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Do You Want to Jump Start Your Road to SMM Success?


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I would be willing to bet there are over 1000 articles giving advice on how to get great SEO, how to be successful on whatever, how to get 10,000 fans and so forth and so on.

I read them too, and then I start to see a common denominator, they are almost all the same, just authored by different people.

Last week I had the chance to talk with a very successful business woman, whose success has multiplied since being on social media.

I asked her how she feels she is different.  Her answer surprised me.  She uses Facebook, for example, for social reasons.  I started paying more attention and even went to her personal wall, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  She has no business comments on her wall.  She has a business page, but her wall is all about her plans, her new car, her life.

Then I remembered a webinar I had been on recently where the host stated that for every 1 business post you make anywhere, you need to post 10 personal posts.  I don’t totally agree with that.  I feel 5 -6 personal posts would probably work just as well.

I decided though to give it a whirl.  People do like to know you, it builds their trust in you if they know you.

People also do not like to be sold, they love to buy though so why not make yourself a little more personable?

I have a friend on Facebook who is 100% business all the time, nights and weekends, holidays included and I groan inwardly when I see his posts.  He needs to stop the insanity or he will lose his audience.

Social Media is about being social – so my advice in jump starting your road to success and pull ahead of the rest would be that you should post personal tidbits AND more often than you post business posts.

Come fly me with again soon and let me know how it is working for you, or share your ideas.


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Marketing is NOT the Same as Sales


The other day I was reading a blog article from a friend on Facebook who happens to blog for real estate agents.  I admit I am a real estate agent BUT I step outside the real estate box and I teach social media to anyone who wants to hire me.

First of all no matter what or who you are in life social media is social media.  Yes there will be areas of spinning off into a particular different direction but it all boils down to one common denominator being social.

My qualifications to teach social media come from years of marketing for big companies. Note I did not say I was in sales.  Sales is not marketing.

Sales is going out with marketing materials (usually written by others) in your hand. That is my plain and simple personal definition of the difference.  In order to be make a great sale you have to have the best marketing plan in place to put in front of your client/customers.

Those of us using social media marketing to sell ourselves and our services are doing so in a virtual arena.  We appear on Facebook, we Tweet, we join LinkedIn and we may even blog – but our customer/clients many times are not known to us.  Therefore we have to step outside the box, we have to be creative, we have to wear many hats, but we can to it in our pajamas at times too.

When I posted a comment on my friend’s blog article a conversation ensued and I had to remind my friend I don’t teach real estate social media.  He laughed and admitted he forgot there are other businesses out there.

Yes there are and I am in tune with that and I am here to help everyone use social media marketing effectively no matter what business you are in.

Come fly with me – let me be your pilot and once we land you will be able to fly on your own.  I can help you take your SMM off the charts.


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