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Would You Go 2000 Miles to Find a Mate?


Well, would you go 2000 miles to find a mate?

The Monarch butterfly does.  Not many people know this.  2000 miles is a lot of flying for a creature as fragile as a Monarch butterfly.

Add to this the fact that their mating grounds is in the middle of an area in central Mexico that the drug cartels seem to also exist.

Millions of these beautiful butterflies migrate every year mostly from the eastern US and Canada.  They arrive in late October to early November to hibernate among the fir trees where they are found hanging together in large clusters of what appears to be fall leaves.

In February they start to wake up from the warm sun and they start to do gymnastic movements to enchant a mate.

Here is the heartbreaking part of this beautiful story – most Monarchs live only 4-5 weeks.  I am so sorry – it is sad.  After mating the female lays her eggs on the road north and then they die along with the males.  A year and 5 butterfly generations later they return south again to exactly the same place.

What does this story have to do with social media?  Good question.  Maybe nothing, maybe something, maybe an incredible opportunity.

Would you travel 2000 miles to find business?  I would, I have.  Social media and online access to things allows us to virtually travel 2000 miles with ease.  However if your instincts tell you that physically traveling 2000 miles to get business would be a big deal maker, do it.  I did.  Think like a Monarch butterfly – follow your instincts. The great thing about it is you don’t have to die at the side of the road,  You can “fly” home!Monarch Butterfly


The Worst Thing You Can Do in Social Media is Be a Hater


Love is grand – social media not always.

Your online reputation is extremely important.  I live on line by the 10-10-10 rule.

  • How is my post going to make someone feel for 10 seconds
  • How is my post going to make someone feel for 10 days.
  • How is my post going to make someone feel for 10 months

And so forth and so on but now I suggest you remove the words “someone feel” and replace them with “make me look”.

Sure sometimes a silly post will get a 10 second eye roll, but silly won’t damage your reputation online like verbal abuse will or a nasty post written in hopes of getting the troops to rally on your side.   When you post enough anti-whomever posts you have bought yourself a lifetime of looking bad to people and where will that hurt you the most?  Well if you are in business it will go straight to a loss not a gain.

Being bitchy or sarcastic online is a huge social media faux pas and worse yet, it’s a fall from grace for you outside social media.  Why take that risk?

No point to this at all.

No point to this at all.


BREAKING NEWS: All Facebook Pages Are Going Away

My social networks

My social networks (Photo credit: Gavin Llewellyn)


Hello there – bet I got your attention with that headline. Breaking News:  All Facebook pages are going away.  First of all it is not fact, it is a heart murmur of chatter on the web.


Why would FB take all pages down?  Well I don’t have a clue as to how many FB pages are in existence but I can imagine that it is a problem especially after reading this comment I found on a popular social media site:


I’m hearing murmurs that ‘pages’ might go away and instead, Facebook might have us link directly to internal sources (websites) for businesses – they referred to ‘Pages’ as a bottleneck… Are you hearing anything similar? Could this be a first step?


My husband told me this morning that he has heard people say that their FB page is their website – are you freaking kidding me?  You own your website.  FB owns your page why would anyone ever consider using a FB page as a website?


We all know nothing is forever so this might be a really good time to do the following:


  • Get a website if you do not have one.  If the cost is holding you back, there are $500 website design people or you can be brave and use a WordPress theme and do it yourself.
  • Update and improve your website if you do have one – keeping it current helps your page ranking.  You are concerned about page ranking right?
  • Get on other social media platforms.  Everywhere I go, every social media conference I attend I ask the well-known speakers where they are on social media.  The answer is Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn first and foremost.  You have presence there right?
  • Speaking of Google+ it’s Google hello!  Great SEO and you will connect there with people who are not on FB.
  • Email – it isn’t dead.  You do have an email marketing program right?
  • YouTube – it’s Google again – second largest search engine – you have a channel right?

You have to be out there.  You cannot put all your eggs in one basket.  I will leave you with this thought.  You blog, right?  Well this blog you are reading is self-hosted, I own it.  WordPress can’t mess with it, it’s mine.  Please tell me if you blog that you do it through .org and not .com ok?  Right?

My disclaimer is that this is all just my opinion, my advice and totally a rumor but where there is smoke often there is what?


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I Really Don’t Want to Unfriend You on Facebook


I go back and forth on this all the time with people.  I must be the weakest link in the chain of people I know, because I just get cold feet when it comes to un-friending a person from my Facebook account.

Cover of "Friends Forever (I Am Reading)&...

Cover of Friends Forever (I Am Reading)

I asked several people with high friend counts recently what the criteria is that they use to make this decision.  Mike M told me he follows his gut for some people, and he also purges his lists of MLM-ers and “get rich quick” types.

Christine E told me she removes people she doesn’t really know who jam up her news feed and that was after I asked her why she deleted me.  Seriously.  In fairness to her, I get it.  I post a lot.  I experiment with my postings too.  Sometimes I post to the public.  Other times I just post to friends.  Then I will customize and post to specific lists, and that usually means hiding my post from my “None of Your Business” list.  Christine and I do not know each other well, and in kidding around about it she sent me a friend request, but I in turn put her on my “None of Your Business” list and she rarely gets my updates on her newsfeed.  I actually added two more people to this list today because I knew in listening to them I was showing up too much.

