Does My Facebook Account Make Me Look Fat?


Does My Facebook Account Make Me Look Fat?

Let’s repeat that and ask yourself while standing in a mirror,  OK, here goes,  Does My Facebook Account Make Me Look Fat?  In other words is the number of “friends” you have weighing you down? Are you a friend hog?  Do you sniff around Facebook like a Truffle pig sniffs the ground looking for fungi.  Speaking of fungi do you have “friends” that really are fungi? truffle pig

Maybe it is time to put your Facebook account on a diet.  For one reason too many friends on Facebook can make your account more difficult to navigate.

Open your Facebook account, open the list of your friends and really take a good hard look at them and then start doing some liposuction on that list.  Come on, you know you have people there that you do not hear from, people whom you don’t care to hear from, people who bore you, people who annoy you.  Come on turn that liposuction machine on.

Can’t hit the switch?

OK let’s try a Facebook body wrap instead.  We all know body wraps are not permanent right?  You do know that right?

My definition of a Facebook body wrap is where you keep the friends but disengage in the posts.

You can do a mini-wrap by hiding posts that jam up your newsfeed.  You do this by looking at the post and to the right of the post is a drop down arrow where you can choose to hide the post. You can also report a post there as spam or worse – and that is a mini-wrap.

A full Facebook wrap is a little different.  Let’s say there is a particular person or 1000 particular persons you don’t want to hear from – this will take some time but it get’s the job done and your newsfeed will be much thinner while your number of friends will remain the same.

Using that same list of friends when you mouse over their name a larger box opens up and gives you two choices.  Friends and Message, mouse over friends and an entire list show up of possibilities.  If you choose settings you get multiple choices of mini-wraps that will slow down status updates or you can take the plunge and uncheck “show in newsfeed”.  Nothing is perfect, you may still have a sneaky fungi or a fat little jellybean slide in from time to time, but this will help.

fat little jellybean

PS – wait till we talk about apps and page likes……………….get that machine ready.




3 thoughts on “Does My Facebook Account Make Me Look Fat?

  1. Shandelle Johnson

    Great article Carole! Liposuction complete a few days ago. Had to add a few back that wondered why they disappeared.

  2. CaroleSanek Post author

    I usually put them in the “no show” zone. I have two right now that are uber-posting locally and it is getting annoying. 🙂 Thanks for the kudoes.

  3. Shandelle Johnson

    That is what I should have done. Guess they missed me, too bad I cannot share the love on that. HAHA!!

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