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What I Learned from Ricky Gervais


What I learned from Ricky Gervais is that you should just say it!  Just say it.  You know there are reaction possibilities, right?


By Admiralty. [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Admiralty. [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

You could get a laugh.

You could get a groan.

You could get an ugly face.

You could get punched.

You could get a pie in the face.

You could get an honest reaction that surprises you.

Whatever – take the chance, and just say it.






In the LOO Moment



Yes, an in the LOO moment and it’s not that loo either.

I was given an assignment this past week to ask people I know to tell me what I do.  This is a great exercise and can yield some great responses. Some of my more clever friends got cute with their responses.  I got some “duhs” and then I went for a session with my healer/massage therapist/Reiki master/energy restorative friend, Jackie.

I asked her her what I do – she gave me a “duh” reply and kept working on my sore spots.  Then she said ” you seize opportunities”. I was puzzled at first but then she said “you don’t create opportunities as much as you seize them and act on them” .

I laid on her table and thought about this.  I have been thinking about this for 24 hours.  I traveled back in time and thought about it and realized that I am always on high alert for seizing the opportunity. It’s a skill.  It might also be a talent. It can be learned – you can do it too.

First of all you have to listen to people.  Just like SEO and keywords go together you have to have LOO (not that loo either or in that loo).  LOO stands for Listening Opportunities Optimization.  I can hone in on several conversations at the same time and I listen for keywords in those conversations.  Maybe it is a talent of sorts and maybe it’s because I have ADD and my senses bounce around a lot – whatever it is, my ears are almost always in LOO mode.

Next comes getting yourself into the LOO conversation because in order to be in control of seizing the opportunity you have to jump on it and ask for it. Remember being in school madly waving your hand in the air shouting ” me, me, me?” Well you need to be able in a very short period of time, to ask for the opportunity.

Some opportunities come with time periods.  If you have to fill out a form and mail or email it somewhere you have time (and competition).

Way back when big hair was in style (yes I know in some places it never went out of style) I saw on TV that The Wheel of Fortune was holding live auditions  where I lived.  I had to write in my reasons for wanting a spot at the auditions and wait to hear if I was accepted.  I was accepted for the audition but now I had to figure out what would make me stand out.  What did I do?  I watched every show I could and listened to what the chosen contestants said when they were introduced.

When it was my turn to introduce myself I clearly said I was the married, had 3 children and that I was a nurse in the ER of our county hospital.  Sure enough I heard other contestants mutter “she’ll get picked, they always pick nurses”.  I did get picked – they were right.  At that time they picked teachers, nurses and flight attendants.  I had used my LOO!

There many perfect LOO moments.  I was sitting at a table waiting for a class to start at a conference and this lovely woman was walking my way.  She is a red-head (like me) and she was wearing a bright sunshine yellow dress.  As she got closer I told her how stunning she looked in that dress.

She stopped to thank me, I did not know her from Adam.  We started talking and one thing lead to another thing and before long I was blowing off the class I intended to take and heading to her discussion on women in film.

We started to walk together and we were joined by two more women, one was her manager and the other her director and they started to talk about an award show that was happening the next evening.  She introduced us and told everyone I was a podcaster.  It seemed the issue at hand was that someone had backed out of doing interviews from the red carpet.  Big LOO moment and I seized the opportunity.

I just asked – I asked to be on the red carpet to do the interviews.  And they said yes.  I solved a problem for them.  LOO moments often are about a situation/issue/problem.

It helps to be bold but if you don’t ask, the answer is always no right?

Not my first red carpet rodeo, and I used LOO to get there - not talking about the bathroom either.

Not my first red carpet rodeo, and I used LOO to get there – not talking about the bathroom either.

When you are asked to work the red carpet you go shopping!

When you are asked to work the red carpet you go shopping!

Our IT Dude, Lawrence and the one and only top podcaster in the world, Daniel J. Lewis.

Our IT Dude, Lawrence and the one and only top podcaster in the world, Daniel J. Lewis.











Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income as an Entrepreneur


Last week I was in a mastermind group meeting and when it was my turn to talk about where I could use some advice I bungled it big time by confusing the group because I have have more than one business.  Worse yet I am adding a third, oh and a fourth. More later in the article about me.

Why does any entrepreneur need multiple streams of income?  Simply put when one area slows down, another one picks up.  Remember that saying about eggs in one basket?  Don’t do it.

Don't do this - you need to have them all over the place multiple baskets.

Don’t do this – you need to have them all over the place multiple baskets.

Let me drill it down further for you.

