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The “Why” Behind my Decision to Change my Podcast



The Why Behind My Decision to Change my Podcast

Here it is almost the end of the year and I am “this close” to making the big reveal on the direction I am moving towards in 2017.  I need to finish my website design so I can submit it with my trademark application and then the big reveal will happen.

Part of this big reveal includes sharing some shows from 2 segment categories on The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show, ”Power Women Speak” and “Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs”.  I realized a week ago that these shows were not working there for several reasons.

First and foremost was that Less Than 5 was more successful in downloads and truer to what I wanted a marketing show to be about.  I like having a Monday through Friday show and most of the time it is less than 5 minutes, until Johnny and I start talking and then it’s never more than 10 and soon to be never more than 15 or 20 – who knows?  We get to talking and we keep going.  Less Than 5 (or More) is not going away.  In fact I added another guest host on Mondays in content marketing.  Barbara Grassey aka The Book Boss is joining the show to give ideas on content marketing.

When I started TCMLS it was with 4 other women and all about marketing ideas.  Paths changed, people took new jobs, or moved.  It was a lot of work for me because editing and post production fell on my shoulders.  I tried adding several other people and I even discussed my feelings with Jared Easley, one of the biggest thought leaders in podcasting.  He told me to go solo, but I still wanted more than just me.  He said it would fly, I wasn’t sure.  It crashed.  It wasn’t anything anyone did or did not do.

Then I lost 8 great interviews due to who knows what and although I felt bad, I realized I did not grieve over the loss.  That was a sign that I knew things needed to change.

The third thing that happened in the triad of change was I listened to a podcast show I follow and my husband listened too.  The show was incredibly inspiring and filled with ideas.  About 1/4th of the way through it I hit pause and told Larry I was done doing the longer interview shows on TCMLS.

Many Power Women Speak and Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs will be available on the new website and there will be a brand new podcast under the tab Power Stories.  I will be very selective in which shows make the cut because this new project has standards that must be met.

That was last Wednesday.  It all came together and fit perfectly into my new project to make these changes.  I read an article today that sums it all up.  The article was written in “O Magazine” by my mentor, Elizabeth Gilbert.  She wrote about a memory of her mother making the bed with fresh bedding before going away for a family vacation.  The essence of the story is that her mother wanted to come home to fresh bedding after all the work she would do on vacation.   Gilbert summed it all up by reminding us we need to be kinder to ourselves.  Making these changes in my podcast world is a way of being kinder to me and I have no regrets because awesome things are coming in 2017.


The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show Updates


The crAzy marketing ladies show has made some big changes.

  • First and foremost we added a male perspective.
  • Every Wednesday Johnny Gwin joins me in our #LessThan5 segment where we discuss marketing pros, cons, bad, good and more.  We also are pretty darn funny.
  • Are you writing a book?
  • Would you like to write a book?
  • We just had a 2 part series with Barbara Grassey-The Book Boss and we are in and out of the rabbit hole from time to time but Barbara’s advice is spot on and worth listening to both parts.
  • We are so excited to announce we have guests booked ALL THE WAY to March 2017 and a lot of our focus in 2017 will be on the arts as in authors, film, TV and video
  • The longer interview with successful entrepreneur shows go live on Wednesdays
  • Next interview is with the successful actors from the Canadian TV Show “Happy Her”.
  • Would you like to be a guest down the road?  We are always looking for successful entrepreneurs or power women to share good advice. Is this you or someone you know?
  • Remember our #LessThan5 segments are less than 5 minutes long (except when Johnny and I chat then we call it #NeverMorethan10
  • I will be in Ft. Lauderdale in 2 weeks to speak at NAGLREP and my topic is Podcasting-From Creation to Sensation I will also be posting great interviews I will record from there.
  • November brings DC Podfest and I will be there with one of my co-hosts, Robyn Sayles.  We will be talking about using the Fascination Advantage to improve your verbal and written message.

Thanks Everyone!  The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show thanks you also.

Ft Lauderdale Talking Podcasting.

Ft Lauderdale Talking Podcasting.



Podcasts Recap Week Ending 8/28/16


TCMLSThis week was so crowded with work and travel I actually have to go look at what I talked about.  WOW it was a busy week!

