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Social Media, Love it or Leave it Alone, or Hire Us


Social media, love it or leave it alone, or hire us.  There is no middle of the road when it comes to doing it.  A half-assed attempt is just that and you will look like an entire ass.

We know there is so much out there to hook up with in social media and rule number one is you do not have to do it all.  Start small and do that well.  It takes commitment.  If that isn’t you, admit it, hire a social media company, and go out and play.

If you still want to try then start with a plan.  Ready for our secret recipe?  This is what we do for every client:

  • Goal setting plan
  • Content ideas
  • Content calendar
  • Set an ad budget
  • Curate and collect info to use
  • Post and manage posts
  • Understand analytics/insights

Taking “post and manage posts” even further – this is where most people/businesses fail.  You have to have conversations with people.  It is a must.  It takes active, genuine engagement and interaction with customers to reap the benefits of this ingredient in our recipe to social media success.

Social media content should be original, unique, relevant to the reader and align with your brand.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “what should I post?

If you have a blog start there, if you don’t have one (yet) but there are writers you do align with share their blog (until you have your own which is vitally important).

Share articles, videos, photos, whitepapers, industry news,

If you have employees, then you can develop a social media team and remember you should be the leader.

Use the right social media platform for your content.  Facebook is great for being more casual, but LinkedIn is where your professional posts and advice should be.  If you are afraid of the little blue bird there are fabulous ways to get past those fluttering wings.  I personally answer every direct message sent to me on Twitter.  I thank everyone who re-tweets me.  I don’t sit in front of Twitter all day – there are notification programs available or you can be notified by email from Twitter.

I share my Twitter success all the time with people because Twitter is where 99% of my business comes from but it isn’t for everyone.  I have made amazing connections there and recently the producer of a big TV show started to follow me on Twitter.

It’s vital to use social media bearing in mind the word social……talk, laugh, have fun, stay away from ugly and share information.

Last of all do NOT jump in and immediately start selling to people.  Never do this, they will drop you like a hot potato.  There is always the right moment, it will come, be patient, be social, and remember this: social media, love it or leave it alone, or hire us.

Social Media Love it or Leave it Alone or hire us.

Social Media Love it or Leave it Alone or hire us.




My 3 Reasons for Always Using Images in Social Media


 My 3 Reasons for Always Using Images in Social Media

I interviewed a photographer today for the podcast show – my definition of a photographer is someone who actually takes photos using the manual setting of a camera.  Actually that was the photographer’s definition, I borrowed it.

As the interview progressed I asked this photographer what she likes to do when she is not on the job.  You know darn well that her camera is attached to her at the hip – she isn’t going to miss a shot.

Cameras are every where.  They are now called smart phones and almost all of us carry one.  No one has an excuse these days to not grab that perfect image.


Images get you to react.  Think about it.  You see a picture, you either like it or you don’t.  There is the first reaction.   Your brain will kick in and you will think about why you do or do not like the image.  You are reacting therefore so is anyone looking at your posted image.

Oh how sweet - when I see this image I want to hug this puppy.

Oh how sweet – when I see this image I want to hug this puppy.








If you like puppies you may have smiled, you may have looked at the image longer, you may have thought about a puppy you once had, you had a reaction.



On Facebook, posts with images generate 100 PERCENT MORE engagement than text-only posts.

On Twitter, tweets with images generate  35 percent more retweets than those with no images.


Do you buy a product from an ad with no picture?  Probably not.  Even if you do not have a product, if you are a service-based industry there are images you can use to get people to react. Do you want to buy a puppy?  No, I don’t have puppies for sale.  Got you to react though right?





Connecting with Content Marketing – Part 4


Connecting with Content Marketing is coming to conclusion – yes this is the last section and it is about measuring your content marketing and a wind-down concluding it all.

You have to have eyeballs on your content marketing and you have to get it all out there to get those eyeballs.

Clicks show that your audience is enchanted and delighted.  Views count.  Comments are awesome.

Then  there is sharing, liking or following,   How about the Big Kahuna-referrals?

It is a must that you collect data – you have to know your ROI.


When you know your audience it’s time to look for content creators.  They need to create content that feeds your audience.  Do your homework and decide which social platforms are best for your business.  Choose the top three and you can expand from there.

Find content creators that have a track record of success, who will place your content in the right mix of social platforms.