I thought about this and decided it was time to start to use my lists more often.  I have over 850 friends, and they are all on a list, but posting to a specific list becomes a chore after a while so I get lazy and let the updates fall where they may.

However the other day I started looking at all 856 friends and I realized that some of these people have to go.  That started the nightmare of who should stay and who should go, and being that I am in business, I subscribe to the reasoning that if I choose the wrong person, I may have just lost a business opportunity.  You never know who knows whom and that is why I hesitate when it comes to removing a friend.

I prefer to unsubscribe if I have that option or to hide that person entirely.

I have not un-friended anyone in a long time.  These are my reasons:

  1. It hurts people’s feelings
  2. I don’t know who they might know
  3. I live in a smaller town
  4. If I make the wrong choice it could kill me in the world of networking.
Here are the reasons I have un-friended people in the past:
  1. I check you out, you pass my criteria, then you send me pictures of naked women at a strip club.
  2. I check you out then you tell me “I really want to be friends with your husband, he’s hot.”
  3. You have a huge cause and it is ALL you talk about and it is disgusting.
  4. You complain all the time, every day about your mother, saying horrible things about her – I am not your therapist.
I will go through my list this weekend and make some decisions, I will hide most people I am sure (I know me).  I just can’t blatantly push the delete button though, it gives me pain.
How about you?
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    HOW TO: Use HootSuite as a Marketing Tool

    Hootsuite Twitter Client for Android

    Image by barney.craggs via Flickr

    I am on vacation (and working) who really takes a vacation when they are in real estate? Oh you did not know I am in real estate?  Yes I am-but don’t let that make you want to run and hide.  I am the Director of Marketing for a boutique agency in Tampa, Florida but my main business is being the Social Butterfly.

    I came across this article last week on Facebook from Mashable who got it from CNN and since I talk a lot about linking things together I am also going to pass this article on as well as send it out to everything I am linked to with one button.  One send button is all it takes for this blog post to go to my matching Facebook page (note I said page not personal profile.)  It will also go to 2 Twitter accounts, my LinkedIN account, and more.  Oh yes so much more.

    I hear your wheels turning – what is so much more?  I already hit the main SMM platforms.  Yes I did BUT I also am connected through to 4 more microblogging sites as well as 8 more blog platforms.

    When I first realized the importance of social media I did my research and I took many classes and somewhere along the way came up.  I checked it out, chose the platforms I wanted to use, then I spent the afternoon setting up profiles with real pictures and real facts about me.  It was that simple.

    Then the buzz was created regarding one-stop social media linking and for a while I used Tweetdeck BUT there was a void for me.  Tweetdeck did not allow me to post to my pages on Facebook and I administer 3 pages for other people as well as my own multiple pages of which I have lost count LOL.

    I wanted one-stop linking and I found that in the sweet little owl known as Hootsuite.  I am in love with Hootsuite Pro.  That little cutie pie could put his shoes under my bed any night of the week.  I love him.  I think it’s is a “him”. is available to me on Hootsuite.  When I finish this blog article I will copy the URL and paste it into an update and let it fly-get it?  I will let it fly. (groan)

    I love anything that flies, that is why I am the Social Butterfly and my slogan is “Come Fly with Me” – I could go on, ok I will, my ring tone is Sinatra singing that song and I will stop here.

    Before I go – I truly recommend Hootsuite – try it for 30 days free you will want it for sure.


    HOW TO: Use HootSuite as a Marketing Tool.

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    The Birth of the Butterfly

    Butterflies in Oasi of S. Alessio, Pavia, Italy
    Image via Wikipedia

    This was a pretty rough labor of love that is for sure.  I have been repeatedly asked why I don’t teach people how to go directly past go and collect social media marketing expertise without the trials and tribulations of it all.

    Well after several months of studying and improving my own knowledge here it is, here I am.  People made fun of me use of the word “endeavor”, it is an endeavor.  Those who make fun well need to try an endeavor.

    In the meantime I am here to help others with the 4 top social media products.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and more) but do you know what the top social media product is for 2011?  None of the three named already – it is blogging.  I blog.  I blog a lot.  I love to write.  I will blog for you.  I will write up to 400 words for you and take that pressure off of you.

    There are many things I can do for you, or help you do, or teach you to do.  This blog page itself is still a work in process but I needed to get it out there and get started.

    The hard labor is over so follow me here – it will be a nice flight for sure.  No seat belts needed.

    Carole Sanek,

    The Social Butterfly

    email me at

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    The Countdown is On

    Telstar Test Launch
    Image by jurvetson via Flickr

    I am getting closer and closer to launch date for the new business.  I have customers lined up and all I can say is this is very exciting.

    The idea here is to get beginners up and running with Facebook business pages, Twitter accounts (yes plural), LinkedIn, blogging and more.

    I basically do everything I have to do in managing my work in very short time because I know the short-cuts.

    This is going to be a lot of fun, and I will get to do what I love most – help people.

    Color me happy!

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