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This is WHY I Charge the Big Bucks to Write A Blog


This is why I charge the big bucks to write a blog and unless you can do all this or you have the backing of a team of experts,  you are probably wasting your time.

It doesn’t matter how well you can write if you never built the foundation for your blog to be an SEO dream.  If you are writing just to write keep on writing, stop reading this right now.  If you are writing for your business, your company, to eat well, travel, support yourself or your famiy and you see no real improvement you might need some help – in fact you do need some help.


  1. Get your own domain, and get rid of the .com blog.  Migrate it over and own it.  Without a doubt it is the most important piece of real estate you will ever own on social media and Google does not crawl free blog platforms.
  2. Write unique original content.  Google loves this – they won’t send you flowers, they won’t call you the next morning, but they love it.  I have been writing about content creation and how I do not get writer’s block,  Original also includes your photos, your videos and when I am out and about I do photo blogs from my phone.  Try it.
  3. You need backlinks.  Yes you do and you need them badly and NEVER BUY THEM.  Write some guest blogs for people you admire.  OK?  This is a back link: example of a backlink  do you know how to do one?  You type your words that you want to appear then you open the link icon and type in the actual website and choose “open in new window” and you have a backlink.  I took you to Mike Mueller’s website because he is my main go-to man when I go crazy.
  4. The theme you choose should be coded cleanly and have no broken links.
  5. Did you attend the class called Permalinks 101 – ha fooled you there wasn’t one, but you need to know how to use them.  If not, we do.
  6. You need a Google sitemap so search engines can find you.
  7. Comment on other people’s blogs these count as backlinks YAY!!!  You need to put a link in your comment get it????
  8. Use SEO plugins.  They do things you don’t want to do – and we can take you down the path of making the right choices.  (Psssst…..I love YOAST).

When you choose a freelance writer to write for you – you want to choose one (like me) who has an SEO consultant on board who will check my content and writing for all the above and more.  Yes there is more.  The tags on your photos for example.  Alt tags too.  Anchor text.  Those pesky permalinks again.

Why do I charge the big bucks to write a blog – because you really are getting more than me.  You get a team.  I write and they tweak it – believe me doing it the right way can be a very good investment.

And you thought I meant big dollars - actually I did.

And you thought I meant big dollars – actually I did.


Understanding Social SEO


Are you having a problem understanding Social SEO?  Do you even know the term?  Well, let’s get started on explaining what it is and getting you to the point of understanding it in today’s marketing Social-SEO Cyclefor your business.

Back in the “olden days” of SEO we relied on link building to do that for us. From what I am reading link-building is dead.  Why?  Google has found a better way to rank your website – it’s called Social Media.

I published a blog article yesterday about how small businesses need social media (in partnership with other marketing) to not only succeed but to also beat the tar out of the competition. You did read it didn’t you?

Google doesn’t like link building……sorry but it is true.i

What works?  Well to really succeed in Social SEO create great content.  (If you cannot do this, guess who can?)

Great content gets shared.  When it gets shared it is obvious it must be great.

If you need direction in this, we are here to help.  Contact us we will give you that push you need in the right direction, and if you just don’t think you can do it, we can do it for you.

Email us at or leave a comment here.


Get More Likes on Facebook By Doing 1 Thing


The number one question I get asked every time I give a presentation is this; “How do I get more likes (fans) on my Facebook page?”

My answer, in my head is oh crap what do I tell them now?  There are 100+ posts on Google I am sure all answering this question and all spewing bullshit.  I am serious.  Getting more fans on your page has to do first of all with what the page is about.

For example I have a page called (here comes the shameless promotion) – After Breast Cancer Reviving Surviving Thriving.  I built this page for women and men who want to let go of the fear and thrive but can’t.  It has been growing slowly, very slowly, drive me crazy slowly.  Now it is doing better and the reason is simple it goes back to what the page is about.