We have given you the tools in all 4 articles on Content Marketing, the very tools we use in our business – pick them up and use them and you will be successful.

The recipe to success is not based on a single ingredient – start cooking!

It is time to start cooking your recipe to success in Content Marketing.

It is time to start cooking your recipe to success in Content Marketing.



Connecting with Content Marketing – Part 3


Connecting with content marketing continues here with Part 3 and this time I am writing about what you can do to when collaborating with a content creator.

  • Provide photos
  • Provide videos
  • Gather together all your print advertising
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Your logo

I know it’s difficult to open your “secret recipes” to a person you barely know so create some rules.

  • Make a list of words that should not be used.
  • Put into writing what is off limits.
  • Let them know how personal they can get (remember pulling back the curtain on you now and then builds trust).
  • Guide them.
  • Give them timelines.

A great content creator knows how to engage your audience.  Here are 5 things to look for in their work.

  1. Are they creating a conversation?
  2. Are they promoting the sharing of an update?
  3. Are they linking back to what you offer?
  4. Are they using a call to action (CTA) by providing links to a branded destination?
  5. Is your audience becoming a part of the conversation (it takes a little time so don’t be jumping down someone’s throat right away).

Have a discussion about content that goes viral – you should be knowledgeable so talk about these things:

  • Content goes viral when it adds value.
  • When it creates participation.
  • When it makes someone stop and think.
  • When it is trending news.
  • When it tugs at the heart.
  • And don’t forget simple advocacy.

Now let go and let them work.


Content creators create content right?  You are holding a document they wrote in your hands and you are thinking ok what do I do now?  Here are the answers:

  • Put it on your website.
  • Get it on mobile.
  • Link it on social media from platform to platform.
  • Turn it into a contest.


Many times after I have drafted some ideas for content for clients they turn to me and say “I don’t have time to do that/I don’t know how to do that/I don’t want to do that.” Or something like that.

I apologize in advance because I am about to make a write about what we do here at Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC.  We do it all.  We write content and we manage client’s social media and more for them.  Not every content creator does, end of sales message.

There is one more part to this series and it is about measuring your return on your investment in content marketingBe So Good.  I hope you have gleaned some great info along the way – we do believe in giving people F.R.E.E tips and advice – you can always count on us for that.

<————– this is what we believe in doing for people – making them darn good.

Till next time –


Carole Sanek



Connecting with Content Marketing – Part 2


Writer's Block Photo


Connecting with content marketing is not something everyone can do.  We know that, you know that, so what do you do next?  You go in search of a content creator.

Here are three reasons why you should be working with a content creator.

  1. Awareness goes up.  It builds and as it builds you reach new people.  Getting your message to a new group of people can be difficult when you do not understand that group.
  2. It is important to add personal context to your messaging because then it reaches your target audience and it will be received well.
  3. Many times it’s just about having a new brain working with you and your team.  Everyone needs a fresh perspective from time to time.

There are many different types of content creators so doing your research is very important.  Here are two secret content creators you may not be aware of – the ambassadors on your page that already exist who are talking about you.  Then there are your employees (if you have them), you may need to guide them but they can usually be good at content marketing.

Some content creators deliver on a large scale, some work with a specific audience, and some have their ears to the ground and know the buzz.  Yes, you need to decide what you want and need.

Your homework now is to decide what you need and do the research on finding them.

Your list will start to grow as you do your research and it’s time to decide what you really must have and write these down too.

Here at The Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC when we are asked for a presentation/consultation/proposal we include a questionairre to use as a guide and we will be the first to tell anyone if we really feel we are not the right fit as we talk and explore.

We do a dog and pony show too.  We show potential clients everything we do, we describe all the software we use and what it does, we show examples of our monthly reporting mechanisms and more.  These are things you want any company/person you talk with to share with you as you go through the process.

Now you have some more information to chew on and we will end Part 2 and allow you to do that.  When we return with Part 3 we will be going deeper into ideas you can use when looking for a content marketing person or agency.



Connecting with Content Marketing


Connecting with content marketing, what a blase’ comment.  How about connecting with GREAT content?  Did I capture your interest with that statement?

Once upon a time it was a heck of a lot easier.  Ads were in your face with direct calls to action, on TV, in magazines, or on the web.

Then social media snuck in quietly at first and what changed is that we could have an opinion and in a public forum, and the race was on to get to the finish line first among brands.  But there is no finish line, open conversations can keep going and going.  Look at what is trending on Twitter today.

