Connecting with Content Marketing – Part 3


Connecting with content marketing continues here with Part 3 and this time I am writing about what you can do to when collaborating with a content creator.

  • Provide photos
  • Provide videos
  • Gather together all your print advertising
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Your logo

I know it’s difficult to open your “secret recipes” to a person you barely know so create some rules.

  • Make a list of words that should not be used.
  • Put into writing what is off limits.
  • Let them know how personal they can get (remember pulling back the curtain on you now and then builds trust).
  • Guide them.
  • Give them timelines.

A great content creator knows how to engage your audience.  Here are 5 things to look for in their work.

  1. Are they creating a conversation?
  2. Are they promoting the sharing of an update?
  3. Are they linking back to what you offer?
  4. Are they using a call to action (CTA) by providing links to a branded destination?
  5. Is your audience becoming a part of the conversation (it takes a little time so don’t be jumping down someone’s throat right away).

Have a discussion about content that goes viral – you should be knowledgeable so talk about these things:

  • Content goes viral when it adds value.
  • When it creates participation.
  • When it makes someone stop and think.
  • When it is trending news.
  • When it tugs at the heart.
  • And don’t forget simple advocacy.

Now let go and let them work.


Content creators create content right?  You are holding a document they wrote in your hands and you are thinking ok what do I do now?  Here are the answers:

  • Put it on your website.
  • Get it on mobile.
  • Link it on social media from platform to platform.
  • Turn it into a contest.


Many times after I have drafted some ideas for content for clients they turn to me and say “I don’t have time to do that/I don’t know how to do that/I don’t want to do that.” Or something like that.

I apologize in advance because I am about to make a write about what we do here at Social Butterfly Media Marketing LLC.  We do it all.  We write content and we manage client’s social media and more for them.  Not every content creator does, end of sales message.

There is one more part to this series and it is about measuring your return on your investment in content marketingBe So Good.  I hope you have gleaned some great info along the way – we do believe in giving people F.R.E.E tips and advice – you can always count on us for that.

<————– this is what we believe in doing for people – making them darn good.

Till next time –


Carole Sanek



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