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Why I Don’t Do Everything in Social Media

Your nose will grow your reputation will suck, and your business will not grow.

Your nose will grow your reputation will suck, and your business will not grow.

There are many reasons why I don’t do everything in social media.  I could start by saying the #1 reason is I do not have the time to do it all.  Furthermore that leads me to say I do not have the time to learn it all.  Let me keep going, I am not interested in knowing it all.  Now how is that for being honest?

It’s true.  All of it.

This week I was working with a brand new client and she asked me if I could work on her Pinterest account.  My answer? No.  She looked at me and I explained my reasoning.  I feel Pinterest is a very personal social media platform (and a time suck) and I would be posting things I like not things she likes.  She told me that is the reason she hired me.  My admitting I don’t say I do it all.  She had been burned and sadly by two other social media people in my geographical area of Tampa.  People who belong to a big female networking group who should know better had taken money from her and not performed.  I know both of these people, I will leave it there.

Now that ticks me off, because it trickles down.  In fact I am going to start asking all potential new clients if they have had a bad experience because it appears there are some snake oil selling people out there.

What I do for people on social media I do brag about because I do it well.  I do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and I do work with people on hooking things up to Pinterest, and I consult on Instagram too.

I handle the basics but the basics are where the biggest action happens.  I learned it well, I use it well, and clients grow.

Lesson here – don’t tell people you can do it all. You can’t, or maybe you can, but you can’t do it well.

I am writing an eBook right now and it will include every thing I do every day for myself and my clients to get them to the top.  My plan is to have it done by the end of October so people can buy it ($4.99) and implement it for their 2017 marketing.  Yes, for $4.99 I will tell everyone who buys the book my step by step for getting you to the top.  Why not?  I am a kind and giving person.  I started in business to help people and I enjoy doing that.

Why isn’t it free?  Well people don’t perceive value in free things so my coach told me to charge for it.

You will all be the first to know when it launches.  I may even make it free for one day.

I have even been working on a tagline for it – something like “You can do what I do, just do what I do.”

Just never tell anyone that you can do it all, it will bite you in the butt if you do say that.






Why I Go to Conferences


A week ago I was still recovering from spending 5 magnificent days in Chicago at Podcast Movement 16 and I never even got to the magnificent mile.  I was on Michigan Avenue though for dinner several times with some of my tribe members as well as family.

I am a Cleveland hometown gal, and I married a Chicago hometown guy, and I have lived in Chicago 3 times in my life and miss it madly until it snows.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would move back and live there from from July 1 – December 31.  I could take a little cold weather and a little snow before heading back to the sunshine state.

The last night we were there we spent 90 minutes on the lawn at Grant Park listening to the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra play Cole Porter.  It was a walk down memory lane to be back.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency and our room overlooked the beauty of Michigan Ave and the river.


So many memories here.

So many memories here.

our room

Backing up to the real reason we were there was the conference.  Podcast Movement 16 was overflowing with podcasters and soon-to-be podcasters.  Over 1500 people had registered for the event and the event delivered.

I have to give myself a pat on the back now because I was fortunate and honored to be a presenter and I talked about some great hacks people can use to get more eyeballs on them and their shows on social media.  I heard I did great.

My Name

My presentation in a drawing.

My presentation in a drawing.

This conference was sold out.

I am constantly reminding people to get out there are get in other’s faces.  Meet people, shake hands, listen to them, connect them when they need a connection.  Have fun! This is me having fun:

I am the Muppet in the middle.

I am the Muppet in the middle.

However the real reason I go to conferences is to go on vacations and stay with friends.  JUST KIDDING. However we did get invited to Israel (we are going in May, 2017).  We got invited to come up to Franklin, TN., to stay with friends in Valencia, Spain, and just last week an invite came to visit another podcaster and see his set up in Mobile, AL. I am going.  I did get two possible trips out of this conference, and I am thrilled to have made great connections like these.