Getting your message out to people is now more challenging.  We are all being bombarded with messages.  Do you know how many messages are viewed on Facebook in one minute?  6,000,000.  Blows your mind right?

Whoa be to thee who interrupts a person on Facebook and furthermore who the heck are you starts running through people’s minds.  They don’t know you so how do they trust you?  Worse yet if you are throwing a ca-ca ad in front of them, they know it.  Today’s consumer is much savvier than 10 years ago.

Now what?

Let us give you our recipe for baking a brand.

  • Know who you want to reach – for goodness sakes have a target market.
  • Make a clear and concise list of goals.
  • Have a plan in mind for measuring what works and what doesn’t.

If you aren’t sure how to find your target market search for bloggers on your brand.  In other words if you make a widget, look for widget bloggers.  Follow people who like widgets on social media platforms.  Think about things that might go with widgets.  Look for those people too.

Write your goals down and make sure that you find a good content creator (we happen to be good ones) whom you can build a relationship with because not everyone can write great content.

Now how are you going to measure what works and what doesn’t?  You need to be looking at Facebook Insights and psssst you need to understand them.  Facebook has a wonderful explanation on their site to help you.  Twitter has their own analytics, and of course then there is Google with their analytics.

We will be publishing more tips as this is an on-going series to help you be the person who is successfully connecting with content marketing because we have moved past the megaphone style of marketing.

Buy Me Now

Buy Me Now




6 Reasons Why a Small Business Needs Social Media


The 6 reasons why a small business needs social media all boil down to Be So Goodnumbers.

  • People now use social media as an automated search – Facebook is a search engine
  • 47% of small business maintain a FaceBook page – which means you should too!
  • 97% of consumers now use online media when researching local products
  • 58% report using an online promotion when shopping for local products and services
  • 200 – the average number of friends one person has on Facebook.
  • 208 – the average number of followers one person has on Twitter.

We are not suggesting that social media is a sure-fire way to propel your business to the top.  Social media is an enhancement to other marketing avenues that you should already have in your marketing arsenal.

Every piece of print advertising you do should include a way for people to find your business on social media.

Your business card should include your social media sites.

You should never send an email without your social media links in your signature and they need to be linked to the social media logo so people can click on the link and go directly to your social media site.

Anything you put in someone’s hands should have a call to action present driving them to look you up

Look at those 6 reasons again – do you see the potential here for getting more business?

Remember social media only works if you work it, and if that just boggles your mind, call us or email us and we will be happy to give you a free consultation on the best social media practices for you.  We can get you started.  We can work with you.  We can do it for you.

Call today 352-540-0177 or email us at






Stop Putting All Your Social Media Eggs Into One Basket


You have to stop putting all your social media eggs into one basket because you may be missing some great connections and I will be the first to tell you for example that the people on Facebook are not the same people you will circle on Google+.

If you are not Tweeting because the idea of that ruffles your feathers you may be missing many people who need what you have to help them with because Twitter is a great platform for business.  Forget Bieber, GaGa and all the celebs and concentrate on finding people who need what you have.  Twitter is not hard, but it is daunting (and guess who has a Twitter monitoring system that could make your Twitter life so much easier.?) Yes, moi.

LinkedIn success is not difficult but you do have to do a little work.  For example the best place to find your next customer or 100 customers is by joining groups.  You are rolling your eyes and thinking duh, I already knew this.  No you probably didn’t already know this—–join groups where your customers hangout, not groups of like-minded people.

I don’t belong to a whole bunch of social media groups, I belong to groups where I can solve a problem.  When I solve the problem chances are I may have a new customer.  It may not happen right away, it make take building trust, having conversations and heaven forbid, giving things away for free.

Recently someone wrote that Facebook is the barbecue – the more social site.  LinkedIn is fine dining.  We all deserve fine dining, right?

Social media needs to be spread around – not all in one basket.Social Media Eggs in One Basket


Where Can Social Media Networking Take You?

To infinity ... and beyond!

Image by oriolsalvador via Flickr

It can take you to infinity and back if you work it the right way.  The keyword in that statement is of course “work”.  Those of us who are serious about our businesses know that.  I commented on a link today that my time spent in social media is 90% business and 10% social. I preach being social because otherwise your friends have hidden you by now.  Being social builds trust too, people will want to do business with you because they feel they do know something about you.