#LessThan5 (Minutes Marketing Moments) Segment

Monday – is always about content creation

Tuesday – Growing Your Email List

Wednesday – Making Your Small Business Look Bigger

Thursday – Marketing Day Off

Friday – is always chatter and recapping and taking a #FocusRecess

Successful Entrepreneur Interviews was a stellar opportunity to take my interview with an incredible social media thought leader live.

Sharp Thoughts in Marketing with Ian Cleary of Razor Social.

I had no time to talk on my podcast about WWII but I did book some new guests and I am so excited.

I have to give a big shout out to Johnny Gwin who loves my #LessThan5 shows and listens every day.

I love all my listeners!




Podcasts Recap Week Ending 8/21/16


Podcasts recap came to me out of the blue when giving a presentation on re-purposing content.  There is almost always something for everyone who is an entrepreneur or a small business owner.  That is why I thought recaps would be a great idea.

#LessThan5 (minute marketing moments) is a segment where you will find these shows (and more):

  • Monday is always content marketing and tips to be better at it.
  • Tuesday I talked about getting rid of the entrepreneur blues
  • Wednesday was how paying for a press release and then using it for FREE on social media can be better than running an ad.
  • Thursday I was inspired by the Olympics to talk about winning and losing
  • Friday is all about recaps and taking a #FocusRecess

We went live with two more #PowerWomenSpeak episodes too:

  • Episode 92 is an interview I did last March and I held it on purpose until the Olympic summer games because Faye Kitariev has coached skater to medals and the connection would be there.  She is phenomenal.  She and her family came to NYC from the Soviet Union with $360 – look at her now.
  • Episode 93 is with Jackie Campbell a local successful female CPA and entrepreneur and we go in and out of the rabbit hole of her life in a male dominated career.

Coming up this Wednesday in the segment called Interviews with Entrepreneurs is my interview with Ian Cleary of

Ian is a world-wide thought leader in social media and I have known him for years.  He also break dances (not on the show though).

Our future shows following in that segment are with the two Canadian actresses of the show “HappyHer”, and Tiare Smith Woods, artist and inspiring woman.

I have already lined up some super big thought leaders for the shows that kick off Season 3 and 2017 – have I mentioned I love podcasting?

We have so much fun here.

We have so much fun here.




Big News from the Butterfly


Yes, big news from the butterfly hit my front pages this week, and I don’t know how anyone of your missed it, but last Monday it was formally announced that I am presenting a session at Podcast Movement 16 in Chicago July 6-8th.  I am over the moon excited about this, and my wings have not stopped fluttering since the announcement was made.

I am presenting at Podcast Movement 16 in July this year.

I am presenting at Podcast Movement 16 in July this year.

This is big news for the butterfly.

What is really cool is that all sessions are videoed so all of us presenting can be seen again and again sharing valuable information.

I am also speaking locally at a Rotary Luncheon on social media safety, and I am speaking in Tampa at a writer’s conference about getting your work found.  Add to this that I just got invited to speak this fall in Orlando and I am not sure what I will talk about then.


I am going to be speaking about every tip and trick I have learned over the years to get “free” advertising on social media for getting your podcast found and listened to, which is the bane of everyone’s existance.  Let’s take this a step further and think outside the net.  What I will be sharing also applies to everyone with a business, I am just gearing it to podcasters for the conference.

One of the best things I have going for me is the fact that my other crAzy marketing lady is a communications coach and we will be working together on this.  (That is not a typo that is how we spell crAzy).

I am using a game show theme because I was a contestant on a national game show AND I have the video AND we will be using segments of me being very funny in my presentation.  Oh goodness I was so thin and had really big hair too.


  • Find a niche, a speciality area that other people are not talking about, not the most popular topic
  • Fill a need, look at groups on FB for example and search for the complaint common thread, address that
  • Start small and locally and get some experience under your belt and get testimonials or pass out surveys, there are many local meetups, groups, libraries, chambers of commerce where you can speak they will be thrilled to have you
  • Tell stories from personal experience
  • Let your passion for a topic show in your pitch
  • It helps to have been published, write an ebook, get it out there, or write a book.  I know one super social media conference that takes place in San Diego (hint) that wants speakers to have written a book
  • Submit, don’t let rejection get you down, everytime you submit your name is bantered about, you gain credibility
  • Better yet if you get rejected hire a communication coach (I happen to know a good one) and put some money into it and take that good coaching to the next level – the one where you get accepted.