If someone is afraid to thrive they still want the comfort of a warm fuzzy blanket and hot chocolate, so I had to change my posts.  After all it isn’t about me (while it really is) but it is about them in their minds.  I added pink photos about 3 times a week.  I don’t mean pink ribbon photos, no anything pink and relaxing to them.  I also added inspiring quotes that I borrow wherever I see them.  Yes I give credit to the original post person as that builds my credibility as a good person and I am.

This page will grow now because I am giving my likers what they came there for and they will pass the page on to others.

Are you getting this?  I use photos and videos, music and inspirational to build trust and more fans.

Just don’t get all worried about numbers of likes because I am here to tell you right now you can have 10,000 fans and zero Google spiders crawling all over your page because your content sucks.  Google loves photos, and Google loves videos even more.  I have 153 likes on my breast cancer page – and I am on the first page of Google if you search “surviving breast cancer”.  Google spiders love my page and THAT is the answer – THAT is how you grow your fans.  You must understand them first and then make it all about them. Got it?  Now get them!


Cheesy Ads + Junk Mail = Free Keyword Tools


If you write articles or blogs and if you don’t have a killer headline and compelling content, you may as well shut your computer down and stop writing immediately.

Remember when we sat down in English class and our teacher told us “words are powerful” and we all thought are you kidding me?  Words have overthrown kings, governed religions, and have caused many of us to fall in love.

However, words are not powerful enough unless they are the “right” words.

The right words make the difference between success and failure in your headline, your blog post or an article you are submitting.

Long before we even heard the term Search Engine Optimization copywriters understood what the right words could do for you.

I have a very good friend who is a copywriter, and a famous one at that.  I take her out for whatever beverage she wants on a regular basis.  I listen to her like there is no one else in the room, and I take notes.  She knows I am bribing her but we are friends so I can.

I will share some of her great tips with everyone here and if you are ever in Tampa, Florida you let me know and we can sit down and I will drink, you will take notes.

Free advice is a good thing though isn’t it?  Here are some free tips.

1st Tip – pick up a magazine that comes in the mail and go right to the back pages where the cheesy ads are and read them.  Do not include any magazines about your business.

2nd Tip – Read every piece of junk mail you receive, and read the coupons in your Sunday paper.

3rd Tip – One hour a day, yes one hour a day, read all this cr*p that comes to your mailbox, read, and read and read some more.

I am completely serious. Madison Avenue ad execs became top-notch ad execs doing just this because they are studying their audience.  People do read those cheesy ads, they do read junk mail, otherwise it would all grind to a halt (oh blessed day right?)

Why am I suggesting you do this? I want you to find the right words.

The right keywords is about knowing your audience so well that you will instinctively know what words make them have an “aha” moment.  You will know them so well that you will earn their trust, and they will buy into your services in the future.

Once you catch on to what those cheesy ads and the junk mail ads have in common you will start to see a pattern of the “right” words.

You can all attend 100 webinars on keyword optimization and still not have a clue as to what the right words are because you have not trained your eyes (yet) to see what Madison Avenue sees – they see the right words.

For the eye-rolling people reading this who think OMG she wants us to read what (?) I challenge you to try it for a week and let me know if something clicks for you.  If it doesn’t well then head to a site like Keyword Discovery or Wordtracker and you can hand over your credit card and let a computer help you and you will sound like a computer too.

Carole – Social Butterfly Media Marketing

Carole Sanek is a REALTOR in the Greater Tampa Bay area and Director of Marketing for Castle Dream Real Estate. Carole has been in real estate since 1995 in both Indiana and Florida.  She specialized in waterfront second-home sales in the panhandle for years and she and her husband now specialize in the international market in Florida.
Carole’s social media experience started with blogging 5 years ago, and has expanded into hosting multiple pages on Facebook, managing 4 Twitter accounts, LinkedIn and 4 other blogs besides being a contributing writer on Social Media Advocate.