Does Your Website Need CPR?


We are asking this question today, does your website need CPR?

Well here is a list of reasons it might:

  • Does it load slower than molasses in January?  If it does people are not sticking around (get it sticking around?) Groan…….sorry to say if it doesn’t load in under 3 seconds it’s sticky.
  • Now pick up your smart phone and go to your website and pretend you have never seen it before.  Be honest – can you navigate around and see what you want people to see?
  • Are you asking people to do something?  Like “click here”.  Like “sign up”.  If you are not doing that you need to start NOW.
  • You do have images there right because people love pictures – they don’t like to read a ton of text so if your website is missing images – get the paddles now and charge them up.
  • The about page is sadly terrible.  If you can’t write an about page, hire someone.  Not everyone is a writer, heck I can’t build a skyscraper so hire someone.
  • You have Google Analytics and you know how to use them right?  No?  Well now we need to push some epinephrine for sure. (Sorry former ER RN writer here.)
  • Last thing to consider – are you updating your website weekly.  I can hear the painful exclamations from here.  The easiest way is to add a blog post – that will at least put a bandaid on the gushing wound while you fix all the other suggestions here.

Your website is you, your business, what it is, you spent money to build it so don’t let it end up needing CPR.

If you can't pass the tips in the blog get the AED now.

If you can’t pass the tips in the blog get the AED now.