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The Best Social Media Platform for Writers is……


The best social media platform for writers is……..drum roll please.  Twitter (in our humble opinion).

Why?  We are about to give you some great reasons.


Why we feel Twitter is THE best platform for creative people.

Why we feel Twitter is THE best platform for creative people.

  • Twitter is THE social media platform for aggressively targeting the right people.
  • You don’t have to be friends/connected or circled.

We know how to work Twitter.  It takes work.  Fortunately we were schooled at the knee of a well-known Twitter chick and we studied hard.

Twitter is a strange animal for sure, but it is an over-the-top way to narrow in on just the right people you want to connect with especially if you are an author.  Oh hell yes..

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter, and we are sorry to say most people are not using it the right way, and worse yet, they are trying the “fake it till you make it” approach.  It doesn’t work.  Don’t just Tweet to Tweet it doesn’t work.

First off, Twitter has rules – sorry.  One of their rules is the ratio.  No one really knows the secret to the ratio outside Twitter people, but here is a great rule of thumb.  You need to have more followers than people you are following.  Why?  Who the heck knows but once you follow 2000 people if your ratio is out of whack you can’t follow anyone else.  Now if you follow 2000 people and 2500 are following you back, you are golden.

If you are following 1500 people and only 300 are followiing back you may as well start over.  Worse yet those numbers can make you look like a stalker or a spammer.

Here at our company we get it.  We know how to work it.  We work it for people.

It’s Sunday (when this was written) so we are feeling gracious.  We are going to share a tip with you that we use on all our client Twitter accounts.  We go to your home page and we click on those you are following.  Get your throw-up bags ready because what follows isn’t pretty.  We go through all the people you are following and those who are not following back get dumped.  You want to follow people who follow back.  Remember the ratio?  We have wiped out client’s entire accounts and started over with great rewards.

That’s just one ingredient in our recipe of Twitter success.

We also Tweet for clients 20-30 times per day – we know the importance of having eyeballs on you.

Twitter is not Facebook – it’s better than Facebook. 100% better than Facebook especially for authors and truthfully for all creative people.

Creative people need Twitter for a gazillion different reasons and we understand the reasons.

If your numbers are out of whack you are going no where.  (Sorry!)  We love Twitter and we will do a free Twitter audit on your account.  We can’t fix it for free. (Sorry!)

The bottom line is you can learn to use Twitter and you can have amazing results – three choices:

  1. We can look at your Twitter account and go over step by step how to fix it (how fast can you take notes?)
  2. You can hire us, or someone comparable to us, to fix it for you – pricing depends on how much repair we need to do, but it’s still reasonable and you get a one-hour exit lesson included in the repair (can’t speak for anyone else).
  3. You can learn how to do all by yourself.  Do you have 3-4 solid months to spare?

There are times when one can do things without help and there are times when you should throw money at someone or at a butterfly.

We have butterfly nets – and we can turn your Twitter account around and get it headed in the right direction.




Twitter is the Water Cooler in business so


Twitter is the water cooler in business so by my definition that makes FB the barbeque and LinkedIn is fine dining, in writing about my top 3 social platforms (meaning the ones I use most).

There is so much you can do on Twitter and that you need to be doing other than slapping up a Tweet or a RT.

If you do not have a Twitter strategy in place for your business for lead generation you may as well delete your account now.

I know, I know you probably think you have to have a PhD to “get” Twitter and be there 24/7.  You don’t, you can manage your Twitter account very easily.

Here at Social Butterfly Media Marketing we have a plan for ourselves and all our clients.  In fact we generate most of our business from Twitter.

Here is what we do and we are giving you all of our secret Twitter tips for F.R.E.E.

