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Is Your Social Media Time Just Slipping Away?

Like sands through the hourglass.......

Like sands through the hourglass…….

Is your social media time just slipping away? Are you or is someone within the ranks of your business spending a heck of a lot of time trying to engage fans and followers on social media and falling short?  Numbers are not correlating to traffic on your website or in sales?

Here at “The Butterfly” as we fondly call our business, we use listening platforms to analyze online conversations which can give your business a competitive analysis, good market research, ID a potential crisis, and more.

It is critical to measure the time you put into social media – this is something we were NOT doing.  Can you believe that?  We are now.  We are not saying stop doing social media heavens no.  Social can always increase your brand visibility even when you think your numbers are not impressive. Generating awareness still gives you stickiness in someone’s head and you always have people who want to read what you write.

Social gives you a direct social to social connection to your followers.  We cannot emphasize enough that you must monitor your social presence, and if you don’t have time, or if you have no one in your company dedicated to doing this, guess what?  We can do it for you.

Bottom line if you are wondering what is working for you and what is not, we are a phone call or email away, and we can take a look at everything and either give you a pat on the back or make some recommendations for change that will improve your social presence.


The Social Media 3H Enema


Did she just say “enema” is what you are asking yourself right?  Yes I did.  I used the “e” word and I did it because if you don’t get rid of the old sh*t, you will get so bound up you will need an enema.  When I was working as a floor nurse we called it the 3H enema.  High, hot and a helluva lot.

Ok calm yourselves down, take a deep breath, all is well. (That’s what I would tell the patients LOL).

The reason that I am giving all my social media accounts a 3H enema is because a friend recently got to spend a nice chunk of time with a celebrity in the social media world, and he did his homework on her.   He told her after his review that she needs to take all her accounts down and start over.

Let’s face it, we slap it up, we add to it, but in many cases we don’t give it a good cleansing as needed and then one day we realize the only cleansing option we have is the Social Media 3H Enema.

I started with my LinkedIn account today.  I added to my profileeven though I have a good ranking on a keyword search.  I added some cool projects I am handling right now.  I removed myself from 15 groups that were doing nothing for me.  I am in the process of adding more groups and I have been connecting with people all day.  (Secret-I vet them first, they need to have a lot of connections for me to want to connect – paint me a snob!)

When I first realized that I need to give every social media platform I am on a 3H enema I was admittedly upset.  I have 5 or 6 Twitter accounts to cleanse, some LinkedIn company pages, my blogs, and last of all FB and all the pages I have there.

I put FB last because it is the least important to cleanse.  Whoa Nellie did I just say that?  Yes, if you look at those who rule social media they do not rule it on Facebook.  They rule on Twitter and LinkedIn and maybe Google+ and okay possibly Pinterest.

I love FB so that is going to be a painful 3H enema guaranteed to give me some gastric distress but once it is all completed I know that (warning people here it comes) the only movement I will see is bigger numbers in my bank account.

If you want bigger movements in your bank account I suggest you give all your social media platforms some form of an enema.  I promise you will have good results.

hot water bottle

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Facing the Facebook Changes


Timeline finally arrived in splendor (or not) and I have been reading what my friends have to say about it, and I have paid particular


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attention to those friends who have not embraced it (yet).

I did a “legal” hack into Timeline last summer so I had plenty of time to get used to it, but I do not have enough time in the day to use it to the max.  Adding events to my Timeline is low on my priority list.

One of my gripes is that I don’t seem to get notifications for things people say or like on my wall.  I posted that and someone pointed out that happened with the “old” Facebook.  It probably did but on the wide screen of Timeline, where things bounce around, I notice it more. In fact I have to go look at my wall more now to see if I missed anything.

Speaking of missing things on your wall – I found the fix for that too.  It took time, it took me 5 hours last week and a neck ache, but I fixed it and this time it is going to stay fixed.

I put every single friend on a list.  First I went to all my lists and deleted ones I don’t use any more.  Then I created new lists and I painstakingly added everyone to a new list.

The All-New Super Friends Hour

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I have Super Friends, I have Special Friends, I have an In General list.  I have a list named None of Your Business, I have a local list to where I live, a 2 lists for organizations I belong to, you get the idea.

Then I would mouse over the pictures of my friends and add them to a list, then I would mouse over the Subscribe area and choose either “Close Friend” or “Acquaintance” – and my final step was to then select how many posts I wanted to see from these people, I would uncheck “games” and I also unsubscribed to some whose posts are not what I want to see.

I like the unsubscribe option.  I don’t like to unfriend people, mostly because you do not know whom that person could be connected to (unless they are a total dirt ball) so I unsubscribe to them instead and “poof” they are gone from my wall.


Now I make sure I remember to add people to lists and choose my subscribe options immediately when we become friends.

Why are lists important?  I have said this before – because you can open the list and see a live stream of conversation from everyone you have put there.  How is this going to help you?  Well let’s say you are selling a service – maybe social media, and you open the list and see that someone is saying they need to hire someone to help them be better at it………wouldn’t you send them a private message listing all the wonderful things you do?  I do.

Lists are the only way I know to not miss anything your friends say – and yes it is something extra to do in your already busy life, but a live stream of conversation that could put some coin in your pocket?  What sayeth you about that?

Come Fly With Me again soon.

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A FREE Tool of the Trade and Simple Too




Snail Mail

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Have you been running around in circles trying to figure out a way to get the word out about an event you or your company is having? Have you used traditional email blasts over and over again with not very impressive results? Are you dialing for RSVP’s? Are you tired of spending hours of your precious time doing these things when you could be doing things that put money in your pocket?

Boy have I got an idea for you.

I bet you have never considered using an event service such as Eventbrite. You type in a few words and hit send and the site handles the rest. You can customize the event and send it out all neatly packaged in a format to match what you are doing.

AND it’s FREE as long as the event you are creating is also FREE!

Who doesn’t love FREE?

Who doesn’t like setting up an event in 3 minutes too? I am President Elect for the Tampa Women’s Council of Realtors. We are going to hold monthly tech/social media roundtables and I have already seen what using Eventbrite can do to make my work easier. Invitees can accept or decline as soon as they open an invite and this will just make everyone’s life simpler all the way around.

We all know snail mail gets tossed in the trash can before it gets read and snail mail doesn’t fall into my favorite category of FREE. Try it – I guarantee you will like it or I will give you your money back-oh that’s right it is FREE!


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