Facing the Facebook Changes


Timeline finally arrived in splendor (or not) and I have been reading what my friends have to say about it, and I have paid particular


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attention to those friends who have not embraced it (yet).

I did a “legal” hack into Timeline last summer so I had plenty of time to get used to it, but I do not have enough time in the day to use it to the max.  Adding events to my Timeline is low on my priority list.

One of my gripes is that I don’t seem to get notifications for things people say or like on my wall.  I posted that and someone pointed out that happened with the “old” Facebook.  It probably did but on the wide screen of Timeline, where things bounce around, I notice it more. In fact I have to go look at my wall more now to see if I missed anything.

Speaking of missing things on your wall – I found the fix for that too.  It took time, it took me 5 hours last week and a neck ache, but I fixed it and this time it is going to stay fixed.

I put every single friend on a list.  First I went to all my lists and deleted ones I don’t use any more.  Then I created new lists and I painstakingly added everyone to a new list.

The All-New Super Friends Hour

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I have Super Friends, I have Special Friends, I have an In General list.  I have a list named None of Your Business, I have a local list to where I live, a 2 lists for organizations I belong to, you get the idea.

Then I would mouse over the pictures of my friends and add them to a list, then I would mouse over the Subscribe area and choose either “Close Friend” or “Acquaintance” – and my final step was to then select how many posts I wanted to see from these people, I would uncheck “games” and I also unsubscribed to some whose posts are not what I want to see.

I like the unsubscribe option.  I don’t like to unfriend people, mostly because you do not know whom that person could be connected to (unless they are a total dirt ball) so I unsubscribe to them instead and “poof” they are gone from my wall.


Now I make sure I remember to add people to lists and choose my subscribe options immediately when we become friends.

Why are lists important?  I have said this before – because you can open the list and see a live stream of conversation from everyone you have put there.  How is this going to help you?  Well let’s say you are selling a service – maybe social media, and you open the list and see that someone is saying they need to hire someone to help them be better at it………wouldn’t you send them a private message listing all the wonderful things you do?  I do.

Lists are the only way I know to not miss anything your friends say – and yes it is something extra to do in your already busy life, but a live stream of conversation that could put some coin in your pocket?  What sayeth you about that?

Come Fly With Me again soon.

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