This morning my husband and my IT Dude on The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show (shameless plug of my podcast) and I were talking about how he, as a Broker/Owner of a real estate business can have other streams of income.  Passive income is a great place to start.

He has several FREE ebooks on Amazon that are getting pulled down and he will now charge for his knowledge.  He isn’t going to make big bucks (at first) but it is a start.

Here is another way to make passive income and remember in many cases passive income is very easy money.

He has a podcast and he is going to start a membership only group.  You have to pay to be in it, guess what, people will pay if what you have to offer is amazing advice.  He is an amazing negotiator in short sales and bank and government owned properties.  He has a direct line to a supreme being at HUD – seriously he does, and between the two of them deals get closed.

Then we discussed another opportunity for us.  While most people do not know this, I am also a licensed real estate agent and I am also an accredited in home staging.  He asked me if I would help him with a service he wants to offer.  I said yes.  This idea won’t be passive income but it will give us another stream.

I told him to write a “how-to” guide for agents – that’s another passive form of income.

Are you beginning to see how this works?

There are so many ways to make passive income and there are ways to offer additional services that can bring you more income.

I will use myself as an example now because I opened this article with the fact I have a 3rd and 4th idea.

I have my social media business and most of my work is retainer fee based work.  I have consulted many times with people doing social media audits on their business, teaching blogging, teaching social platforms, writing profiles, and so much more.  I would like more consulting business.

I was trying to explain that and unfortunately what I had not done at that time was really give the group a firm idea of what my business is.  It’s here on my website though.  I guess I am cut from a different cloth because I actually do visit websites and I look at every page.  (OK I admit I am doing an audit at the same time looking for weaknesses but I am still reading websites.)

I created a podcast last November.  After two years of wanting to do one I met with some women whom I knew would like to be involved with a podcast.  We churned out (shameless plug again)


I created a podcast show for marketing tips - there are a lot of us and we share great ideas.

I created a podcast show for marketing tips – there are a lot of us and we share great ideas.

Podcasting is social media and while the name doesn’t “match” my business name it is still under the wings of the butterfly group.  My social media business provides income for the podcast at this time.  I am working on getting the podcast to be it’s own income provider.

So off we go back to the annual conference we attend every year called New Media Expo and I am sitting in a presentation listening to 4 women in television and film talk about how they got where they are.  That is where the need to have multiple streams of income was reinforced for me.  They all do.  I am fortunate to have some friends who are actors – they also have multiple streams of income.  You shouldn’t rely on just one thing in any business.

After that session I knew I wanted a WebTV show but there are steps that have to happen first.  I did buy the domain name and I do have a Facebook page all ready to launch – hey I had to grab names before someone else did.

That same afternoon I was invited over to a book signing at the National Association of Broadcasters book shop and I was thrilled to meet Valerie Geller, author of the best-selling book “Beyond Powerful Radio”. Later in the day we ran into each other again.  It was during the second meeting I had with her that she gave me 2 words.  I bought those two words as a domain – why?  4th project is the answer.  There will be a book, the book has a title.

I am not part of the “slow and steady does it world”.  I am creative and creative people are bombarded with ideas at any given moment.  Our brains bubble over with ideas, and many times we do not fit the norm for how others achieve success or how others think we should achieve success.

I do understand I need a process, and that I need to focus on this process.  I am going to put that in writing here because that commits me to doing it.

  • Start looking for ways to get more consulting work (it’s easier on me and frees up my time) – now
  • Get our podcast team all on the same page with our goal and move forward – June, 2015 (passive income opportunities here)
  • Purchase better microphones and headsets (about a $500 commitment) – by first week in July
  • Help IT Dude and husband with building a studio in our home for podcasts and yes WebTV after attending Podcast Movement where we can get great ideas from people – Sept – Oct
  • Start working with PR company in WebTV (already selected) – Sept
  • Attend meeting in Ft Lauderdale with some of the best bloggers in the world – Oct, 2015 (passive income opportunities here)
  • Launch WebTV show in January, 2016
  • Keep copious notes – there is a book 2017

Hey – it’s all doable – as I said creative juices are always on – I even teach a course in how I never get writer’s block.  I don’t.  I bet not too many people know I teach classes.

You might be thinking – when do we take a break?  We attend 3-4 conferences a year and we always add time onto our plans at the front end and back end and we play.  We are happiest when we are with our peers and mentors learning exciting things to make us better so we can help others be better.  We don’t see anything wrong with this – do you?

There you have it a long, wordy blog article, and hopefully helpful.  Think passive – better yet go visit my friend, Pat Flynn’s blog

Or read about how Pat made his first $3 million with passive income – yes it can be done.  He did it.  Forbes likes Pat’s story a lot.  I like his story a lot.  Pat is the reason we podcast.

