Connecting with Content Marketing – Part 4


Connecting with Content Marketing is coming to conclusion – yes this is the last section and it is about measuring your content marketing and a wind-down concluding it all.

You have to have eyeballs on your content marketing and you have to get it all out there to get those eyeballs.

Clicks show that your audience is enchanted and delighted.  Views count.  Comments are awesome.

Then  there is sharing, liking or following,   How about the Big Kahuna-referrals?

It is a must that you collect data – you have to know your ROI.


When you know your audience it’s time to look for content creators.  They need to create content that feeds your audience.  Do your homework and decide which social platforms are best for your business.  Choose the top three and you can expand from there.

Find content creators that have a track record of success, who will place your content in the right mix of social platforms.

We have given you the tools in all 4 articles on Content Marketing, the very tools we use in our business – pick them up and use them and you will be successful.

The recipe to success is not based on a single ingredient – start cooking!

It is time to start cooking your recipe to success in Content Marketing.

It is time to start cooking your recipe to success in Content Marketing.



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