The Day That Blogging Died HA HA!


The day that blogging died – HA HA – has no headstone. Has no dash. You all know what the dash is right? It’s the space on a headstone between the birth year and the well the death year. The dash is everything you did, or everything blogging did.

The truth is there is not headstone and no dash because blogging has not died. Casual bloggers have departed (thankfully) but blogging is far from dead and I want lay it out here for everyone to read, ready?

The two top ways to reach people in 2014 were:

Blogging and email mass marketing.

The two top ways to reach people in 2015 are:

Blogging and email mass marketing.

The reason is you own them. Do you own your stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+ etc? Hell to the no. They own it. You are renting space.

I have written about this in the past but I feel it is that damn important to bring it to people’s attention right now again.

Blogging is different. You own the real estate. Think about it. Put a blog up on a self-hosted platform ( and it’s yours forever. Back it up on an external hard drive too please just to be safe, but remember it is still yours, no one can take it away from you. You own it and what is real estate all about? Location! Location! Location! Put it on – it is the best blogging platform with the best plugins and the most amazing SEO plugin. If you do not believe me go to:

and ask Mike. He is a very good friend of mine and he is a developer. If you have a crappy blog or if you don’t have a blog – start with Mike. You want the best blog for your business that you can have and he will give you that.

If you want to know more about all the stats regarding business blogging then I invite you to listen to me on my podcast Episode 15

Just click here and I have a FREE offer in there just waiting for you to ask for on how to not get writer’s block and how to get great headlines.

Episode 15 – sit back with coffee, tea or wine – oh yes wine and listen to the truth. Blogging is not dead. Blogging is the most important thing you should be doing for your business in 2015.

Why? Other than paying Mike to develop a blog the rest is basically free as in F.R.E.E.

Go – now. Episode 15!Pinterest


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