Don’t Get too Content with Your Content


Don’t get too content with your content.  You always need to be in tune with what’s trending in your niche or you become b-o-r-i-n-g.

And here is something you really need to think about – most people do not know how to write good content.  Sorry – I am a writer, I don’t play the piano understand?

Where to start then?  Look at your competitors content.  I did not say steal or borrow it, I said look at it.

We do not steal or borrow, do we?

We do not steal or borrow, do we?

You can check out other blog posts, do searches on YouTube, and re-think what you thought you knew about content.

Did you know one of the best ways to develop new business is to solve a problem for people?

Back when the housing boom tanked a good friend of mine almost lost everything.  He installs swimming pools.  He was down to his last dollar.  Then he had the brilliant idea to take every question anyone had ever asked him about swimming pools and he turned each question into a blog article.  He began with writing about people who had pools and these people had asked about issues they were having and he wrote every day.  He solved problems and as the housing market turned so did his business.  More than that though was the fact that because his blog became so popular advertisers came on board and he was making money on his content.

Yes, solve a problem.

However you still need to have some talent in creating content.  Let’s explore some ideas.

  1. Find the company with the best content in your industry, the most read, the top company in a Google search.
  1. Read these articles closely, really think about what was written and look for what is missing.  You will find it, no one knows everything.  Now write about what was missing.
  1. Promote your content like you are the top ad company in the world.  How?  Well here is a tip.  Get on Twitter (stop groaning) and hashtag the company that wrote the spectacular content.  Now you will see the names of those who re-tweeted it or commented on it.  Make a list of these names and reach out to them with your content.

The more you write, the better you (should) get.  Write on and use spell check – no one will read you if your grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired.

I give a talk on how I never get writer’s block.  I just don’t.  I can find something to write about very easily.  I know many people can’t do that.  You can get better though, and you will get more business if you start following the tips I wrote about here.

When all else fails there are people (pick me, pick me) that will write for you.

In closing don’t get too content with your content, ok?


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