I have done all of these and I have reference letters too.  When the opportunity came to apply to speak I was nervous, but I learned something from a pretty big thought leader in conference speaking, when you are ready to go big, come up with something brand new to talk about, because many big conferences want new people, new topics.


That’s my goal – this is the year I wanted to land the big one, now I will set a plan in motion to be a paid speaker.

Speaking of podcasts, you know I have one at but did you know that M-F I do short shows under the category of “Less Than 5 Minutes Marketing Moments”?  No music, no intro, no outro, no editing, just raw recording (and I make mistakes).  The listener downloads are soaring which goes to prove “less is more.”

Please listen here:

We have so much fun here.

We have so much fun here.




The Day That Blogging Died HA HA!


The day that blogging died – HA HA – has no headstone. Has no dash. You all know what the dash is right? It’s the space on a headstone between the birth year and the well the death year. The dash is everything you did, or everything blogging did.

The truth is there is not headstone and no dash because blogging has not died. Casual bloggers have departed (thankfully) but blogging is far from dead and I want lay it out here for everyone to read, ready?

The two top ways to reach people in 2014 were:

Blogging and email mass marketing.

The two top ways to reach people in 2015 are:

Blogging and email mass marketing.

The reason is you own them. Do you own your stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+ etc? Hell to the no. They own it. You are renting space.

I have written about this in the past but I feel it is that damn important to bring it to people’s attention right now again.

Blogging is different. You own the real estate. Think about it. Put a blog up on a self-hosted platform ( and it’s yours forever. Back it up on an external hard drive too please just to be safe, but remember it is still yours, no one can take it away from you. You own it and what is real estate all about? Location! Location! Location! Put it on – it is the best blogging platform with the best plugins and the most amazing SEO plugin. If you do not believe me go to:

and ask Mike. He is a very good friend of mine and he is a developer. If you have a crappy blog or if you don’t have a blog – start with Mike. You want the best blog for your business that you can have and he will give you that.

If you want to know more about all the stats regarding business blogging then I invite you to listen to me on my podcast Episode 15

Just click here and I have a FREE offer in there just waiting for you to ask for on how to not get writer’s block and how to get great headlines.

Episode 15 – sit back with coffee, tea or wine – oh yes wine and listen to the truth. Blogging is not dead. Blogging is the most important thing you should be doing for your business in 2015.

Why? Other than paying Mike to develop a blog the rest is basically free as in F.R.E.E.

Go – now. Episode 15!Pinterest


Our Podcast Countdown is On


Our podcast countdown is on and it is very exciting.  It is also a lot of work because it is work-heavy at the front end.

We have spent hours getting it ready to rock out on Monday.  We have spent dollars too.  There is obvious equipment needed – like a good microphone.  There is free software to put it out there and monthly fee programs that have to be paid for also.

Thankfully I have an amazing brilliant husband and he has taken time away from his real estate business to help this podcast get on the air.  It would have been a lot more expensive if we did not have him, and taken a lot more time, in fact it might not have even happened if he had not helped.  Lawrence F. Sanek you are amazing.

Can I give him a plug?  His company is

He is very talented in real estate and podcasting.

So here we are and I am burning the midnight oil getting ready for Monday.  No the website is not done.  Yes I have a lot of work yet but #CrazyMktgLadies (our Twitter handle) is going to happen ready or not.  If you go to take a peek it is totally still under construction.

I have lined up some really great thought leaders because my contribution is of course social media.

Let me start by saying I will be interviewing Ian Cleary of in the early Spring.

Who else has said yes?

Deb Cole aka Coach Deb who is an amazing social media thought leader and I can’t wait to meet her in Las Vegas this April at

Mike Mueller of

Deb Trappen  CEO & Founder at d11 consulting, Co-Producer at LEXI Women’s Leadership Summit and Co-Host #BreveTV at BreveTV
Katie Lance of

Chris Krimitsos of

Jeff Lobb of who will be speaking on Internet safety for children

Scott Smith who excels at keywords and SEO at

Karla Jo Helms of

and of course I will be talking about different crazy marketing ideas on social media and there will be more guests too.

Then there are other #CrazyMktgLadies and they will be hosting their own shows too about networking, off-line marketing, photography and a lot more too.

Yes we are getting very excited.

Please check out our Facebook page at

Here we are:

Yes we are all crazy about marketing - and we are ready to share.

Yes we are all crazy about marketing – and we are ready to share.