Do You Want to Be Engaged?


Early January I was fortunate to attend New Media Expo (#NMX on Twitter).  I learned so much there and I promised my fans on Facebook I would be blogging about all the wonderful things I learned.

While I was on the trade show floor I met the publisher of “Social Media Marketing” magazine.  Yes, there is a such an animal.

I finally had the chance to go through it last night and I found some very useful information.  I am one of “those” who tears out pages that interest me (and only with my own magazines) and a full page, full color ad caught my attention.

It belongs to a woman.  I went to her website.  It had some very interesting information.  I moved on to her Facebook page and almost upchucked.  Her page is filled with other people’s quotations.  The quotations are peppered with likes here and there and NO comments.  No engagement, yet her website clearly asks you to hire her to “check your site out and offer her ideas”.

The ad worked as far as getting me to look at her website, but my excitement fizzled out fast.

If you do not know this yet, you know it now – only 16-19% of people actually get your page posts on their newsfeed.  It is vital to be spreading your word on other social media outlets especially when you get no engagement.  I will BRB I want to go see her Twitter account.

OK this chick needs to leave Facebook NOW.  Her Twitter account is much better.  She has over 15K tweets, she has almost 7K followers.  She doesn’t follow a lot of people, about 650 and she Tweets a lot but I saw some good information there.

However she over-Tweets, 32 Tweets on Feb 1.  16 Tweets on Super Bowl Sunday.  I will follow her for a while but I have a feeling I will hit the unfollow button eventually.

I am so tempted to ask her why she posts all those quotations on Facebook when she can see she gets no engagement however I will just zip my lips or sit on my fingers on this one.

People you have to make engagement happen – content, good content, informative content will bring you that but it will take some time.

Personally IMHO she should take some of the links she tweets and put them on Facebook, great informational links get engagement.

Full page, full color ads in print?  WOW – would be nice, but there are so many free options and free works.





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