• Free Consultations are just that – FREE we sit and talk in person or on the phone about what we do, what you want, and yes this is FREE.


  • Creation of Social Media Buzz – while this goes along with the  Content Creation to the Max that we coach you how to do, we also guide you in making sure that everything you do through emails, newsletters, blogging, print ads, packaging and more is marketed correctly to create more social media buzz.


  • Target Marketing – there is absolutely positively no reason to do anything without knowing your target market.  If you are not sure whom they are, we will consult with you on who they are, where they are, how old they are and so much more.  We have a brilliant mind on board here who knows target marketing backwards and forwards.


  • Branding – this is another one of our specialties and just goes naturally with the great content we coach/consult with you on and you will be come an expert.  We give you driving lessons to get your brand through the many highways of social media with proper amounts of posting at the right time taking your brand to the front and center of lead generation.


  • Blog Design and Ghost Writing – we design WordPress blog sites that include 2 pages and 2 hours of how to use the blog when it is delivered.  We also will write a blog for you of up to 400 words.  Information on this is also found on our wish list price list.


  • SEO – we couldn’t do what we do without offering SEO and we totally understand that great SEO is expensive.  We use an SEO service that we know and trust.  We provide this service because SEO is an absolute in your website, your blog, your newsletter and anything that has to do with Google.  Pricing is between you and the vendor we use.  We do have a Yoast SEO talent on our team who can assist you with your WordPress SEO but for bigger projects we outsource and recommend a super SEO service.


  • Editing – the scourge of all of us who write is the fact that we need editing because we are far from perfect writers.  All authors need an editor.  If you write (anything) you need one too.  Our editor has a Master’s Degree in English and she is so good we snatched her up and offered her a job before someone else did.


  • Podcasting on a Budget/Full Blown Podcasting – this is the production side of our company, and anyone who wants to podcast on a budget or wants the full blown version gets a FREE consultation with our team of podcasters (I am one of the team).  We can show you how to do with it for under $100 start up and $20 a month or we can advise you on the top podcasting products and setup an entire studio for you.  There are other things that we can advise you about that fall in the middle.  We love podcasting and we know it well.


If you need something not listed here, magic can happen.



Magic Happens Here.