This is WHY I Charge the Big Bucks to Write A Blog


This is why I charge the big bucks to write a blog and unless you can do all this or you have the backing of a team of experts,  you are probably wasting your time.

It doesn’t matter how well you can write if you never built the foundation for your blog to be an SEO dream.  If you are writing just to write keep on writing, stop reading this right now.  If you are writing for your business, your company, to eat well, travel, support yourself or your famiy and you see no real improvement you might need some help – in fact you do need some help.


  1. Get your own domain, and get rid of the .com blog.  Migrate it over and own it.  Without a doubt it is the most important piece of real estate you will ever own on social media and Google does not crawl free blog platforms.
  2. Write unique original content.  Google loves this – they won’t send you flowers, they won’t call you the next morning, but they love it.  I have been writing about content creation and how I do not get writer’s block,  Original also includes your photos, your videos and when I am out and about I do photo blogs from my phone.  Try it.
  3. You need backlinks.  Yes you do and you need them badly and NEVER BUY THEM.  Write some guest blogs for people you admire.  OK?  This is a back link: example of a backlink  do you know how to do one?  You type your words that you want to appear then you open the link icon and type in the actual website and choose “open in new window” and you have a backlink.  I took you to Mike Mueller’s website because he is my main go-to man when I go crazy.
  4. The theme you choose should be coded cleanly and have no broken links.
  5. Did you attend the class called Permalinks 101 – ha fooled you there wasn’t one, but you need to know how to use them.  If not, we do.
  6. You need a Google sitemap so search engines can find you.
  7. Comment on other people’s blogs these count as backlinks YAY!!!  You need to put a link in your comment get it????
  8. Use SEO plugins.  They do things you don’t want to do – and we can take you down the path of making the right choices.  (Psssst…..I love YOAST).

When you choose a freelance writer to write for you – you want to choose one (like me) who has an SEO consultant on board who will check my content and writing for all the above and more.  Yes there is more.  The tags on your photos for example.  Alt tags too.  Anchor text.  Those pesky permalinks again.

Why do I charge the big bucks to write a blog – because you really are getting more than me.  You get a team.  I write and they tweak it – believe me doing it the right way can be a very good investment.

And you thought I meant big dollars - actually I did.

And you thought I meant big dollars – actually I did.


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