Facebook Humor or Facebook Drama?



Facebook definitely provides me with humor, and Facebook definitely provides me with drama.  Most of the drama I see these days makes me laugh, so drama really could be a sub-category of humor for me.

I have seen the ugly. Back in the day of joining Facebook I saw ugly a lot.  The minute I joined Facebook and one of my sons became a friend, all his friends wanted to connect with me too.  I as a cool mom, they liked me.  It did not take long for drama to happen though and that was when I had my first taste of how teenaged angst can swiftly turn into reptilian nastiness. Vipers came out of nowhere.

I got the snake repellent out and cleaned up my Facebook staying away from friends of my kids lesson learned.

At the very beginning of the B/P Oil spill I saw a thread of opinions on Facebook regarding the spill.  The original status update was a joke about how to cap the spill that was tasteless and inappropriate.  The joke not only had people laughing at the event, it also took a swipe at women.

One particular women, Cynthia D., started posting about how she thought the spill was funny.  She went on to say that it was no big deal, she was basically a screwed up twit.  However her comments incited a reaction in me and I told her that I thought she was a a screwed up twit (not in those words) and I finally just left the conversation as it was going nowhere.

3 -4 hours later a friend of mine whom I had broken bread with whenever he was here in town posted a verbal attack on me for daring to pick on his friend, Cynthia D.  I told him to F-off, unfriended him and blocked him.  Lesson learned, don’t get into a conversation with a screwed up twit who has no apparent empathy towards tragic happenings.  She actually wrote she thought the spill was funny.

During the recent Presidential elections I just removed dramatic people from my newsfeed, and I have left quite a few in the dark dungeon of newsfeed removal because they still bitch and moan.

It never ceases to amaze me how brave people get online.

I am a licensed real estate agent.  I keep an active license because I can always jump in and help my husband in a pinch.  I had joined several real estate groups on Facebook, and let me tell you I saw more drama, a whole lot of nastiness and a lot of actual mean insulting attacks on people. I removed myself from every one of those groups.

Now when my drama radar goes off I stay out of it but I do laugh.  If people only knew how ridiculous they look and sound and how very unprofessional, they might stop doing it.

How about all of you?  Anyone have a good drama story to share?



2 thoughts on “Facebook Humor or Facebook Drama?

  1. Brenda Ellison

    Wow Carole, you hit this one right out of the park for me! I have very much the same story as you do….losing quite a few Facebook friends during election and isolating them to the black hole of comments.
    I think it’s turned sad. They think it’s their personal diary or they’re with only a few friends when they ramble on and on about personal and tragic things.
    I still have lots of friends there but I don’t spend lots of time like I used to….maybe that’s a good thing!

  2. CaroleSanek Post author

    Today I finally spoke up on FB – it seems that there is so much arguing, so much sarcasm, throw in a dash of meanness and more. If I have a bad day I complain to a friend or my DH (dearest husband) I don’t put it on FB for everyone to see. Thanks so much for your feedback.


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