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Connecting with content marketing, what a blase’ comment.  How about connecting with GREAT content?  Did I capture your interest with that statement?

Once upon a time it was a heck of a lot easier.  Ads were in your face with direct calls to action, on TV, in magazines, or on the web.

Then social media snuck in quietly at first and what changed is that we could have an opinion and in a public forum, and the race was on to get to the finish line first among brands.  But there is no finish line, open conversations can keep going and going.  Look at what is trending on Twitter today.

Getting your message out to people is now more challenging.  We are all being bombarded with messages.  Do you know how many messages are viewed on Facebook in one minute?  6,000,000.  Blows your mind right?

Whoa be to thee who interrupts a person on Facebook and furthermore who the heck are you starts running through people’s minds.  They don’t know you so how do they trust you?  Worse yet if you are throwing a ca-ca ad in front of them, they know it.  Today’s consumer is much savvier than 10 years ago.

Now what?

Let us give you our recipe for baking a brand.

  • Know who you want to reach – for goodness sakes have a target market.
  • Make a clear and concise list of goals.
  • Have a plan in mind for measuring what works and what doesn’t.

If you aren’t sure how to find your target market search for bloggers on your brand.  In other words if you make a widget, look for widget bloggers.  Follow people who like widgets on social media platforms.  Think about things that might go with widgets.  Look for those people too.

Write your goals down and make sure that you find a good content creator (we happen to be good ones) whom you can build a relationship with because not everyone can write great content.

Now how are you going to measure what works and what doesn’t?  You need to be looking at Facebook Insights and psssst you need to understand them.  Facebook has a wonderful explanation on their site to help you.  Twitter has their own analytics, and of course then there is Google with their analytics.

We will be publishing more tips as this is an on-going series to help you be the person who is successfully connecting with content marketing because we have moved past the megaphone style of marketing.

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