Now I have an invitation for you.

I have a Mon-Fri show segment called in called Less Than 5 where I share marketing tips in less than 5 minutes – perfect for drive time listening.

In this same site you can listen to our longer interviews with entrepreneurs.  Robyn Sayles just interviewed a gal who books heavy metal bands into concerts.  I just went live with Meg Le Vu and her best selling book on video marketing.  Check out our list of great interviews.

We also have the segment “Power Women Speak” and later today there will be a “noisy” fun interview with Edie Berg who lives in Israel (yes the very person I am going to go see) and I interviewed her in the hotel so there was some background noise.

Then if anyone is interested in WWII I have a podcast on Blog Talk Radio called The Nearness of You where I talk about the war, read my dad’s love letters home, and I will be bringing interviews on soon with people who served, memories of families and so much more.

The link to this show is:

The Nearness of You

The basis of this show is to keep my dad’s memory alive and share it with my family, it is growing though to others and I am so happy about this.

There you go I have shared my latest adventures and I hope when you have the chance to be out there more you will take that chance.  Opportunies are everywhere, you have to rise up at times to meet them.

Carole L. Sanek

Butterfly Boom Productions



Content is King So How’s That Working for You?



Content is king but showing your work might be better.

Content is king but showing your work might be better.

Content is king so how’s that working for you?  Content is king, there is no doubt about it.  Great content can even beat up SEO.  It takes work and not everyone can write great content.  Are you wearing a content crown? No?  Well, let’s dig in then because if you are reading this it’s not working for you, or it could work better.

When I sit down to write I often have moments where I feel as if the pause button has been pushed in my brain.  I rarely get writer’s block but I do at times feel like everything is paused or at least, running in slow motion.

I cannot sit at my computer and create all day.  I get brain fog doing this, so I set out to find a way around this and still get everything done that I need to get done.

I looked at what other creative minds are doing and I read a lot of articles and came up with my way of making the process work.

I created an analog workspace.  I have this big white board (and I do mean big) and this is where I list all my projects.  Every project has projects too.  It hangs in an extra room in our house and I go in there in the morning and then on and off again all day.  I have a standing “desk” (actually more of a platform) and this is where I have all my markers, paper, pencils, and postie notes.  I DO NOT SIT.  Standing is paramount to me in creativity.  I walk around that room, I pause, I think and I create.  Ideas are sometimes perched on the platform waiting for me, and other times they appear as I move around.  There is no device or computer in this room, that would be a distraction.

One thing I know for sure is this; you have to move away from your computer to create.  There are other ways of doing this.  You can take a walk, listen to music, meditate, or stare out a window.   All of these are analog ways of creating ideas and ideas become your work.

What comes next is that I now have something to put on all my social media platforms.  That is what I do next; I show my work.  Show your work everywhere you can because this is how people will find you. How?  While you are in your analog space write about it, take a photograph of it, record a video, sing it, shout it out, whatever it takes, just show your work and surround it with some great descriptive words.  You don’t have to write paragraphs, no one will read them.  Just be you but with a little pizazz.

Here is a tip too – schedule specific work for specific days of the week.

I am currently working on a project I named #CycleofJoy.  I registered the hashtag – did you know you can do that?  I bought the domain and on Tuesday morning, I create a photo quote that includes my name and my hashtag.  (Yes, I use copyright free photos – very important to do that).  I post the photo quote on my Facebook page but I also post it as a blog post on my personal blog 

#CycleofJoy has it’s own category there and my friends remember this,  a blog post can be as simple as a photograph with a couple of words.

My blog site then puts it out everywhere for me – I don’t have to do anything else.

Here is another way I show my work:

I have a podcast and because of the interest my show is generating I have many interviews and ideas scheduled already through Sept, 2016.  I decided this weekend to start to have two shows a week go live.  Every time I take a show live I am showing my work.  It shows in 3 places on Facebook, 2 Twitter sites, on LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.  Not only that, my podcast website continually cycles old shows through Twitter automatically so my work is being shown many times a day.

