Cheesy Ads + Junk Mail = Free Keyword Tools


If you write articles or blogs and if you don’t have a killer headline and compelling content, you may as well shut your computer down and stop writing immediately.

Remember when we sat down in English class and our teacher told us “words are powerful” and we all thought are you kidding me?  Words have overthrown kings, governed religions, and have caused many of us to fall in love.

However, words are not powerful enough unless they are the “right” words.

The right words make the difference between success and failure in your headline, your blog post or an article you are submitting.

Long before we even heard the term Search Engine Optimization copywriters understood what the right words could do for you.

I have a very good friend who is a copywriter, and a famous one at that.  I take her out for whatever beverage she wants on a regular basis.  I listen to her like there is no one else in the room, and I take notes.  She knows I am bribing her but we are friends so I can.

I will share some of her great tips with everyone here and if you are ever in Tampa, Florida you let me know and we can sit down and I will drink, you will take notes.

Free advice is a good thing though isn’t it?  Here are some free tips.

1st Tip – pick up a magazine that comes in the mail and go right to the back pages where the cheesy ads are and read them.  Do not include any magazines about your business.

2nd Tip – Read every piece of junk mail you receive, and read the coupons in your Sunday paper.

3rd Tip – One hour a day, yes one hour a day, read all this cr*p that comes to your mailbox, read, and read and read some more.

I am completely serious. Madison Avenue ad execs became top-notch ad execs doing just this because they are studying their audience.  People do read those cheesy ads, they do read junk mail, otherwise it would all grind to a halt (oh blessed day right?)

Why am I suggesting you do this? I want you to find the right words.

The right keywords is about knowing your audience so well that you will instinctively know what words make them have an “aha” moment.  You will know them so well that you will earn their trust, and they will buy into your services in the future.

Once you catch on to what those cheesy ads and the junk mail ads have in common you will start to see a pattern of the “right” words.

You can all attend 100 webinars on keyword optimization and still not have a clue as to what the right words are because you have not trained your eyes (yet) to see what Madison Avenue sees – they see the right words.

For the eye-rolling people reading this who think OMG she wants us to read what (?) I challenge you to try it for a week and let me know if something clicks for you.  If it doesn’t well then head to a site like Keyword Discovery or Wordtracker and you can hand over your credit card and let a computer help you and you will sound like a computer too.

Carole – Social Butterfly Media Marketing

Carole Sanek is a REALTOR in the Greater Tampa Bay area and Director of Marketing for Castle Dream Real Estate. Carole has been in real estate since 1995 in both Indiana and Florida.  She specialized in waterfront second-home sales in the panhandle for years and she and her husband now specialize in the international market in Florida.
Carole’s social media experience started with blogging 5 years ago, and has expanded into hosting multiple pages on Facebook, managing 4 Twitter accounts, LinkedIn and 4 other blogs besides being a contributing writer on Social Media Advocate.









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