Wings are folding now – till next time.





Bad Public Relations is a Bad Romance


Bad public elations is a bad romance and is evidenced by how quickly one bad move turns into your customers filing for a divorce.

Lady Gaga

Bad PR can quickly become a Bad Romance








Today the men’s Swastika ring offered on line by a 3rd party vendor on amazon also showed up in a Sears ad.  Amazon reacted quickly.  Sears is taking a beating.

SeaWorld’s public image was tarnished by CNN’s “Blackfish” documentary.  Even with all the “fixes” SeaWorld has planned, people remain unimpressed.

Target took it on the nose with it’s data breach but now we have so many more and it’s almost a daily occurence.

GM, Lulu (and their see-through yoga pants) and so many more.

Bad public relations affects the bottom line and how a company reacts to it (or doesn’t react well to it) will keep hurting it.

Thinking that bad publicity won’t happen to you isn’t an option. Planning and preparing for a crisis will give you or your company a much better chance of limiting the damage and being and staying in control of the situation. Simply being prepared for adverse publicity can help you stop a bad story becoming a terrible one.

What should you do if the bad romance happens?

When customers complain if the complaint is strong enough it can make it to the news.  You have to reply fast with honesty.  If you are wrong for goodness sakes apologize and sound sincere.  This is not the time for a “no comment”.   That’s an example of bad PR.

If you have employees call a meeting immediately and let them know they are not to talk to the press without your permission.

Prepare a written statement and explain what went wrong.

Here at The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC when a complaint/comment/negative whatever shows up in a client’s social media we do not take it down.  We address it with the client and the person that complained and we post how we resolved the issue.  When you take a negative post down 1000 people may have already seen it and that will make them say “hmmmmm” while scratching their collective heads.  We only remove posts with curse words in them and we clearly state we moved an offensive post and invite the person to message us privately.

Remember bad public relations can offer a chance for your business to grow and your bottom line to increase by showing your decent side.  The public can be very forgiving.


The public can be very forgiving.







Are You Passwords Away from Being Hacked?


Are Your Passwords Away from Bing Hacked?I teach Facebook classes twice a month in my community.  I love my job.  I start every class by calling out a list of passwords you should never use, and invariably I know by the looks on people’s faces that I have hit the jackpot – I have a person in class inviting hackers into their FB world.

AOL (are people still using this?) – AOL published their top ten passwords and yes Bob T from Richfield, Ohio you should not be using “password”:

1. Your user name
2. Your user name followed by 123
3. 123456
4. password
5. 1234
6. 12345
7. passwd
8. 123
9. test
10. 1

Here is a link to some more stupid passwords:

Then we talk about safer choices and I watch most of them change their passwords immediately.

The reason I decided to write this simple post today is due to that silly cartoon.  It is amazingly easy for hackers to figure out your passwords.  Recently a customer called me to say his company Twitter account had been set up by someone who had actually moved on in life to live in heaven taking the Twitter password with him.

Knowing there was no direct way to contact this person in heaven, and prayer wasn’t going to work in this case, I sat down and looked at the account, and two tries later I was in and I re-set the password to something safe.

What do the experts recommend?  A mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols work really well.

Last piece of advice, do not use the same password for your banking as you do to sign into a social media platform.  That is a real no-no.

I wonder how many people are changing their passwords now. 🙂





When Was the Last Time You Talked to your Kids About This?


I volunteer my “expertise” at our local county run job service working with graduating seniors.

These kids have already had a dose or 100 doses of drama in their lives.  They have already seen the results of bullying/angst/sexting and more.

I get up and talk about the consequences of being stupid on social media and I also make them promise to go home and Google their own names with a reminder to put their names inside quotation marks so they can see what is already out there in cyber space.

I came across this article from Forbes and thought it was important enough to share here. Kids- they just think they are safe.

Maybe if we made them write things on the blackboard 1000 times they might think before posting – wait that never stopped me from talking in class!

Say Kids What Time Is It?

Say Kids What Time Is It? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Been Flamed? Here is Your Flame Extinguisher.


Last weekend I attended an educational event in one of the career hats I wear.  When I walked in the room John Doe approached me without barely saying hello and told me that I probably needed to unfriend him on Facebook due to the fact that John was about to launch a scorching (his words) flame attack on one of my customers.

I have known about the issue since it started due to the fact that John, who likes to cry about things, had been telling me about the drama for months.

So what do you think I did?