I was sitting and staring at my white board one day when the idea came to me that I could/should do a marketing tip/idea/suggestion Monday through Friday so beginning February 1st I will have a new category called Less Than 5 Minute Marketing Moments and you know what happens next, right?  It goes out everywhere.  I am showing my work more.

Always use every avenue available to you especially if you blog.  Put your blog everywhere you can.

One last piece of advice before I go digital on everyone.  Announce what you are doing that day on your social media platforms every day.  This is another way of at least getting some eyeballs on what you have planned.  I close those statements with “I will post my (whatever) later today.”  Start the later in the day post with “Here is what I have been working on today……”

See how this works?

Once I have filled my brain in my analog place, I head to my digital place, my desk.  This is where all those wonderful creative ideas become real.

Analog/Digital by my definition:  analog is me the human – a human in motion.  Digital is anything on a device or computer; it needs a human to make it work but the analog comes first in my work cycle.

When I need a break or an idea pops up I return to my analog space.

This also gets me out of my chair and moving around too which is good for everything else.

There you have it – and all wrapped up into 3 simple words; show your work. 4 more words, get off your ass.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing your work, just keep the bragging out of it.  Be humble, be authentic, be honest.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.  This is what you are aiming for and while people will always remind you content is king, showing your work is a sweet way to be sending content.


Does Your Website Need CPR?


We are asking this question today, does your website need CPR?

Well here is a list of reasons it might:

  • Does it load slower than molasses in January?  If it does people are not sticking around (get it sticking around?) Groan…….sorry to say if it doesn’t load in under 3 seconds it’s sticky.
  • Now pick up your smart phone and go to your website and pretend you have never seen it before.  Be honest – can you navigate around and see what you want people to see?
  • Are you asking people to do something?  Like “click here”.  Like “sign up”.  If you are not doing that you need to start NOW.
  • You do have images there right because people love pictures – they don’t like to read a ton of text so if your website is missing images – get the paddles now and charge them up.
  • The about page is sadly terrible.  If you can’t write an about page, hire someone.  Not everyone is a writer, heck I can’t build a skyscraper so hire someone.
  • You have Google Analytics and you know how to use them right?  No?  Well now we need to push some epinephrine for sure. (Sorry former ER RN writer here.)
  • Last thing to consider – are you updating your website weekly.  I can hear the painful exclamations from here.  The easiest way is to add a blog post – that will at least put a bandaid on the gushing wound while you fix all the other suggestions here.

Your website is you, your business, what it is, you spent money to build it so don’t let it end up needing CPR.

If you can't pass the tips in the blog get the AED now.

If you can’t pass the tips in the blog get the AED now.


My Podcast Interview with Bob Burg


My podcast interview with Bob Burg just went live.  I had some editing to do.  I had to put it all together and make it sound as perfect as possible.  Skype is crummy sometimes, we picked up some feedback but all in all it is a great interview.

If you are not sure who Bob is – he is a best-selling author and public speaker and he loves animals.  Right there is the reason I like Bob.  He supports his local shelter in Jupiter, Florida.

I had the great pleasure to interview Bob - it is a stellar informative interview.

I had the great pleasure to interview Bob – it is a stellar informative interview.

A very good friend of mine who has known Bob since kindergarten helped bring us together.  I have heard Bob speak.  I have read his books – maybe the titles will help you.  He wrote The Go-Giver, and he wrote Endless Referrals.  I hope these titles bring him into focus for you.

I will have the great pleasure of seeing Bob at Podcast Movement 15 in Ft. Worth the first weekend in August, and I will be getting my copies signed for sure.

In my interview we discuss The Go-Giver and the art of giving and receiving.  Yes, receiving.

This is a link to the interview and you will want to listen to it if you are looking for stratospheric success in your life, in your business, in anything.