With that being the case I will ask this again.  Where can social media networking take you? If you follow the walk I walk called the “3 C’s to (insert platform of choice) Success ” you may find yourself much in demand as a public speaker like I am.  Of course you have to like being in front of a crowd to do this with panache.  I will share with you that having people come up to you at an event and know whom you are by your face is a big ego boost.

I wanted work in the public speaking arena.  I accomplished that by using social media the right way.  Questions on that?  I got there using the 3 C’s.  Still wondering about those 3 C’s?  Ask me I am only an email away and I promise I do not try to sell you anything.  I don’t have to sell, my reputation does that for me.

Where else can social media take you?  The top post on your follower’s personal profile walls would be a good place to be.  Agree?  Or maybe to a list of people that your Twitter followers put you on because you Tweet with relevancy.

My husband’s favorite social media platform is LinkedIn.  He followed the 3 C’s and landed an interview with a national real estate company whom he contracted with for 5 years as a Broker for the ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA.  Now that’s a major accomplishment.

Just remember nothing, or almost nothing, this good happens overnight. It takes time and effort to build a following but if you build it right they will come.  Social media networking can be the method of transportation that takes you to infinity and beyond.


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Running With the Big Dogs in Networking

Big Dog-Long Road

Image by cindy47452 via Flickr

I am taking a detour from my usual rants and raves about social media marketing and stepping up to the plate to write about networking face to face.

For over a year now I admit I have been attending various different networking events in my area and while I have gotten business from these events, I also realize that in many cases they are a waste of my time and they get expensive.  There is always a meal of some sort involved and usually food that isn’t good for you.  I picture all of us in 10 years as overweight people barely able to fit in a restaurant booth saying “Eh?  What did he just say?”

I know some people are going to stop reading my article right here thinking I am one of “those” anti-networking people.  I am not.  I just had to set boundaries and stop thinking and believing that if I went to all these things I was running with the big dogs.

My husband would willingly go along for one or two meetings and then he would remind me that I am seeing the same old/same old people everywhere I go and gaining weight along the way.  🙂

About a month ago I attended a wonderful seminar by a group of hometown guys (Chicago) who are very successful at what they do.  They still market the “old” way.  Yes they use social media, but they also send handwritten notes, they do pop-in visits (we called these cold calls in the day) and they only attend networking meetings in their niche market.

In other words if they were in landscaping they might attend meetings they find advertised about yard care.  If they are in real estate, they might attend a short-sale seminar. If they are in car repair they might be giving a seminar on how to make your vehicle last longer especially in this economy.

I belong to my local Chamber of Commerce.  Now that is where networking really got started.  If anyone knows how to do it right, they do.  The membership you can reach is more than you will ever reach sitting in a restaurant.  I chose to belong because this is where my own business will grow.  But I know I cannot stop there.  I cannot think locally with what I do and expect to survive.  I have to think statewide next, then nationally.

I do believe that there are good networking meetings. In fact I believe there are great networking meetings.  The great ones know how to run meetings that motivate people.  They bring in people with the skills to do that.  They help people develop skills they might be missing.  They teach leadership. When you leave a meeting like this you are inspired, you are not leaving asking yourself “why did I eat that?”

In all my years of sales and marketing training I know you have to press the flesh. I know you have to meet people one on one.  I know you have to make some cold calls.  I know you are not going to be successful seeing the same people over and over with no results.  That is a play on the definition of insanity.

I left that seminar several weeks ago with a reminder that the old ways still work and that using a mixture of what is popular today, sprinkled in with setting a goal of talking to so many people you don’t know, will equal success eventually.  People say no 7 times before they will say yes.

The next time you walk into that networking meeting I want you to take inventory of who is there.  Count up the businesses and then ask yourself how many of these people are really going to buy from you or refer to you.  What are the chances they will?  Now, ask yourself how are you going to meet the thousands of people not at those meetings?

The bottom line question to ask yourself is this; what is my ROI (return on investment)?  You have your time spent, the gasoline to get there, the food you eat – add this all up.  Now figure out how much business you have gotten that has given you cash in your pocket.  If the cash in your pocket is more than what you spent, keep doing what you are doing.  If it is not, it may be time to think of a new plan because you are throwing money and other opportunities away.

If you want to run with the big dogs, try being the only dog out there for a while and when people start to sniff out your success you will be the leader of the pack.

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