Comfort Zone Jitters


Comfort zone jitters are something we all get when we make a decision to try something new and then think WTH am I doing?

The problem is our lives sometimes get humdrum.  Our work gets boring -SSDD stuff.  We need to get uncomfortable to get comfortable again.

My favorite way to play in a new zone is to look silly.  I don’t care if I look silly.  I rarely get embarrassed and actually if I can get a laugh I am comfortable again.  OK maybe this isn’t your gig.


Well let’s face it stepping outside your comfort zone could set you up for a #fail.  Right?  So you fail – at least you tried.  I failed miserably at zip lining last year.  Now that’s a big failure.  I was fine with being all hooked up and running off a platform at 80 feet, I wasn’t fine with standing on a tiny box at 120 feet and stepping off.  I climbed back down the stairs.


While I couldn’t take the step off the ledge, I could run off the platform because in my mind running off felt safer.  Don’t ask.  Many times we go out of our way to avoid our fears and we end up chasing our tails and chastising ourselves because we don’t want to face them.  There might be a safer way if you think about it.

Now what??????

You need to let go of the outcome you are worried about.  Seriously.  We all have ups and downs in our zones.  Things go right and things go wrong.  You can’t let a wrong stop you from trying again.


Yes trying again – unless you tried to emulate Evil Knievel and failed and are lying in a hospital bed with 200 broken bones you try again but you should change the way you responded to the wrong effort – accept it and take the plunge again.

Did you know??????

It really can be exciting to explore the unknown.  When was the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach?  Its kind of like falling in love.  You have that giggly feeling inside, yet you are nervous, but it’s a good nervous.  A good nervous is a good feeling to have.

One of the most amazing things that can happen to you in leaving your comfort zone is the confidence it can give you – and that’s a powerful feeling.

As much as I thought I would only write about social media I realized I have a lot more to write about.

As much as I thought I would only write about social media I realized I have a lot more to write about.




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