Early Holiday Gift Just for You


Doesn’t everyone love an early holiday gift?  This one is just for you.

Peeking Allowed

Peeking Allowed

Do you have a website?  When did you look at it last?  Let me ask that again, when did you really look at it as in dissect it, rework the wording, change out some old pictures, or ask someone to review it and give you their honest opinion?

We are coming to the close of this year and this is the perfect time to give your website an infusion of trendiness because chances are pretty darn good that there is some old stuff there.  Get rid of the old, pretty it up.  This is why you want to take the time to do this; while everyone else is thinking holidays, parties, gifts, cards, food, and more they are not improving their websites are they?  While they are decking the hall and covered in glitter you can make your website sparkle because you are going to get noticed.

I have a marketing podcast and I recently interviewed a nationally known recruiter and public speaker. While talking he shared with me that the best time of the year to do a lot of things is November and December.  First of all there is less competition because holiday focus has become the tune many people are dancing to during this time.

Add to this fact that new corporate budgets are in place for the next year so maybe, just maybe this might be a jingle bell moment to go after those new accounts.  Less people doing the same thing you know could make your season a little greener.

Your confidence will soar when you update your site and go calling on a potential customer.  You still have time.  Also announce it in your emails, your newsletter, and your blog and all over social media.  Ask people to look your website over – be proud of your work and reward yourself for getting your new year going before it is even here.

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