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Let’s start with Privacy Settings since I truly believe this is one of the most important parts of being on Facebook.

I am a user of lists.  I create lists for everything.  So when my changes happened last week naturally I was out of town teaching Facebook.  I was blind-sided.

The first thing I noticed was that now when I chose the dropdown before sharing I have 3 choices.  Public.  Friends. Custom.  Public took the place of “everyone”.  I always use the Custom option so when I went to do that the first time everything was fabuloso.  When I went to use it a second time my “Custom Privacy” from my main Privacy Settings did not override per usual and I had to enter the people the post was not to be shared with.  I did not like this.

I am still waiting on an answer to that one.  I liked the fact I had created a default privacy setting.  Now I have a postie note on my computer reminding me to not just post.  Bummer.

I did some digging and found a video and I will share the link at the end of this post but it doesn’t address my default settings on who can see my wall posts.  Doubly bummed.

It’s cool that if you shared with the wrong people you can change your update quickly so you don’t spoil a surprise hopefully.

Here are 2 more new features for privacy on Facebook.

1.  You can approve or reject any post or photo you are tagged in before it’s visible to anyone else on your profile.

2.  You have the option to review, approve or reject any tag someone tries to add to your photos and posts.

I will talk about this more on Friday when I blog again.  Meantime happy privacy to you.









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