I do have some other really cool, well-known people on my interview schedule and other than getting a little help from a friend with Bob, I just ask these people.  I simply ask.  It’s either going to be a yes or a no right?

Earlier this year someone with a large networking group asked me why I go outside our local area to be “in the know” in social media, blogging. podcasting and more.  The answer is simple – that is where I connect with people who can make my business a lot better.  Many of you have great business success in your local markets.  I happen to have a national/international business so I expand my horizons.

I am always looking for entrepreneurs with successful businesses that would like to be interviewed on my show.  Don’t be shy.  You need to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to share some marketing tips (especially an out of the box crazy one if you have one).  This is not a show to promote a new “whatever”.  If you have a new “whatever” you can contact me and we can discuss how to put you on a show.

Podcasting is the bomb and it’s here to stay.

I was thrilled to have Bob on my show and have no problem asking you to listen to it and to go to iTunes and give it a review.  Directions for doing that are on our page in our link above.

Want to be on the show?  Email me.



Don’t Get too Content with Your Content


Don’t get too content with your content.  You always need to be in tune with what’s trending in your niche or you become b-o-r-i-n-g.

And here is something you really need to think about – most people do not know how to write good content.  Sorry – I am a writer, I don’t play the piano understand?

Where to start then?  Look at your competitors content.  I did not say steal or borrow it, I said look at it.

We do not steal or borrow, do we?

We do not steal or borrow, do we?

You can check out other blog posts, do searches on YouTube, and re-think what you thought you knew about content.

Did you know one of the best ways to develop new business is to solve a problem for people?

Back when the housing boom tanked a good friend of mine almost lost everything.  He installs swimming pools.  He was down to his last dollar.  Then he had the brilliant idea to take every question anyone had ever asked him about swimming pools and he turned each question into a blog article.  He began with writing about people who had pools and these people had asked about issues they were having and he wrote every day.  He solved problems and as the housing market turned so did his business.  More than that though was the fact that because his blog became so popular advertisers came on board and he was making money on his content.

Yes, solve a problem.

However you still need to have some talent in creating content.  Let’s explore some ideas.

  1. Find the company with the best content in your industry, the most read, the top company in a Google search.
  1. Read these articles closely, really think about what was written and look for what is missing.  You will find it, no one knows everything.  Now write about what was missing.
  1. Promote your content like you are the top ad company in the world.  How?  Well here is a tip.  Get on Twitter (stop groaning) and hashtag the company that wrote the spectacular content.  Now you will see the names of those who re-tweeted it or commented on it.  Make a list of these names and reach out to them with your content.

The more you write, the better you (should) get.  Write on and use spell check – no one will read you if your grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired.

I give a talk on how I never get writer’s block.  I just don’t.  I can find something to write about very easily.  I know many people can’t do that.  You can get better though, and you will get more business if you start following the tips I wrote about here.

When all else fails there are people (pick me, pick me) that will write for you.

In closing don’t get too content with your content, ok?


You Have a Personal Brand, Right?


You have a personal brand, right?  That’s the topic for today.  If you don’t then you need to fire up your branding iron now because you need to leave a personal mark.  It’s not like you can lift your leg and mark your territory like a dog can.   You need to leave your mark, your personal  brand in the minds of those you want to do business with or receive referrals from on a regular basis.  This is different than your business brand.  Chances are most people know what you do – this is all about your personal brand.

You have to have a personal brand.  It represents what you stand for in a way that defines you and sets you apart.

You exist on two tracks today.  There is you in the real world and you in the digital world.  You have to manage both areas.  It’s critical.

A lot of people do Google you before they meet you.  This is why your online presense needs to match who you are when people meet you in person – this is why you need a personal brand.

Don’t think of personal branding as bragging.  I know some people do, but you can put yourself out there without looking like a narcissist.  Start by being genuine.  When your personal brand is a genuine expression of your core values, it focuses your attention on actions you should be taking – and it also makes it very clear on what you should avoid.