  • Follow people that your competitors follow you can do this right through Twitter, or with Manage Flitter or TweetAdder programs.
  • Follow experts in your field.
  • Follow back – especially people relevant to your business.  It’s polite and I always know who is not following us or our clients.  I use Manage Flitter for this.
  • Use the search function or try different hashtags to see who is talking the most and then follow them.
  • Create lists – this is a must and don’t over populate these lists.  Our A list people is limited to 25 top people after that there is a B list and a C list and more lists (a competition list maybe)?
  • Use an URL shortener and abbreviations.
  • Try to keep Tweets at 100 characters leaving room for RTs
  • If you are creating a hashtag make it relevant and not like those you see on FB or Instagram.
  • We use the @ symbol a lot and here is a secret to get followers – use this @symbol to a celebrity name chances are they will not respond BUT their followers might follow you (and we are talking about celebrity in your business first and don’t keep using the same celeb).
  • Switch things around and use the @symbol at the end of a Tweet
  • Quotes work.  Use the #Quotes and also hashtag the quoter.
  • What we do NOT do is sell.  We do not post spammy Tweets about how our business can make you successful on social media.
  • Always reply to people who reply to you.  We thank people for RTs always.

These tips will make things easier for you but you still need a plan.  When a client comes to us and asks us what our strategy is we show them 5-6 programs we set up and use that immediately improves their visibility on Twitter.

  • HootSuite and TweetDeck are two programs we have used in the past and they are F.R.E.E. to use with their basic programs.
  • Social Oomph is another program we have used in the past and we still recommend it to people who want to fly into Twitter on their own.
  • TweetAdder is not free – they have a one-time fee but it is an amazing place to load 500 quotes and they will rotate through your Twitter account the number of times per day you set.  You can also look for people demographically with this software or with keywords.  TweetAdder has a lot to offer.

Sorry but we are at the “end” of our F.R.E.E. advice and tips and we do have more but this article is just the tip of the iceberg.  At Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC we do use other strategies and plans however we can’t give it all away for F.R.E.E – aw shucks.

Stop dreaming do it!

Stop dreaming do it!

You can make your Twitter life easier and successful by just doing what we have suggested and if it is still not something you want to do, well the solution is simple – we can and you will be seeing more dollars.



Having Twitter Night Terrors


Once upon a time I was terrified of using Twitter. I called it having Twitter Night Terrors because I felt it was akin to the National Enquirer. Lots of gossipy Tweets and that did not seem to me like the proper way to be on Twitter. I would have nightmares thinking about it.  I did not have a clue as to how to use it.  I just knew it scared me.

Calm down, Twitter is very friendly if you get the right person to help.

Calm down, Twitter is very friendly if you get the right person to help.

Then a friend of mine came over not that long ago and told me she gets most of her business from Twitter and I said “No shit!”  She sat down at my kitchen counter, aka office, and showed me stuff that would make a blind man blush, then she went to her Twitter account.  Just kidding!

I headlined this article Twitter Night Terrors and well I have seen some things on Twitter that might lead to night terrors, BUT what I also saw when I finally understood Twitter was money in my pocket.  In fact I can safely say Twitter is one of the best sites to promote yourself and get business ever.

I hit good numbers in 6 weeks, and that is when lightning struck me.  I finally got what Twitter is all about and guess what?  There are thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands that do not get how to use it the right way.

If you don’t have time to do it for yourself throw money at me or others and we can do it for you.  Stop using it like every other social media platform, use it as a money tree and shake it.  I am so serious.  I found a niche for myself that I am pursuing actively.  I do #SocialMediaPR or as I call it #SocialMediaPRology on Twitter and I am still learning.  Obviously those of us who teach/maintain/manage/monitor what ever always need to be learning new tricks.

I love Twitter.  It is my favorite place to hang out.  Once upon a time I joined a group of women on FB called the Twitter Queens.  I wasn’t one (then) but now I am passed the Queen stage and working to Empress with a capital letter E.

This gal has turned Twitter Night Terrors into being  Daydream Believer and boy do I believe in Twitter.




Twitter Morphed into Big Bird


Twitter Big BirdYes, that cute little blue bird has morphed into a Big Bird in blue..  If you use a automatic software program to follow people your wings are about to be clipped a little.

I admittedly use TweetAdder.  It makes my life simpler.  I used to be able to auto-follow 200 people a day, now with the new TweetAdder 4 I can only follow 100 people a day and there are noticeable differences in what TweetAdder 4 does now that TweetAdder 3 did not do.  If you use TweetAdder you only have until May 24th to make your changes and Twitter is watching.

Also if you are unfollowing large numbers of people all at once you might want to stop this practice too, that morphed Big Bird is watching and it is disabling Twitter accounts.

