Does Your Back-End Need Work?


The answer is your back-end needs work for sure.  I have been in marketing and branding for years now and I know first hand how easy it is to get caught up in new ideas, exciting new things, exciting older things, and fiercely embracing the entire idea.


What about your back end?

Hey there I am not talking about what you sit on, heck no.  I am talking about what happens behind the scenes of the new blog, the new podcast, the new video, the new story and how your back end can cause your house of cards to tumble down and fail.

I see failures, I hear about failures, and there is more to being successful than writing, talking, interviewing, shooting a video, posting stories and just moving on people.

If you are writing a blog (like this), it is important to have key words, to have a nice inviting template, to spell correctly, to use photos or videos, and to share it everywhere.  It takes work at the back end.

Are you podcasting?  After podcasting for 3 years and attending many conferences and meetups on podcasting I have picked up a whole bag of tricks and I use them.  I had a podcaster tell me the other day that her sound was bad and someone finally told her to try a certain software to fix her sound and she found herself on iHeart radio after that one improvement.  People bad sound will ruin your podcast.  People will not listen.  Yes, it is easy to podcast however the work begins after you record the show.  Editing is a good idea, I never edited a lot.  I was more into the coughing and clearing of the throat then some “ums”.  Music please, music gets people ready to listen, it helps set the mood.  Intros are a must – outros not so much in my humble opinion. There is a debate on the necessity of show notes.  I will be joining my husband soon on his real estate podcast and I will type show notes.  Then there is marketing, it is a must.

If you are going to podcast and you want to be successful don’t just throw a show up without working on your back end.

Videos – it seems like every social platform wants your videos.  First and foremost, you might want to try with the ones that work well for example live streaming over pre-recorded videos according to those in the know are best.  I learned what I could do better and I fixed things.  I bought a backdrop ($15) on Amazon.  I bought professional lighting ($65) from Amazon.  My Logitech camera has a microphone and my videos look so much better now.  Good lighting is a must.  The back end that I need to work on is tags, marketing it more, and live streaming on other platforms.

There is a lot more to your back end than I have written about here – the bottom line is that you do need to be all in – don’t be a half-ass or a half back-end.