Let’s talk about what your personal brand is not about:

  • your job
  • your elevator pitch
  • your LinkedIn profile
  • your Google search results
  • how you look
  • your way of relating to others
  • how you decorate your office

What is your personal brand?

  • what you believe in
  • your reputation
  • what others say about you when you leave the room

Think about it this way – your personal brand tells people what you stand for – and stand up for, so make sure your behavior emulates this.

Why should you brand yourself?  It will give clarity on what your contributions can be in a situation.

How about knowing with a good personal brand you will get new opportunities?

Who are you?  Not what is your business but who are you?  What's your personal brand?

Who are you? Not what is your business but who are you? What’s your personal brand?

Then there is this – a brand increases your influence, your ability to persuade and make things happen for yourself and others.

Personal branding is not easy for everyone and I will be bringing you more information on personal branding soon.


In the LOO Moment



Yes, an in the LOO moment and it’s not that loo either.

I was given an assignment this past week to ask people I know to tell me what I do.  This is a great exercise and can yield some great responses. Some of my more clever friends got cute with their responses.  I got some “duhs” and then I went for a session with my healer/massage therapist/Reiki master/energy restorative friend, Jackie.

I asked her her what I do – she gave me a “duh” reply and kept working on my sore spots.  Then she said ” you seize opportunities”. I was puzzled at first but then she said “you don’t create opportunities as much as you seize them and act on them” .

I laid on her table and thought about this.  I have been thinking about this for 24 hours.  I traveled back in time and thought about it and realized that I am always on high alert for seizing the opportunity. It’s a skill.  It might also be a talent. It can be learned – you can do it too.

First of all you have to listen to people.  Just like SEO and keywords go together you have to have LOO (not that loo either or in that loo).  LOO stands for Listening Opportunities Optimization.  I can hone in on several conversations at the same time and I listen for keywords in those conversations.  Maybe it is a talent of sorts and maybe it’s because I have ADD and my senses bounce around a lot – whatever it is, my ears are almost always in LOO mode.

Next comes getting yourself into the LOO conversation because in order to be in control of seizing the opportunity you have to jump on it and ask for it. Remember being in school madly waving your hand in the air shouting ” me, me, me?” Well you need to be able in a very short period of time, to ask for the opportunity.

Some opportunities come with time periods.  If you have to fill out a form and mail or email it somewhere you have time (and competition).

Way back when big hair was in style (yes I know in some places it never went out of style) I saw on TV that The Wheel of Fortune was holding live auditions  where I lived.  I had to write in my reasons for wanting a spot at the auditions and wait to hear if I was accepted.  I was accepted for the audition but now I had to figure out what would make me stand out.  What did I do?  I watched every show I could and listened to what the chosen contestants said when they were introduced.

When it was my turn to introduce myself I clearly said I was the married, had 3 children and that I was a nurse in the ER of our county hospital.  Sure enough I heard other contestants mutter “she’ll get picked, they always pick nurses”.  I did get picked – they were right.  At that time they picked teachers, nurses and flight attendants.  I had used my LOO!

There many perfect LOO moments.  I was sitting at a table waiting for a class to start at a conference and this lovely woman was walking my way.  She is a red-head (like me) and she was wearing a bright sunshine yellow dress.  As she got closer I told her how stunning she looked in that dress.

She stopped to thank me, I did not know her from Adam.  We started talking and one thing lead to another thing and before long I was blowing off the class I intended to take and heading to her discussion on women in film.

We started to walk together and we were joined by two more women, one was her manager and the other her director and they started to talk about an award show that was happening the next evening.  She introduced us and told everyone I was a podcaster.  It seemed the issue at hand was that someone had backed out of doing interviews from the red carpet.  Big LOO moment and I seized the opportunity.

I just asked – I asked to be on the red carpet to do the interviews.  And they said yes.  I solved a problem for them.  LOO moments often are about a situation/issue/problem.