There are new rules in the TOS too.

My advice is this  – if you have TweetAdder 3, upgrade to 4.  If you use a different program to follow people ask their support team what they advise.  TweetAdder has a video on their tutorial page on using 4.

If you are unfollowing people in big numbers all at once, do it in smaller numbers.

Learn how to use Twitter’s Advanced Search option or search with key words for people to follow.  Yes, this is aggravating but we knew eventually Big Bird could arrive to clip our wings.  Nothing lasts forever.


Hookers on Twitter


Have you seen hookers on Twitter?

When did they stop hanging out on the corners and start hanging out on Twitter?  Do they really turn tricks that way?

When I teach a class I am live – nothing thrills the attendees more than “Wanna F*ck” tweets showing up on the screen.  I start my classes with a verbal disclaimer that I am not responsible for what shows up on my screen.  Seriously – it gets a laugh.

Then to add insult to injury comes the porn sites.  These are charming sites that also show up but at least they are not quite as blunt as the hookers are on Twitter.

I think most of us are pretty savvy and we know better when it comes to opening the Tweet that says “someone is saying terrible things about you”.  That one is usually a weight loss whatever and all your followers get spammed from you, and Twitter closes you down until you change your password.  Is it that obvious I have been down that road?

My other pet peeve about Twitter is they just allow people to take derivatives of “bad” words and turn them into Twitter handles.  I am not that old.  I am not a prude.  I just wish they had some kind of mechanism in place to disallow some of those names.

I will back away from my opinions now, I had my say.  I know, nothing is going to change but I did get to write about it today.Hookers on Twitter



Twitter Updates 101 Coming for iPhone/Android Users


Iphone/Android users Twitter updates are coming.

Are you aware that Twitter updates are coming for iPhone and Android apps that is going to make your use of Twitter a much better experience?  I am talking about the Discover tab and how it has changed.  It now aggregates so much more.  Tweets, trends, suggestions of people to follow all in one stream.

Iphone users rejoice!  Twitter updates are always great to know about.

Twitter has also given us the ability to directly go to a URL from your timeline with one click, bypassing the need to expand the tweet first. In reality these updates may seem small but they should make it easier for the more casual Tweeter to search the service while on mobile. Watch for these updated apps to be available soon in your iTunes store or your Google Play Store. And the battle continues.


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Faith, Trust and Putting Pixie Dust on Twitter

Perching Twitter Bird 2

Image by kopp0041 via Flickr

Twitter scares the heck out of a lot of people but let me put on my wizard hat and try to take some of that Twitter fear away.

You can Tweet for fun or you can Tweet for business or you can do both.  You only have 140 little characters to work with and that makes it so easy to be creative.  In fact I limit my Tweets to around 120 characters so my Tweets can be re-posted in what we all call Re-Tweets or RT’s.

There are some large companies who totally rely on Tweet updates for all employees, email has become passe’ in some arenas of communication.

You can Tweet from anywhere including your bed if you want because Twitter is mobile.  I Tweet from waiting rooms, from my car in a parked position (please), from a bar or restaurant while waiting for someone, and more.

You can share so much in whatever format you choose, you can promote yourself, your business, your thoughts and your feelings.

Are you feeling the Pixie Dust yet?

When you use Twitter the right way you can build on your exposure.  Exposure – now there’s a funny word.  Always remember Anthony Weiner and then remember to never Tweet anything you wouldn’t send your mother.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, now would be the right time to get one and do everything requested to make it yours.  Put a wonderful picture up, fill out your profile, complete every option.  If you have more than one Twitter account I advise using the same picture of yourself.  I know those of you in business are thinking “but what about my company logo?”  The answer is simple when it comes to setting up your account you can design your own background.  It isn’t hard at all.  For example if you look at my twitter account for this blog the same butterflies are floating around in the background as are on everything else I have for marketing.  My business cards, my fliers, my Facebook page, same logo – consistency is important.

If you go to my real estate Twitter page /teamsanek you will see me, same picture, background is our logo of castles.

I will continue writing about Twitter in my next several blog articles.  For now I want you to get started and open an account(s) or fix the ones you have.  Catch me later this week when I come back to float more Pixie Dust all around you.




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