I did what he suggested.  My loyalty to my customer is my top moral, ethical concern.  John was never a friend.  What he is, IMHO,


Flames (Photo credit: Velo Steve)

is an unprofessional person whose reputation for being an asshat (description given from another friend) is preceding him.

The bottom line is that when you cast your asshat into the drama ring and flame someone who looks worse you or the person/company you are flaming?

Note to John:  You are getting recognition, negative recognition, for doing this and it isn’t the first time either.  When you start to get a bad reputation word spreads, and when you act like an asshat on line well you are an asshat.

Here is a link to how to handle flaming that we all should know and have in place in a social media policy.

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Want Some More Likes On Your Pages on Facebook?


This is one of the easiest ways to pick up some new likes.  I learned it from a $97 seminar and I am going to give it to all of you here FREE!  Why because I like you and I also promised Rachel C I would write this today.

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita de...

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita del simboletto “like” di FB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We all know “big” pages, pages with large fan bases and what I am sharing here can help you capture some new likes to your page.  Begin by making a list of pages you would think might be of benefit to you and have that list ready to go.


When you look up at the top of your page you can see in blue whether you are posting as your page on your page or as yourself.  You need to take this one step further and go to edit page in your admin panel and when the drop down menu opens choose to post as your page there.  This is vital, it won’t work otherwise.


Now that you have yourself set up to post as your page get that list of page names and start searching for them in the Facebook search box.  When you find the page you are looking for hit their like button, and put a post on their page.  I tag them and I tag my page name when I do this and I do not say “Please like us back.”  We do not beg for likes – we want to be thought of as nice people behind our pages not beggars.


I usually write something very genteel. I tell them I like their cover picture or I like their style of posting, or I like their product.  Complement them out the kazoo without sounding sticky sweet icky.


“Hi a friend told me about your page (tag them here) and I am so glad they did.  I don’t always tag my page back first time out of the gate, and sometimes I may choose to tag it.  If for example the page you are writing to is one of those hearts and flowers inspirational pages (and I love them) with 50000 likes (and they are out there) then I will save tagging myself until I want to borrow something from their page.


For example – tomorrow comes and I check them out and sure enough there is a picture or saying I want to share.  Now I am going to do what?  Give them credit – we don’t borrow without giving credit.  So here goes: “I like this picture so much I am sharing it with my page (Tagging my page) and thank you so much (tagging their page). Double whammy cross-tagging marketing going on here.  Their fans will see this in their newsfeeds providing they engage with them, and see your page and their page in lights.  How cool is this?


I do it all the time.  Not 100 times a day, but several times a week perhaps.


Just remember to change back to your human form by choosing edit page and posting as yourself again when you are done.


Questions – contact me.


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Facebook Forces Timeline Down Our Throats

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Drawing illustrating various styles of panties...

Image via Wikipedia

I know you are all upset about the new Facebook changes and they have your panties all in a wad (or your shorts if you are a guy or a

woman who wears shorts.)

The truth is you need to be ready for this, and there is no better time than now to clean up your old photos.  I didn’t and the other day I had fun with an app that makes a movie out of your Timeline.  In the middle of my fun movie this idiot showed up in a picture with me that made me want to barf.  I had to spend over 2 hours going through all my old photo albums on Facebook to get rid of this idiot.


So clean up your old sh*t because Timeline is coming – like it or not it is coming.

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Facebook What Have You Done Now?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Let’s start with Privacy Settings since I truly believe this is one of the most important parts of being on Facebook.

I am a user of lists.  I create lists for everything.  So when my changes happened last week naturally I was out of town teaching Facebook.  I was blind-sided.

The first thing I noticed was that now when I chose the dropdown before sharing I have 3 choices.  Public.  Friends. Custom.  Public took the place of “everyone”.  I always use the Custom option so when I went to do that the first time everything was fabuloso.  When I went to use it a second time my “Custom Privacy” from my main Privacy Settings did not override per usual and I had to enter the people the post was not to be shared with.  I did not like this.

I am still waiting on an answer to that one.  I liked the fact I had created a default privacy setting.  Now I have a postie note on my computer reminding me to not just post.  Bummer.

I did some digging and found a video and I will share the link at the end of this post but it doesn’t address my default settings on who can see my wall posts.  Doubly bummed.

It’s cool that if you shared with the wrong people you can change your update quickly so you don’t spoil a surprise hopefully.

Here are 2 more new features for privacy on Facebook.

1.  You can approve or reject any post or photo you are tagged in before it’s visible to anyone else on your profile.

2.  You have the option to review, approve or reject any tag someone tries to add to your photos and posts.

I will talk about this more on Friday when I blog again.  Meantime happy privacy to you.








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