It helps to be bold but if you don’t ask, the answer is always no right?

Not my first red carpet rodeo, and I used LOO to get there - not talking about the bathroom either.

Not my first red carpet rodeo, and I used LOO to get there – not talking about the bathroom either.

When you are asked to work the red carpet you go shopping!

When you are asked to work the red carpet you go shopping!

Our IT Dude, Lawrence and the one and only top podcaster in the world, Daniel J. Lewis.

Our IT Dude, Lawrence and the one and only top podcaster in the world, Daniel J. Lewis.











Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income as an Entrepreneur


Last week I was in a mastermind group meeting and when it was my turn to talk about where I could use some advice I bungled it big time by confusing the group because I have have more than one business.  Worse yet I am adding a third, oh and a fourth. More later in the article about me.

Why does any entrepreneur need multiple streams of income?  Simply put when one area slows down, another one picks up.  Remember that saying about eggs in one basket?  Don’t do it.

Don't do this - you need to have them all over the place multiple baskets.

Don’t do this – you need to have them all over the place multiple baskets.

Let me drill it down further for you.

This morning my husband and my IT Dude on The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show (shameless plug of my podcast) and I were talking about how he, as a Broker/Owner of a real estate business can have other streams of income.  Passive income is a great place to start.

He has several FREE ebooks on Amazon that are getting pulled down and he will now charge for his knowledge.  He isn’t going to make big bucks (at first) but it is a start.

Here is another way to make passive income and remember in many cases passive income is very easy money.

He has a podcast and he is going to start a membership only group.  You have to pay to be in it, guess what, people will pay if what you have to offer is amazing advice.  He is an amazing negotiator in short sales and bank and government owned properties.  He has a direct line to a supreme being at HUD – seriously he does, and between the two of them deals get closed.

Then we discussed another opportunity for us.  While most people do not know this, I am also a licensed real estate agent and I am also an accredited in home staging.  He asked me if I would help him with a service he wants to offer.  I said yes.  This idea won’t be passive income but it will give us another stream.

I told him to write a “how-to” guide for agents – that’s another passive form of income.

Are you beginning to see how this works?

There are so many ways to make passive income and there are ways to offer additional services that can bring you more income.

I will use myself as an example now because I opened this article with the fact I have a 3rd and 4th idea.

I have my social media business and most of my work is retainer fee based work.  I have consulted many times with people doing social media audits on their business, teaching blogging, teaching social platforms, writing profiles, and so much more.  I would like more consulting business.

I was trying to explain that and unfortunately what I had not done at that time was really give the group a firm idea of what my business is.  It’s here on my website though.  I guess I am cut from a different cloth because I actually do visit websites and I look at every page.  (OK I admit I am doing an audit at the same time looking for weaknesses but I am still reading websites.)

I created a podcast last November.  After two years of wanting to do one I met with some women whom I knew would like to be involved with a podcast.  We churned out (shameless plug again)


I created a podcast show for marketing tips - there are a lot of us and we share great ideas.

I created a podcast show for marketing tips – there are a lot of us and we share great ideas.

Podcasting is social media and while the name doesn’t “match” my business name it is still under the wings of the butterfly group.  My social media business provides income for the podcast at this time.  I am working on getting the podcast to be it’s own income provider.

So off we go back to the annual conference we attend every year called New Media Expo and I am sitting in a presentation listening to 4 women in television and film talk about how they got where they are.  That is where the need to have multiple streams of income was reinforced for me.  They all do.  I am fortunate to have some friends who are actors – they also have multiple streams of income.  You shouldn’t rely on just one thing in any business.

After that session I knew I wanted a WebTV show but there are steps that have to happen first.  I did buy the domain name and I do have a Facebook page all ready to launch – hey I had to grab names before someone else did.

