

My clients get it.  They know if I see an inappropriate post I will take it down before we need to do damage control.  They don’t tag people either without thinking about it first.  I taught them that.

Right now I guarantee you we all know someone who needs to be sitting in the corner wearing a dunce cap!

dunce cap

Just be careful when you tag people because when you use it the wrong way people can get hurt.  Have you ever been tagged inappropriately?


There’s A List for That (on Facebook).


This morning I posted a public post on Facebook asking if anyone besides me is seeing weird “Outer Limit” occurrences on Facebook.

I got all kinds of answers.

Me-I have squatters (thank you Lisa O for giving me that term).  Squatters are “friends” you never requested or accepted.  I put all friends on lists the minute I send a request OR the minute I accept a friend.  I use these lists.  I learned about lists from the one and the only Mike Mueller of and I highly recommend subscribing to this page as Mike would never steer you wrong with the exception of SantaCon but there is a reason for this – love you Mike.

I had been sending out invites to a local event and I filtered through all friends to make sure I had not missed anyone.  I saw 5-6 names I did not recognize so I wrote these names down to check them later.

Much to my surprise they were not on any of my lists which was a first clue that they had some how come into my Facebook through the outer limits, and they were/are not people I would have accepted in the first place.  Not that I am a FB snob, I just vet everyone new because I don’t like to unfriend people down the road.

Outer Limits on Facebook

The reason I use lists is because I did not do what many people do from the get-go.  I did not just keep my FB personal and to real friends only.  When business contacts started to appear I put them on lists and I use my lists.  Yes, there’s a list for that is my mantra.  I have lists for real estate people, social media people, special friends, secrets, none of your business, breast cancer related posts only, and more.  I use them religiously.  It is one extra step after writing a post to decide whom I want it to reach, and takes under 15 seconds.  Yes, there’s a list for that and more on my Facebook and that is how I catch squatters.

Mike has me on a very special list!

I actually got a lot of different complaints about changes people are seeing on Facebook and the recommendation I leave you with today is that you should check all your friends from time to time – you may find some friends you did not know you have, and find yourself humming the outer limits theme song.



Facebook Humor or Facebook Drama?



Facebook definitely provides me with humor, and Facebook definitely provides me with drama.  Most of the drama I see these days makes me laugh, so drama really could be a sub-category of humor for me.

I have seen the ugly. Back in the day of joining Facebook I saw ugly a lot.  The minute I joined Facebook and one of my sons became a friend, all his friends wanted to connect with me too.  I as a cool mom, they liked me.  It did not take long for drama to happen though and that was when I had my first taste of how teenaged angst can swiftly turn into reptilian nastiness. Vipers came out of nowhere.

I got the snake repellent out and cleaned up my Facebook staying away from friends of my kids lesson learned.

At the very beginning of the B/P Oil spill I saw a thread of opinions on Facebook regarding the spill.  The original status update was a joke about how to cap the spill that was tasteless and inappropriate.  The joke not only had people laughing at the event, it also took a swipe at women.

One particular women, Cynthia D., started posting about how she thought the spill was funny.  She went on to say that it was no big deal, she was basically a screwed up twit.  However her comments incited a reaction in me and I told her that I thought she was a a screwed up twit (not in those words) and I finally just left the conversation as it was going nowhere.

3 -4 hours later a friend of mine whom I had broken bread with whenever he was here in town posted a verbal attack on me for daring to pick on his friend, Cynthia D.  I told him to F-off, unfriended him and blocked him.  Lesson learned, don’t get into a conversation with a screwed up twit who has no apparent empathy towards tragic happenings.  She actually wrote she thought the spill was funny.

During the recent Presidential elections I just removed dramatic people from my newsfeed, and I have left quite a few in the dark dungeon of newsfeed removal because they still bitch and moan.

It never ceases to amaze me how brave people get online.

I am a licensed real estate agent.  I keep an active license because I can always jump in and help my husband in a pinch.  I had joined several real estate groups on Facebook, and let me tell you I saw more drama, a whole lot of nastiness and a lot of actual mean insulting attacks on people. I removed myself from every one of those groups.

Now when my drama radar goes off I stay out of it but I do laugh.  If people only knew how ridiculous they look and sound and how very unprofessional, they might stop doing it.

How about all of you?  Anyone have a good drama story to share?



Why The World Doesn’t Need a Dislike Option on Facebook


Why doesn’t the world need a dislike option on Facebook?  For the same reason Google + will never have a G- option.  It’s just too negative.

According to FB product engineer, Bob Baldwin, there will likely never be a “dislike” button because it encourages negative social interaction.

It will – there is already a tremendous amount of negativity on Facebook.  It takes a little longer to type out an ugly comment than to hit an dislike option right?

Those of us who are in business are constantly being reminded that we should never blast anyone on Facebook or any other social media platform.  People still do even after being warned.  It’s human nature to slap a post up when we feel we have been wronged and easier than reaching out to slap someone.

People get really brave when they think they are 99% anonymous, the problem lies in the fact that anonymity is not protected.  You post, you are there.  Better to have a picture of a Facebook dislike option taped to your computer screen that you can poke and move on from than to put anything in writing.

I am glad that Facebook, and Google, have taken this stand.  Sucky people will always suck, kudos Facebook and Google for staying the course.