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My renaissance in 2018


Butterfly Changes Are in the Wind.

The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind, and the butterfly is on course with new beginnings in 2018.  I have golden beginnings in place and a renaissance happening.

Did you know if you use the word renaissance in lower case that the definition is:  a renewal of life, vigor, interest, etc.; rebirth; revival

This past year has been one where I have teetered on the edge of wondering what the heck I could do to be better, ho I could encourage others in a better way, and how to get YOU excited to join in the process.   The last place you want to be is Dec 2018 is back here reading what I plan to do in 2019 when you could have joined in and started now.

You have ALL read this before. Let it sink in your brain in gold because we are shooting for gold in 2018.

In 2017 despite the curve balls my wonderful husband threw at me with his heart issues, I am blessed.  In 2017, despite the curve balls my adorable Bichon Frise, Willie, threw at both of us, we are blessed.  We were both unable to work for months, and we like to eat, and drink and travel and we focused on how we were going to make that happen in 2018.  The renaissance began to take shape, energies flowed, sparks ignited in my brain, and a plethora of wonders started to fall into place.  Life was golden again.

I ended 2016 by applying for a trademark for Working Women World, an international community but it taken a back seat to everything else I was doing.  It took 45 weeks to be approved  and it can now emerge as a strong community where women can rely on each other for inspiration and support.  First on my renaissance list in 2018 is to get that website updated, and also get it ready for the podcast “Stories from Many Hearts” where women will tell their stories to uplift and motivate you and others to take that leap.

The podcast will launch in February, which is a fitting launch month with hearts and Valentine Day and love and support and you name it.  Guests are already booked and this is so exciting. This is a true golden moment.

Stories from Many Hearts and The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show are part of the renaissance.

The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show is done for 2017 but within the walls of the cells in my gray matter that gave rise to this renaissance came the idea to not only continue to bring you new episodes, but to also (and this took courage) take the next step and use Facebook Live.

Every Monday morning at 8AM and every Friday morning at 8AM I will do a Facebook Live from my studio, where I podcast, where my large white board of projects is, where my dog, Willie, lies on the studio table and will probably be the star of the show.

These will be brief escapades, if you will, of what I am planning to do through the upcoming week, and ending with what I accomplished.  Headphones will be on, microphone will be in front of me, script will be on my PC and so it will begin.

These live broadcasts will begin mid-January and I want you all to know right now I do not like to see myself on video, TV, film whatever, I may wear sunglasses, or maybe not.  It is not easy for me to be golden but I will attempt to shine.

As I waited those 45 weeks for my Service Mark (Trademark) which is longer than a pregnancy, I put together a Membership Club for social media which can be found on my website and the tab that gets you more information is aptly named “Join Success Team Members Only Group”.  I created it based on the premise that helping people with DIY social media would be a great service, and it is.  We still offer full service social media and you can read all about it by going to the site (and it is extremely affordable too).

Now that I had that all up and running I needed to move forward with new ideas.  A wonderful friend contacted me at the right time (I am here to tell you there are no coincidences).  She asked me to give a talk at her weekly meetup and suddenly my gray cells were back in 2011 when I first started my business and gave classes to the masses on the right way to use social media platforms.  It was like being slapped with an “aha moment”.  Classes on using social media are returning.  I will narrate the slide shows I create and put them on YouTube to share a wealth of information and ideas for making YOUR business grow.  More golden moments were showing up.

No surprise here, I love to write.  I knew I had to bring more writing into my life.  I was invited to a networking luncheon where I talked about my love of writing and after my very first visit I was asked to write a blog for a business.  I was a guest at another networking event and from that I was asked to write a newspaper article.  With these two opportunities came excitement because I was returning to where I started in writing and back to square one.  A third possibly has just opened up for me to write a great story and I hope they keep coming.

I started my entire social media business based on a blog.  I blogged my heart out.  As readership grew I saw the importance of blogging and in order to grow more, I knew social media would play a pivotal part.

This is the year my blogging will be more consistent and I plan to have more clients as time goes by and my wings flutter in excitement.

This also means 2018 is the year of the book that I have been wanting to write.

Again, renaissance defined in lower case is a renewal of life, vigor, interest, etc.; rebirth; revival

I want to share what this definition means to me.

  • Renewal of life – in my marriage to the love of my life, there was a terrible scare and I wasn’t sure how we would return to the life we once shared.  I was wrong, our lives are renewed and better.
  • Vigor – I lost a lot of it this year, I attribute it to adrenal fatigue and to this day when stressed I nap, I don’t fight it.
  • Interest – the last two months of this year renewed my interest in many things I have done, new things that will be done and that is so exciting.
  • Rebirth/Revival – I am re-birthing an old podcast, birthing a new one, I am writing a book, I am teaching classes again, old is new and that is not a bad thing.

Please Dream in Gold

Remember there is no alchemy in play here.  The brass we deal with will not become gold without work. , We do have to put things in place and when we do magic will happen and brass will become gold.

Get those bottles out and pop and clink to your renaissance.

I hope I have sparked your interest in creating a renaissance of your own.  You have time, think about it.  Take a break from the craziness of the holidays, sit back, relax and dream in gold.

All my best to you for a spectacular, bright and shiny 2018.