That same afternoon I was invited over to a book signing at the National Association of Broadcasters book shop and I was thrilled to meet Valerie Geller, author of the best-selling book “Beyond Powerful Radio”. Later in the day we ran into each other again.  It was during the second meeting I had with her that she gave me 2 words.  I bought those two words as a domain – why?  4th project is the answer.  There will be a book, the book has a title.

I am not part of the “slow and steady does it world”.  I am creative and creative people are bombarded with ideas at any given moment.  Our brains bubble over with ideas, and many times we do not fit the norm for how others achieve success or how others think we should achieve success.

I do understand I need a process, and that I need to focus on this process.  I am going to put that in writing here because that commits me to doing it.

  • Start looking for ways to get more consulting work (it’s easier on me and frees up my time) – now
  • Get our podcast team all on the same page with our goal and move forward – June, 2015 (passive income opportunities here)
  • Purchase better microphones and headsets (about a $500 commitment) – by first week in July
  • Help IT Dude and husband with building a studio in our home for podcasts and yes WebTV after attending Podcast Movement where we can get great ideas from people – Sept – Oct
  • Start working with PR company in WebTV (already selected) – Sept
  • Attend meeting in Ft Lauderdale with some of the best bloggers in the world – Oct, 2015 (passive income opportunities here)
  • Launch WebTV show in January, 2016
  • Keep copious notes – there is a book 2017

Hey – it’s all doable – as I said creative juices are always on – I even teach a course in how I never get writer’s block.  I don’t.  I bet not too many people know I teach classes.

You might be thinking – when do we take a break?  We attend 3-4 conferences a year and we always add time onto our plans at the front end and back end and we play.  We are happiest when we are with our peers and mentors learning exciting things to make us better so we can help others be better.  We don’t see anything wrong with this – do you?

There you have it a long, wordy blog article, and hopefully helpful.  Think passive – better yet go visit my friend, Pat Flynn’s blog

Or read about how Pat made his first $3 million with passive income – yes it can be done.  He did it.  Forbes likes Pat’s story a lot.  I like his story a lot.  Pat is the reason we podcast.

Wings are folding now – till next time.





Super Bowl Social Media


Super bowl social media how fun.  Anytime you put the word “super” in front of other words, or use it in a headline like I did or just let it roll off your tongue it gets a reaction.

Super Bowl Social Media …… has a really nice ring to it but what the heck am I writing about?  Well, here is the challenge, ready?

Watch the game, watch the ads, listen to the commentators, read Twitter (because that is where Super Bowl Social Media will be trending) and then let your creative juices flow.

The advertisers are paying how much for a 30 second ad?  A 30-second advertisement during this year’s game costs a cool $4.5 million. That’s an average of $150,000 per second.

Your job is to do what I will be doing, watching for the best ads and using them on your social media.  No, not the actual ad, the idea.  Think about it – the puppy in the Budweiser ads steals the hearts of people everywhere, right?  Do you have a dog?  Use your dog, I am serious.  I use my dog in all of my social media, and she has her own page too.  I use client’s dogs all the time in what I post for them – dog lovers like other dog lovers.  If you don’t have one, borrow one.  If you have a cat put it in a dog costume – just kidding, but hey it could work.

I realize there will be some blatant sexy ads and I am not asking you to be on social media in your sexy underwear but listening to the words used in an ad might trigger some content for you.

You know you will be able to view these Super Bowl Social Media ads again and again.  Learn from them, unless you have 4.5 million dollars then forget these ideas and let someone else create your advertising.

On a truly serious note there is a lot that can be learned by watching successful ad campaigns.  I am always on the lookout for ideas I can use with my own business as well as my client’s businesses.  Borrow the idea, we are not saying steal the ad and use it word for word, you know better than that.

Be clever, be creative, take notes, you will surprise yourself I promise.  I will be doing all these things.

Who knows you might just put several good ideas right through the goalpost.

Hoping to help you score big.

Hoping to help you score big.

Now wonder who will win the game?